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Despite all the hate Fortnite gets, and no matter how many “dead game” memes you will come by on social media, Fortnite is anything but dead.

Epic Games has recently unfolded Chapter 3, Season 1, right before the holidays.

There are many significant changes introduced in the map. Some of them are; a new map, a new arsenal of weapons, camping, new mechanics, new quests, and so much more.

Thanks to the holidays, people have time on their platter, and it is the perfect time to jump in the game.

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite

Knowing how to level up in Fortnite fast means you can level up your Battle Pass sooner and claim those juicy rewards as quickly as possible.

If you have little time on your hand and want to get as many Battle Pass levels as possible, you are reading the perfect guide.

This guide has legitimate methods, free of any glitches and bug abuse. So, be at peace of mind and jump right below to get started without any ado.

#1- By Using Creative Mode To Farm Free XP

Creative mode is fun and is the perfect place to farm some free XP without doing much. It is possible not many people know this neat trick.

All you have to do is spend 15 minutes in Creative, and you will receive a Creative Playtime reward. At the time of writing, the reward provides 12,000 XP for every 15 minutes.

where to find the creative mode

You can collect up to five of these rewards every day. Just stand in the lobby and watch the time tick down. After spending some time, you will receive enough experience for a single level.

This is great for farming XP without spending barely any energy. This method is not for single-time usage; you can repeat this procedure every day to bank these juice XP points five times a day.

Feel free to leash your inner artist to create something that will make you proud, a great way to kill time and gain XP if you are getting bored.

You can also watch Netflix on your phone while remaining in the lobby, hitting two birds with one stone.

#2- By Swimming, Gliding & Collecting Consumables

It may sound unconvincing, but interacting with objects like the environment, collecting consumables during a match will get you XP for your Battle Pass. Hit the walls, buildings, trees, anything in your sight during a match.

You may not get points after breaking every wall or object, but it often drops points. Open chests, you may skip chests often, but opening chests will also land you points. Gliding and swimming also help in getting XP.

You may often glide during your match, and I would not be surprised if you decide to skip swimming. Next time you see water, jump into it and start swimming to rapidly level up your Battle Pass.

If by any chance you stop gaining XP for doing other stuff like swimming, breaking stuff, gliding, or more, it could mean you have earned maximum XP for the day. Try the next day again. If it does not help, follow other methods to gain XP fast.

#3- Rare Quests Or Milestones

Quests are the most fun and reliable way of getting XP for the Battle Pass. You can choose to complete different types of quests, ranging from standard to rare and legendary.

Milestones are basically the same as the rare quests from Chapter 2, season 5 to 7. These are incremental goals for the player to achieve.

best way to gain xp in fortnite

You will only find them after you get close to completing them in the game. It could be any random quests.

Though there is no rarity system anymore, you can set your goal to complete the milestones for XP.

If you think this is too much of a hassle, there are other ways that you can follow, but I do not believe it is worth skipping milestones for XP.

#4- By Playing Creative Experiences With XP Accolades Enabled

Hope into the Creative Mode again, and this time you will be searching for Creative game modes with XP accolades enabled. Games with XP accolated means you will gain XP after playing that particular Creative game mode.

For instance, 50 Fashion Show is a popular creative game mode that you can play to gain XP. After hopping inside the custom game, open presents around the area to earn randomly distributed XP points.

It is unclear which mode is the best for XP or what you can do to gain XP in XP accolade-enabled game mode. So, you will have to try different methods to check which works the best for you.

#5- Completing Weekly/Daily Punchcards

Do not miss daily and weekly challenges; as dull as they may appear, these are some of the best ways to farm some sweet XP to gain some of the Battle Pass levels.

There are certain characters available for you to unlock. These characters have some quests, which you can complete for farming XP.

image of punchcard challenges in fortnite

The quest system has been reworked in Chapter 3, and now there are Daily Season and Milestone quests.

For weekly/daily quests, there is a timer attached showing how much time is left for you to complete the quest before it expires.

These weekly/daily quests are a great way to gain experience points.

#6- By Completing Legendary Quests

As the name suggests, another type of quest exists in Fortnite that I have not discussed above, which is none other than the Legendary Quests. There is an exclusive set of quests specially designed to add spice to the game.

These come in a limited number and are only available for seven days. After that, these quests expire. The quests are incremental, so make sure not to miss out on these quests.

Completing the first challenge yields the most XP, while the rest of the increments yield less, but still, a decent amount of XP can be earned.

These quests refresh with new challenges every week. So, if you get bored with the current legendary quest, you will have to wait seven days for new quests.

#7- By Surviving Till The End

Everyone loves winning, and the player who survives to the very end increases their chances of getting closer to the Victory Royale. Surviving until the end requires knowledge, mechanics, and loot locations of the game.

A new player may struggle to get in the top 10 or top 20 for some decent periods unless they get lucky and do a decent job hiding from other players. Getting to the top 20 is not difficult. It is dull and feels boring.

So, survive till the end by any means, even if you will have to camp throughout the match duration. Surviving until the end is a decent way to gain some XP.

#8- By Completing All Daily And Weekly Challenges

Besides quests, complete daily and weekly quests to get some additional XP. Epic has combined the punchcards and weekly challenges to get the maximum benefit out of the two mechanics.

The challenges refresh every day and week, providing the players more means to collect XP points for their Battle Pass.

If you are familiar with punchcards from Chapter 2, season 8, you might get a similar feeling from these challenges in Chapter 3.

#9- Play With Friends

You can either play solo or play with a party to do these daily or weekly quests if you are struggling. This also increases the number of quests available more than usual. Working as a team can help you clear more quests than playing solo.

Playing with friends is fun and is a great way to complete challenges and have some fun along the way. If you are stuck with a quest, playing with friends will increase the chances of clearing the quests multiple folds.

The challenges themselves are not that difficult, but I would not be surprised if someone gets stuck with them. I mean, not everyone can help sniper enemies with a sniper rifle. Some players like myself like to use assault rifles.

#10- Victories

Nothing is more satisfying in a game other than winning. The true essence of Battle Royale games is to be the last person, duo, trio, or squad standing.

Surviving till the end is the best way to get maximum XP points. Still, emerging victorious will give the player or players more XP than just surviving till the very end.

So, survive and use any means to grab the Victory Royale crown, whether you have to camp or kill everyone on your way to the crown.

The Final Verdict:

The anticipated Fortnite Chapter 3 is here. The Battle Pass is bringing a new collection of characters, cosmetics, challenges, and other fun stuff right before the holidays, which is the perfect time for releasing the update.

Naturally, most players would like to level up their Battle Pass levels as quickly as possible, given the quality and quantity of stuff you can get after leveling up.

There is always the option of buying levels, which is by far the quickest way for leveling up but is the worst way to waste your hard-earned money.

Traditionally some quests and challenges are the most reliable way of getting some XP but can quickly become exhausting. This article has some fun ways that you can follow to level up your Battle Pass level swiftly.

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