Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfume Review: Could This Be the Perfect Perfume For You?

In this Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfume Review, I’ll be stripping the scent down to see whether it can be your signature fragrance, and no, I don’t mean stripping as the provocative brand suggests. I’ll break down how it smells, how available it is, what it can do for you, and whether it’s worth wearing daily.

Victoria’s Secret is synonymous with supplying sexy, feminine, luxurious, sweet, romantic, and sensual products and perfumes, but can Pink 2001 or 2013 hold up to the brand’s standards? Truthfully, they fall short in some ways due to the lack of availability, but they’re gorgeous perfumes in many other ways.

It can be a signature fragrance if you’re prepared to source the rare gem.

How to Make a Decision

Choosing a perfume is as intimate and personal as choosing your underwear. The major difference is that not everyone will see your underwear, but everyone you encounter will embrace the scent and sillage of your signature fragrance. It will leave a mark on memories far and wide. So, how do you decide on a perfume?

The greatest misconception is that you should choose it based on the aromas engulfing your mind when you spritz it. Sure, the scent either works for you, or it doesn’t. Lingerie either works or doesn’t based on how it feels against your skin, entices your partner, and makes you feel like the only woman in the world.

Why should perfume only be based on how it smells? Firstly, perfumes smell different on everyone’s skin. Never rely on those papers used in department stores. Always spray it on your skin and leave it to mature for a few minutes. For me, Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfume 2001 is strong when first sprayed on my skin.

The first projection of the perfume is overwhelming, especially if you spray more than twice. I was taken on a citrusy, botanical journey as it rushed into my nose. However, the drydown effect, which doesn’t take too long, can only be described as beautifully multi-dimensional.


I fancied the ever-changing accords from the heart and base notes. It was indescribable how the peony interchanged with the juniper and freesia, and just as I thought the fragrance was down to its base notes, the subtle florals brought about another fresh round of accords, constantly dancing with each other.

My greatest tip for choosing a new fragrance is to either purchase a sample, which may not be possible with Pink 2001 due to its scarcity or by visiting a Victoria’s Secret department store to spritz twice and walk around with the sillage on your skin for a few hours.

Secondly, reviews are a good place to find new perfumes. There are two versions of Victoria’s Secret Pink perfume, namely 2001 and 2013. It was reformulated in the later version, and the accords changed to a sweeter accent, but the sad news is that both versions are as rare as diamonds. Maybe that was the plan?

The earlier version scores well in reviews, but the latter doesn’t seem to have the same punch due to its overwhelming sweetness. The 2001 version is the one I experienced in all its floral and ever-evolving beauty. The 2013 version was stronger, leaning more toward young girls who love smelling like candy.

Finally, choosing a perfume is also about looking at the ingredients, sillage, accords, longevity, price, notes, and seasons. The key features of perfume are what entice people or send them packing.

Key Features: Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001 Perfume

Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001 Perfume

The original perfume smells like toasted citrus when you first spray it on your skin. It also has an alluring tropical accent that is subtly sweet and fresh. It’s perfect for Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z as it offers a timeless fragrance, turning women into vibrant and feminine archetypes.

Main Accords: floral, citrus, aromatic, fresh, spicy, green, woody, herbal, and rose

Base Notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and vetiver

Middle Notes: freesia, peony, neroli, and lily of the valley

Top Notes: Artemesia, juniper berries, mandarin orange, violet, and bergamot

Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001 Perfume is worn best during the day, in summer, and spring. Romanian perfumer Annie Buzantian created it. She won a lifetime award for her perfuming skills with another brand, and she produces fragrances for the popular brand Estee Lauder.


  • The later version can’t match the fragrance.
  • The subtlety of the scent is alluring, provocative, and feminine enough to wear daily.
  • It’s also a classic scent that works well as a signature fragrance.
  • It suits three generations (it isn’t too much for mature women or Baby Boomers).
  • It has a naughty undertone that attracts the opposite sex.
  • It comes with free shipping in the U.S.
  • The sillage is intimate and moderate.
  • It lasts about eight hours on moisturized skin.
  • The bottle looks like a martini glass, which adds to the elegance while being fun and exciting.
  • It matches the gentle, silky ideation of the color pink
  • The scents and accords continue exchanging throughout the wear, making it a multi-dimensional perfume full of surprises.
  • The floral accents dance back and forth between the juniper, freesia, botanical, and citrus accords while maintaining a subtle powdery feel of vanilla.


  • The perfume costs a small fortune at around $263.95!
  • Victoria’s Secret online store no longer supplies it as it’s discontinued.
  • It can be overwhelming at first spray or if you use too much.
  • It’s not as sweet as the 2013 version if you want that.
  • The longer sillage or projection might be subtler than some women love.
  • It’s hard to find from the regular suppliers, which can lead to fake purchases.

My verdict on the 2001 Pink perfume would be unanimous if it weren’t so scarce. Based on what I know from the fragrance versus the scarcity and high price, I’d have to give it a 7/10 overall rating. The ratings on Amazon are incredible, and I’d match them if the perfume wasn’t discontinued. I love the fragrance, though!

