Is the WonderFold W4 Stroller Wagon Worth It? 2023 Review

Video wonderfold wagon w4 luxe

I have three kids under age 4, so a double stroller officially doesn’t cut it. The WonderFold Wagon W4 series caught my eye immediately, as it can sit up to 4 kids!

If you’re shopping around for a high-quality, durable stroller wagon, you need to check out WonderFold Wagon. This W4 series review will give you a good idea of whether or not this stroller wagon is the right choice for your family.

What Is a WonderFold Wagon?

WonderFold Wagon started with a utility wagon, built to take to the beach, mountains, or anywhere you want. It has evolved into a full line-up of high-quality, durable wagons that can fit up to four kids. There’s even a line for pets!

pushing the kids in the wonderfold wagon w4 luxe

I see this brand as a more comfortable, functional alternative to strollers or double strollers. And I’ve never actually seen a stroller that can accommodate up to four kids, so this is a much-needed solution for parents with 3+ kids.

Should I Buy a WonderFold Wagon?

In my humble opinion, the WonderFold Wagon is not for everyone. In fact, I think you have to have pretty specific needs for it to be ideal for your family. Here are a few things to consider before you lay down $500-$1,000 on a new stroller wagon.

wonderfold wagon w4 luxe stroller wagon with kids in it

Trunk Space

First of all, if you want a 4-seater, or a WonderFold Wagon W4, you need to have a large trunk. We have a GMC Yukon Denali XL – basically the largest SUV you can get.

It fits comfortably in our trunk, but there’s not much room for anything else. If you have a smaller vehicle and have plans to take the W4 somewhere, I’m not convinced it would fit.


The W4 isn’t massive or anything, but it is a 4-seater, so it takes up some room. Think of two double strollers put together, and that’s about what you’re working with.

Because of its size, you can’t take the W4 everywhere. It excels in certain environments, so I’ve compiled a list of places to use the W4.

pushing kids in wonderfold wagon at target

Where you can use the WonderFold Wagon W4:

  • Parks
  • Costco, Sams Club, or any grocery store where the aisles are nice and wide
wonderfold wagon in sams club
  • Lowe’s, Home Depot
  • Target
checking out at target in the wonderfold wagon
  • Zoos
  • Aquariums
  • Children’s museums
  • Libraries
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Beaches
  • Any kind of walk – walks around your neighborhood, through town, nature walks, etc.
jack and walker being cuties
  • Kids’ sports events- soccer games by the sidelines, anyone?
  • Universal Studios, Dollywood, Busch Gardens, Cedar Point, Canada’s Wonderland, and other fun theme parks (just check the policy first!)
  • Expos
  • Hospital – some moms use this wagon to transport their kiddos along with all of their medical equipment (oxygen tanks, bipap machines, feed pumps, etc.) ❤️

Note: If your little one has a disability, you can get 25% off the entire WonderFold site. Check out WonderFold Warriors to apply for this program! There’s also a 15% Hero Discount program for military, first responders, teachers, and medical workers.

You cannot use this wagon at Disney World. Disney World is one of the only parks I found that has a restriction specifically banning these wagons. They claim they cause theme park walkway congestion.

WonderFold Wagon Accessories

One of the reasons these wagons are so popular, in my opinion, is the abundance of accessories you can purchase.

On the one hand, I’m a little annoyed that some accessories don’t just come with the wagon. It’s really expensive, so why should I have to spend even more to make it ultra-functional?

But the nice part is you can pick and choose what accessories you truly want without blindly paying for ones you don’t need.

Parent console
Snack holder

Here are the accessories you can add:

  • Snack tray
  • Parent console
  • All weather mat
  • Cargo net
  • Rain cover
  • Mosquito net
  • Cup and phone holder
  • Shade net
  • Winter cover
  • Pull handle
  • Wind cover
  • Travel cover
  • UV light sterilization bag
  • All terrain XL wheels
  • Extended handlebar
  • Tote
  • Dust cover
  • Solar wireless charger power bank
  • Different canopy covers (USA flag, UV protection cover)
  • Premium seats
  • Retractable stroller canopy
  • Shopping basket
  • Bassinet
  • Turbo fan
  • Coolshade fan
  • Wagon mittens

You can make this the ultimate wagon for your family by getting the accessories that match your needs.

