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Here’s another yearly edition of the Best, Worst, and Wildest Moments regarding S40. Feel free to tell me what I should add to those lists.


1. Most of the changes enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic were reverted. Studio audiences were reinstated (albeit w/ a few exceptions), the “White Things” retired, Pat was once again able to walk over to congratulate the big winners, the BRs were mostly staged as they were prior to S38 (although Pat was still the one grabbing the envelope), and Pat, Vanna, and the winning contestant no longer stayed six feet apart during the closing. Despite these changes, the widened contestant railing is retained.

2. The XL Weeks were the best weeks for obvious reasons. The XL Wedge replacing $850 allowed contestants to earn more by acting as a second TD Wedge, in addition to giving them a chance to win an additional $40K in the BR if the BR Puzzle was solved. Furthermore, the adjustment of the MDW rules allowed contestants to have double the chance of winning $1M (although it was still never won), every R1 puzzle used all four rows of the puzzle board, and an additional $5K was offered w/ the Prize Puzzle Trip.

3. The idea of Fan Favorites week bringing back the most (in)famous contestants to play America’s Game for a second chance. There were four contestants from the current season who returned for a second time, including the two contestants achieving a TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP. For the first occurrence, this even led to a rare all-male winners sweep for the first time since S38’s Show You the World.

4. Six contestants winning over $100K+ (two of which were outright $100K grand prizes on Jan. 19 and May 29).

5. The return of the audience beginning on the fourth taping season (in this case, California Coast, which aired Week 2).

6. We finally went a whole season without anyone adding “AND” in the Crossword Round.

7. The return of team weeks for the first time since February 2020 along w/ a same-sex couple competing during a couples’ week for the first time in the show’s history.

8. Not one, but TWO TOTAL CLEAN SWEEPS this season.

9. The first appearance of FAMILY for the first time since 5/13/2019.

10. ON THE MAP finally returned to the BR menu (albeit only once this season).

11. Adam Alam visited the Culver City to attend the tapings for Great Escapes. However, that week wasn’t that really on his side.

12. The top three highest maingame record this season had some hallmarks, all of which would go on to win their BR: Michael “Mike” Bell on the mayday episode (opening on the start of the fourth and final XL week), with $58,298 cash and prizes before winning another $45K in the BR. In another XL episode, Praveen Pamidi won $52,384 cash & trips in the maingame before winning another $45,070 Lincoln Corsair to become the biggest non-six figures winner this season. If you do not want to count the XL weeks, then Laura Fagan (start of the second Disney sweeps) had this record with $52,190 cash & expedition followed by another $40K in the BR.

13. Credits to Friendship Feed for the idea on the opening for Star Wars Galactic Celebration. And that text really had references which I did not want to include it too directly, such as “Fallen Troopers” (Memorial Day) and the “’You’ve Hit the Jackpot’ meme lives forever” (referencing Autumn Erhard’s $1M win 10 years ago).

14. This edition of Hawaii Week on the week of March 20 made a nice improvement after that DISASTROUS outing of that of the previous season.

15. Sept. 14’s XL REBOUND FROM YESTERDAY’S XL DISAPPOINTMENT with Ryan Zsiga winning the $51K+ BMW plus the $40K bonus from the XL wedge in the BR!

16. The great match among all three contestants on Mar. 9.

17. The intense match between Nicole Griep and Cory Houser on Mar. 22 which ended with the latter winning the $55K+ Ford Mustang in the BR.

18. Not only did my site turn ten this season, we also achieved the milestone of providing more than 6000 recaps in April! It’s a shame that the milestone episode on November 15 did end with a $100K loss (and I also recalled that the 2017 one, the fifth anniversary, did have a $1M loss as well).


1. The five grand prize losses (including Alane Dolensky’s $1M LOSS on Sept. 27 episode.

2. A dubious record of SIX Toss-Up TRIPLE STUMPERS.

3. John Lauderdale retired as stage manager and Robert Ennis is retiring as director.

4. Unlike the last two seasons, we sadly did not get a PBRW this season. The worst part was on Dec. 16 when Michael Brown blew the perfecto by adding an unnecessary Y in his BR puzzle of APPLYING OURSELVES, costing him $50K.

