August 4th Zodiac

08/04 Birthday – Zodiac Information

A date such as August 4th is marked by karmic pressures and issues that are out of one’s conscious world of decisions. This can be a tough position for a Leo to be born in, for the outer world makes a large impact on their core and they could have a hard time dealing with the path given that they feel they didn’t ask for. Still, this is an extremely powerful place in the calendar, where one’s focus determines the course of action and each step made, and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished in the real world if one rests and takes responsibility for each segment of their life.

August 4th Horoscope

The goal of Saturn is set before Mars in this planetary row, and we can see great plans in minds of those born on August 4th. This date carries a strong stamp of destiny and circumstances that are out of one’s control, but it is overcome with hard work and dedication to the distances that feel right and through learning how their situation can be used instead of dismissed however hard or burdening it might get. Their focus needs to reside in the material world and they are happiest when their bodies are happy and well-nurtured. Structure and routine make them calm and productive, focused on what truly matters in life.

The touch of the Moon and the Sun in the second planetary row speaks of their parent’s relationship and the balance that needs to be found between different loyalties that are often in some way opposed or in conflict. Depending on the imprint from their home and upbringing, they are sometimes built to understand the ways of the real world, or confused in their own body, circumstances, instincts and sexuality.

Love and Emotions

Although the emotional world of a person born on August 4th might seem a bit distant at first glance and in their early years, we will find them to be extremely passionate and in need to intimately connect with one, specific person that understands them. They need some stability and seriousness to their relationships but at the same time, they need to be careful not to stumble into repression of their instinctive needs and what they feel is right in the first place.

Their partners are typically different from their character, for they are able to understand and appreciate differences of people in their life. However, this may lead into separations that are hard to anticipate and control, as if their unconscious need to stay a bit distant throughout all phases of intimacy keeps them apart from their true emotional potential. As they learn where their place and their true qualities lie, they could end up with partners that are much older or much younger, in a way forbidden or living behind walls of family issues and patterns that cannot seem to be overcome. Belief takes them into the arms of the right partner, for once they get a project worth fighting for, they become the true loyal Leo lover they were born to be.


The most important striving in lives of people born on the 4th of August is to shape their beliefs in ways that allow them progress and positive outcomes. Efforts they put in could return small and in ways that don’t fulfill their needs until they discover that this isn’t injustice but a signal that they need to change their path, following something truer that resonates with their Soul. They are to expand, grow, get educated and travel, ready to change perspectives and build a clear vision that will provide them with solid and heart-based plans.

What They Excel In

Leo representatives born on the 4th of August excel in serious matters, research, mathematics, history and archaeology. They are builders and strive high, with the person they wish to become set as their primal goal in this lifetime. Stable and loyal friends and partners, they can be relied on and do well in deep relationships with meaning, as well as all occupations that are productive and challenging enough.

August 4th Birthday Gift

There is a lot of seriousness in lives of those born on August 4th, and they usually want their birthday to be carefree and relaxed. Their gift should send them down a memory lane or show how much you appreciate their love and friendship, helping them see that they did something right. It is important to keep your choices on a positive, colorful note, so they can remember how valued and supported they are every step of the way. Deep gifts with a dark side might inspire them, but it is always best to shoot for their joyful Sun and make them happy instead of digging through any wounds they have a hard time healing.

Positive Traits for August 4th Born

Loyal, committed and focused, they know where they stand even when they aren’t sure why. Their personality is strong, ready, and always in touch with the beat of the Universe.

Negative Traits for August 4th Born

They can become too strict or rigid in their ways, with their walls built too high and too much of their unconscious content pouring out of their words and deeds. With enough rest, their difficulties are much easier to overcome.

Healing Crystal

Snowflake obsidian is an excellent stone for people born on August 4th, balancing out their body’s needs with the environment and outer influences. This is a stone that removes negativity from one’s life and draws emotions to the surface, so they can examine their harmful patterns. Helping them to get centered and stable, this is a stone that supports clear and solid boundaries that allow a person to get in touch with the world through healthy relationships and enough space for their inner needs and rest.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Leo representatives born on August 4th:

There is a dose of seriousness in this symbol, as if one had to be careful not to step on anyone’s toes or break something in their surroundings. Too many things may be sacred in lives that people around those born on this date create for them while they are growing up. Their satisfaction and need for socializing and fun might come a bit later in life, and this is typically when they become the light of the party.

Famous Birthdays on 4th of August

  • In 1913 Robert Hayden was born, an American educator and poet, and the first African American to hold the office as the US Poet Laureate. After childhood traumas and dealing with depression that he later called “my dark nights of the soul”, he rose to become a significant poet known for his absolute command of traditional poetic techniques and structure.
  • In 1955 Billy Bob Thornton was born, an American actor, screenwriter and director, an awarded artist who earned his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His marriage to Angelina Jolie and their large age difference, show the say Saturn played out in his planetary row.
  • In 1981 Meghan Markle was born, an American actress and humanitarian, also known to be set to become the member of the British royal family upon marriage to Prince Harry. After the engagement, she announced her retirement from acting after setting up a solid foundation through education, and intends to pursue humanitarian work.

Important Historical Events on 4th of August

  • 1790 – Revenue Cutter Service is created, the forerunner of the U. S. Coast Guard.
  • 1821 – The first time that The Saturday Evening Post is published.
  • 1854 – The establishing of the official Hinomaru flag to be flown from Japanese ships.
  • 1947 – The founding of the Supreme Court of Japan.
  • 1965 – Cook Islands are given their self-governing status within New Zealand.
  • 1977 – The United States Department of Energy is created.

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