How Much Does a Hmong Dog Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

Vietnamese Hmong dog or docked tail dog

If you have ever seen a Vietnamese Hmong dog in person or in a picture, you probably already know how gorgeous and irresistible they are. These little furry balls of happiness are so amazing, friendly, and loyal that they will make your life more fulfilled and meaningful. Most people fall in love with Hmong dogs at first sight, and if you are one of those people, you need to know how much a Hmong puppy costs before deciding on bringing one home.

Keep reading below to discover all the monthly, annual, and one-time costs your Hmong dog will need.


Bringing Home a New Hmong Dog: One-Time Costs


Finding a Vietnamese Hmong dog to adopt from a friend or family member for free won’t be a likely scenario. Since these puppies cost a lot, finding one for free won’t be easy. You may be lucky to adopt a Hmong dog from a friend or an acquaintance if they can’t take care of the puppy anymore. However, they may still want a reliable pet parent to take care of it so that they may gift the dog to you.



Since Hmong dogs originate from Vietnam, finding them in the US can be quite challenging. They are an incredibly rare breed, and you’ll need to be a true enthusiast to adopt or purchase a Hmong Dog. Either way, adopting or purchasing a Hmong puppy can be expensive because breeders from Southeast Asia must fly their dogs into the United States. Standard adoption fees will only depend on the services provided by the shelter.

If the dog had all its shots and was microchipped, spayed, or neutered, it can only raise the adoption price. Nevertheless, adopting is always more affordable than going through the breeder, so you should always check your local shelter before making impulsive purchases.



Purchasing a Vietnamese Hmong puppy can be a costly investment. These dogs are pretty rare in the United States. Its price will also depend on the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s gender, and its pedigree. Some champion Hmong dogs can cost up to $6,000 while purchasing a Vietnamese Hmong puppy will cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. Since Hmong puppies are such a rarity in the US, finding a reputable breeder will be important1, as there can be many scams related to this breed, and you may end up paying a lot of money for a puppy that is not purebred.

Initial Setup and Supplies


Even if you acquire a free Vietnamese Hmong puppy or adopt it for a reasonable price, you will need to invest plenty of money for the initial supplies the puppy will need. Since the breed originates from Vietnam, it will require special care, food, and regular veterinary check-ups. Purchasing a kennel, a bed, a collar, food and water bowls, and some toys can add up to $200 or more. If you add the initial cost to neuter your dog and provide all the necessary vaccines and microchipping, it can get closer to $400.

List of Hmong Dog Care Supplies and Costs

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How Much Does a Hmong Dog Cost Per Month?

$100-$200 per month

While a Hmong dog is a rare breed to own in the United States, there are still normal monthly expenses that you will need to take care of. Hmong dogs need high-quality food to make sure they’re healthy and your puppy will need regular vet care and health insurance besides other monthly expenses.

Health Care

$100-$300 per month

Since the Vietnamese Hmong dog is a unique breed originating from Vietnam, you can expect your monthly costs to be much higher than a common US breed. This rare breed requires a lot of monthly maintenance, including high-quality food, grooming, and vet visits, to stay strong and healthy with a long life span.

Vietnamese Hmong bobtail or docked tail dog
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$80-$100 per month

When preparing your monthly budget for feeding your Hmong dog, you should know upfront what to expect. Depending on the quality of the food, the brand, and the ingredients, it can cost more or less, but it usually adds up to around $100 per month. Bags come in 12 pounds and usually last for about 15 days.


$0-$100 per month

As with all other breeds, constant care and maintenance are necessary for your dog to remain healthy and have a beautiful shiny coat. Hmong dogs, in particular, have very long and extremely thick coats. Since its fur is so thick, it is prone to tangling, so using a comb frequently is advised. If you notice your Hmong dog’s coat is becoming dirty or stinky, you must give it a bath. Since these dogs originate from a cold area, baths are not an everyday habit. Depending on your budget, you can either take care of your Hmong dog’s coat at home or take it to a professional groomer. This service can cost anywhere between $30 and $100, depending on the size of your dog.