5. There have been quite a few bad BR misses, including the two worst episodes on Dec. 29 and Feb. 8. The fourth America’s Game on my show anniversary week really took the cake and contributed to a SEASON-LOW skunking of about $167K.

6. As Friendship Feed mentioned, the new themed weeks are much of a “bad omen”, and that would be the case of WWE Wheel of Fortune Tournament (a SKUNKING despite the return of Friday Finals), HSN/HSN+ Shopping Spree ($100K loss), and Grand Getaways ($40K sweep and some average maingames). The first five episodes of Star Wars Galactic Celebration had a $100K win, and the rest of the week was a roller coaster going 1-4. Fun & Games and Fan Favorites, however, each had two BR wins.

7. A handful of blunders this season went viral for the wrong reasons, and there were controversies such as the Sept. 16 episode that had the “EENIE MEENIE MINY MOE…” puzzle. Likewise, there were some NSFW moments such as Krystal Gratta’s crash with B on EXPRESS on Feb. 7 when the answer was CATCHING SOME WAVES and Tracina Jones’ blown solve of PLAYING WITH BALLS. I thought it was like playing with toy balls, but it turns out it was a NSFW answer.

8. Not many retro clips this season unlike S30 and there wasn’t even a dedicated milestone week like Celebrating 40.

9. This was the R3 puzzle layout on February 20 (the first episode of the solo version player of Teen Week) w/ only one letter remaining…

F R E _ H T R O P I C A L F R U I T

You Would Expect: Khushi Talluru either lights up the last consonant of S or just simply solves the puzzle.

Instead: She thought the last consonant was G and a “What?!” was briefly heard from the audience.

10. This was the R3 puzzle layout on January 5 (recapped by Jerry)…

I N C R E D I B L _ B E A _ T I F _ L L _ C A T I _ N

You Would Expect: David Bise solves INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL LOCATION for $11,850 plus the $11,190 trip to Barbados.

Instead: He NEVER realizes that the NMC beeps DIDN’T sound and BLEW THE FIRST WORD w/ INCREDIBLE and looked very shocked and confused about this error. Definitely one of the most horrific EXPRESS crashes of all time.

11. I gave not one but TWO episodes a rating of 1. First, the Dec. 29 saw a NEW TRIPLE TOSS-UP ERA RECORD LOW GRAND TOTAL set at $20,150. If that wasn’t bad enough, Bree made the grave mistake of picking THING and failed miserably, sending her home as the lowest-winning champion this season w/ a dismal $10,500. The other one was that chaotic Feb. 8 episode. We had a SEASON-WORST BANKRUPT TRASH of $30,200 including an unnecessary and PAINFUL BANKRUPT by Benny Varughese on Round 1, which deprived him $5,500 and the $13,900 Alaskan Cruise. To make matters worse, he BOMBED OUT on the EXPRESS thinking D was the last missing consonant in the word UNAVAILABLE. Unable to recover from the mishap, Jerry (who wrote the recap at the time) had no choice but to give this contestant the DESERVING label as a result.

12. Angela Dao’s painful $21,350 BANKRUPT on April 25. It also didn’t help that she was faced w/ this WAYD? puzzle in the BR after she chose MHDO…

_ O _ N _ N _ T H E / _ R _ _

The answer was JOINING THE FRAY, but she guessed JOINING THE CRAP — this is a G-Rated show, ma’am! 😡

13. On October 12 (Skipps Largo’s birthday), five penalty spaces were landed on consecutively (three BANKRUPTS and two LaTs).

14. Sept. 22’s R2 was a trainwreck and it didn’t help that Stephnie shockingly declined the chance at the $10K MW. And after she landed on $3,500

S _ E A T _ P A L M T R E E S

…she BOMBED OUT with K — where did that come from, girl?! -__- Lauren then mercifully solved SWEATY PALM TREES for the house minimum.

15. Though it was worth the wait for Lisa to become champion even after panicking 40 years ago, the Oct. 21 episode was a slogfest all around and she needed the PP to make it to the BR, which proved to be bad news and it really showed after she didn’t realize we were SOLVING PUZZLES.

16. We unfortunately got SKUNKED for the first time on Veterans Week in all the times we’ve seen this theme and this taping day was a TOTAL WASHOUT.