WonderFold Wagon 4-Seater Comparison Chart

Are you wondering which 4-seater WonderFold Wagon you should get? I was in the same boat! Check out this comparison chart of the three stroller wagon options.

W4 LuxeW4 EliteW4 OriginalPriceAdjustable handlebarAdjustable Canopy RodsReclining SeatsZippered Side Mesh PanelsAll Terrain XL WheelsVegan Leather HandlebarMagnetic Harness

We went with the W4 Luxe almost exclusively because of the All Terrain XL wheels. We wanted the ultimate functionality of being able to push this wherever we went, especially since we live on a horse ranch.

pushing kids in wonderfold wagon w4 luxe in dirt on the farm

You can purchase these wheels as an accessory to a lower-cost wagon for $169.

If you’re on the lower end of the budget, you might consider the W4 Original. It may not come with all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, it accommodates four kids!

WonderFold Wagon W4 Pros and Cons

Pros of the WonderFold Wagon W4:

  • Holds up to 4 children (fantastic weight limit)
  • Very well-made (durable, high-quality)
  • Contains your kids and stuff effortlessly
  • Can double as a bassinet
wonderfold wagon can second as a bassinet
walker hanging out in the bottom of the wonderfold wagon
  • Tons of storage
  • Easy to put together
wonderfold stroller wagon delivered in box
putting the wonderfold wagon W4 together
the wonderfold wagon put together
  • Removable canopy provides shade
  • Super comfortable for kiddos
  • Kids love crawling into the wagon (one of the sides folds up so they can crawl right in)
  • Makes going on “field trips” or excursions with kids a lot more enjoyable and less stressful
  • Is a lifesaver for single parents or parents going places alone with lots of kids
  • Amazing for special needs kids and/or those with lots of medical supplies


  • It’s big, so you can’t take it everywhere
  • It’s expensive, but to give some perspective, it’s not twice the price of a double stroller despite the fact it can hold four kids
  • The All Terrain wheels on our W4 Luxe didn’t do as well in the grass as I hoped
  • It’s heavy, so you’ll break a sweat lifting it up into your trunk
  • You can’t use it at Disney World

WonderFold Wagon FAQs

Which WonderFold Wagon should I get?

When it comes to 4-seaters, there are three options ranging from $595-$899. If you need All Terrain wheels, go for the W4 Luxe. That’s what we decided to purchase. If you’re on a budget, consider giving up some luxury features for the W4 Original. And for those in the middle, the W4 Elite is a solid choice.

How much does the WonderFold Wagon weigh?

The WonderFold Wagon W4 weighs 63 pounds with seats. It’s definitely heavy, but this also makes it ultra-durable and secure.

Where do you buy a WonderFold Wagon?

I bought my WonderFold Wagon online, but there are also brick-and-mortar stores in a few states. Check out the store locator to see if you have a shop near you!

When will WonderFold Wagon be back in stock?

WonderFold Wagons and their accessories are so popular that things often go out of stock. It could be the color of wagon you want (that’s why we got a black camo color instead of solid black) or an accessory, like the shopping basket. I find the best way to know when something is back in stock is to sign up for text alerts. I get texts when something is launched or restocked.

How do you fold the WonderFold Wagon W2 and W4?

Folding this wagon is surprisingly easy once you do it a couple of times. Just make sure the safety lock is undone and pull up in the middle to collapse it.


The WonderFold Wagon is a pricey purchase! I hope this article helps you determine if it’s right for you.

If you have 3+ kids and do a lot of fun things, you need one. If not, I’d think twice before dropping hundreds of dollars on these luxury stroller wagons.

Happy strolling!

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