It is also necessary to check your Hmong dog regularly for ticks and fleas. It is best to comb your dog after each walk which will help you get rid of any ticks before they get a chance to latch on.

grooming tools for cats and dogs
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Medications and Vet Visits

$15-$60 per month

Routine check-ups should be done annually and can cost between $50 and $250. Regular short visits require your puppy to get each vaccine, and their prices can vary. Most shots cost around $15 to $20 per shot, and your new puppy will need to get all the DHLPP core vaccines (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, and parainfluenza) including the rabies vaccine, which costs around $20. The average price for the first-year shots will be around $170.

Pet Insurance

$30-$40 per month

Pet insurance is always a good choice, especially if you are a pet parent to a rare and uncommon breed such as the Vietnamese Hmong dog. Since veterinary care for a Hmong dog tends to be high, and visits can happen often, it is best to have pet insurance which can cover a significant amount of your monthly veterinary bills. Insurance can cover almost any situation, from annual check-ups to accidents and tests. Costing around $30 to $40 monthly, pet insurance can often save you from extreme payments and stressful times.

Image Credit: Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

Environment Maintenance

$45-$65 per month

Monthly expenses that include supplies and reusable items won’t be as costly and will be the same as with any other breed. You’ll need basic supplies to keep your dog happy while maintaining a clean space. For puppies, you’ll need to own puppy pads and poop bags, which you’ll buy monthly. Their price can vary but is usually not above $20 a month. Your puppy will also need treats that will help you with their training and reward system, which can cost around $20, depending on their quality.


$0-$50 per month

Your puppy will need to have their toys, especially if you work a lot and tend to be away from home often. In order to keep your dog entertained at all times, replacing old and worn-out toys would be best each month or every couple of months. You can either replace a toy every time it becomes old, or you can subscribe to monthly pet subscription boxes, which will keep new toys and treats arriving each month for around $50.

Image Credit: Blue Bird, Pexels

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Hmong Dog

$180-$400 per month

On average, your total monthly costs of owning a Vietnamese Hmong dog will be between $180 and $400. This will include everything your dog might need, including food, toys, pet insurance, and those minor supplies and requirements such as poop bags and puppy pads.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Your Hmong puppy will need to have monthly training and exercise that will ensure your pup grows healthy and without aggressive tendencies. Suppose you’d like to provide your puppy with professional training that includes crate education, potty manners, and socialization with other dogs and people. In that case, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $500.

Walking your Hmong dog daily is incredibly important because high-energy dogs need plenty of mental and physical stimulation throughout the day. If you don’t have enough time to take your Hmong puppy for a walk, you’ll need a paid professional to do this for you. This service can cost anywhere between $200 and $600 monthly.

Owning a Hmong Dog on a Budget

If you’re a true fan of the breed and its adorable appearance, there are ways you could cut down on your budget and afford this sweet yet expensive little pup. Your first and wisest option would be to acquire pet insurance and stay safe even during surprise visits to the vet. Do as many DIY projects as possible, saving money on buying an already finished product. You could build a kennel or a dog bed from scratch, lowering your initial investment. You could also save up on additional costs and walk your dog whenever you’ve got spare time, saving hundreds of dollars on dog walkers.

Saving Money on Hmong Dog Care

If you are skilled and confident enough, try grooming your dog on your own and saving significant money on professional dog groomers. Stay patient and confident, as it takes a while to learn how to groom your dog on your own. Make sure to take special care of your Hmong dog’s coat, which needs regular combing because of its thickness. Make sure to clean your dog’s teeth regularly, saving money on getting that done professionally at the vet and ensuring your pet has healthy gums.



If you are thinking of buying a Vietnamese Hmong dog for yourself, it is crucial to know what to expect when it comes to budget planning. Considering how rare and difficult it is to come by this breed, your initial purchase will be a little pricey, verging on $3,000 for a Hmong puppy. You’ll also need to consider all the initial requirements, which will add up to anywhere around $400. Your average monthly cost would need to be between $180 and $400.

While these numbers seem large, there are amazing ways you could cut down your budget and lower the amount of money spent on certain services and items.

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