17. Secret Santa unfortunately got a GRINCHING for the first time in history on the week of Dec. 5.

18. The Dec. 23 episode was a true LUMP OF COAL even though we had an ALL-MALE SWEEP for the first time since Show You the World from S38.

19. Brandie’s awful playing from January 23.

20. The INTERNATIONAL GATE LINE incident from March 8.

21. This season’s Margaritaville Week to end April was less than stellar.

22. Neil on the May 31 STAR WARS episode had the WORST luck on the show especially losing $23,250 early in R1.

23. This series of events on Mar. 1: biggest BANKRUPT of the season by Nina Lance in Round 1 depriving her of $13,250, the $11,099 EUROPE trip, and the XL wedge, a bad missolve by Angie Gautney saying LOW instead of LOX for the second unfilled word, and such a huge puzzle being solved for just the house minimum after a SPINGLE. Plus another blown solve by Nina in the Prize Puzzle for not counting the T’s carefully in A MAP OF THE RESORT and an uncommon word in the BR resulting in a car loss.

24. This was the first season in the play-for-cash format to have no six-round games.

25. Skipps Largo sadly had to leave the game show community for good after that chaotic Feb. 8 episode and the negative moments that made a serious impact on his mental health.


1. While also mentioned by Friendship Feed, all but one of the weeks (that offered cars) had at least one BR car landing on the car, which broke the S30 record (with the exception of the sole week being Margaritaville), as well as $40K sweeps (the sole week being Grand Getaways). Interestingly, none of the weeks offered a Winnebago RV of any kind at all!

2. The solo Teen week for the first time since 1995 was one of the wildest weeks I have seen this season.

3. Despite Kellen’s conservative playing in his first appearance on November 25, he still won a nice $22K cash & St. Martin trip. However, his second appearance was improvement though ended up in second place with an all-cash total of $19,350.

4. We went for at least 47 episodes before someone picked the dreaded THING in the BR, though OCCUPATION and SHOW BIZ were both never offered at all this season. And towards the end of the season, me and Jerry had to label WAYD? orange in the BR pick due to the recent $1M and $100K losses being this category (and its high number of losses).

5. April 4 saw something that has never happened since April 15, 1999 in S16 — Dane Christensen, did a re-spin during the Final Spin on air. After he spun LaT twice in a row and the BANKRUPT near $650, Pat came to his podium and asks for his dad Curt (a former S36 contestant) phone number — LOL! A similar Final Spin moment happened not long after that on April 11.

6. Robin Cayetano spun only once during the entire game, calling a wrong letter on $600 in R2. Even so, she solved that round’s puzzle along w/ R3’s, the second of the Triple Toss-Ups, and the Speed-Up.

7. During the postgame chat on September 22, Pat showed the proper pronunciation of Antigua on his cue card.

8. During the postgame chat on September 23, Pat read a letter from a viewer who sent him a “frayed knot” (a worn-out rope tied in a knot), which was a pun on the term “afraid not”.

9. On October 11, for the first time since 1985, the BR was the longest puzzle.

10. After flipping a MW to find a BANKRUPT on the other side, John Salvetti tossed it behind him, only to notice the bag behind the podium too late. Pat then joked that a stagehand was decapitated.

11. Pat incorrectly stated during the post-game chat on January 2 that the 21st century will be one quarter over in two years. As he says this, the following statement appears on screen: “Actually, he’s wrong. It will be 3 years, not 2. Please don’t tell him we did this.”

12. During the postgame chat on January 27, Vanna claims that Brandon Broda, who was a hypnotist, hypnotized Pat after the BR. Vanna then conducted an experiment where Pat would do anything she asked of him. Every time she whispered in Pat’s ear, he silently gave her money.

13. On March 2, contestant Devin Colbert Hall pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his eyes every time he landed on BANKRUPT.

14. On March 7, Pat pulled Santa Claus impersonator Greg Weichert’s beard during the interviews.

15. Pat gave Shawn Ham a fish prop as a souvenir on March 9.

16. Pat jokingly pretended to wrestle Fred Fletcher-Jackson after he solved the Bonus Puzzle. In a highlights video posted on the show’s social media pages, there was apparently an alternate take of Pat covering Fred’s mouth with his right hand and Fred biting him. However, this take was not used in the broadcast version of the episode.

17. On April 26, Pat and Jim switched places in the BR.

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