Key Features: Victoria’s Secret Pink 2013 Perfume


The 2013 Pink perfume smells like sweetness blended into a citrus passion. It’s subtler than the 2001 version, but it carries fewer dimensional evolutions as the sweetness stands out more while dancing with the citrus notes. It can also seem spicier, fresher, and more energizing. It transforms well on my skin, but it smells too young for me.

Main Accords: floral, citrus, fresh, clean, rose, and subtly tropical

Top Notes: neroli, peony, and mandarin orange

The middle and base notes for this fruity, floral, sweet, and green perfume have not been shared by Victoria’s Secret. Ironically, the hushed nature of the company is often criticized, but it may be due to the perfume being reformulated. They wanted to keep the new fragrance a secret. Their name says it all.

Interesting Fact: Victoria’s Secret Pink is a subsidiary company launched in 2002 to target young women and older teenagers. The 2013 version of Pink was aimed at young girls and college students. This was the same period where the new range came under fire after releasing underwear for teens that read “call me” and “wild.”

Anyway, the 2013 Pink perfume was aimed at young and up-and-coming women between 15 and 22. L Brands own the division of Victoria’s Secret. Two faces behind the Pink subsidiary are models Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr. Secrecy aside, this perfume can be an option for young ladies.


  • This is a young, vibrant, sweet, citrus fragrance perfect for girls stepping into womanhood.
  • It comes in a pretty rectangular bottle with polka dot designs to accent a young woman.
  • It wears well in summer, spring, and during the day.
  • Has a sweeter and fresher undertone than the 2001 version.
  • The sillage is gentle to moderate.
  • You can get eight hours of this scent on your skin.
  • It has a strong fruity undertone that comes through the top notes.


  • It’s just as pricy as the 2001 version, making it hard to afford for young women.
  • It costs a whopping $199.99 when you rarely find it available.
  • It doesn’t offer multi-dimensional sillage evolutions.
  • You can’t wear it as a mature woman.
  • The perfume is discontinued, making it a challenge to wear it as a signature fragrance.
  • You can’t spray more than one or two squirts.

Too much fruit and sweetness is not my style. I love elegant and sexy perfumes, but this might be for you if you’re young enough and want to discover the rare gem. I wouldn’t rate this perfume higher than 6.5/10 due to its rare availability and missing notes. It’s also costly, considering the target age range.

Recommended Alternatives

Should you choose a discontinued perfume as your daily fragrance, make sure you’re also keeping alternatives near when you can’t find your perfume. I’d recommend three alternatives based on how similar they are to the Pink fragrances.

1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell EDP

Victorias Secret Bombshell EDP

If you love the brand, consider Victoria’s Secret Bombshell as it still maintains the young and vibrant accents of the Pink range. It’s bolder, fruitier, and slightly more exotic, but that’s what makes it another alluring and provocative fragrance. It carries notes of vanilla, Shangri-La peony, and passion fruit.

It’s currently Victoria’s Secret’s best-selling EDP perfume for women, while it offers a broader signature range for Gen Z to Gen X women. This is a great perfume for confident women who love flaunting their everything and maintaining a sense of seductive elegance.

Key Features:

  • It only costs around $78 for a 100 ml bottle
  • It’s easy to find on the official Victoria’s Secret website
  • Free shipping!
  • Fruity-floral fragrance
  • Gorgeous bottle
  • It lasts six hours on the skin
  • It comes in various products, including a travel mist for $12 and a small rollerball for $12
  • Another alternative is the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Seductive EDP for $78
  • Pioneered to turn women into bombshells!

2. Cloud by Ariana Grande

CLOUD by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfume

Another amazing perfume for younger women is Ariana Grande Cloud. It might not have the same floral undertone, but it has a beautiful fruity and vanilla accent that screams youthful! It’s an uplifting and fresh scent combining sweetness with tropical elements as it has a strong coconut accord.

Perfect for Gen Z and Millenials, this perfume is a great alternative that won’t break the bank, either. Celebrity perfumes aren’t the priciest, but they offer quality. If you’re looking for a perfume that similarly matches the attractive qualities of the Pink range, this might be your fragrance.

Key Features:

  • It costs only around $52 per 100 ml bottle
  • It has a pretty bottle making you think you’re on a cloud
  • Works well in winter, fall, and during the day
  • Vibrant and tropical-fruity aroma for young women
  • Easily available!
  • Delivery only costs $8
  • It lasts up to four days on clothes
  • It lasts about six hours on the skin

3. Georgio Armani Si EDP

Georgio Armani Si EDP

For the closest match to Victoria’s Secret Pink perfumes, Georgio Armani Si EDP blends similar green undertones with a sweet and fruity accent while slowly increasing the citrus accord. Georgio Armani is another brand synonymous with quality perfumes, making this an alternative that won’t disappoint.

Additionally, it offers a great alternative for mature women or those who can’t wear the extreme sweetness of the Pink range or Ariana Grande Cloud. It brings the naughty side of Victoria’s Secret to the daily lifestyle of women who want more than an alluring perfume that only magnetically draws people into their sillage.

Key Features:

  • Mid-priced perfume at around $94 per 100 ml bottle and $8.18 for shipping
  • Widely available and popular among young to more mature women
  • It has strong floral accents that dry down to a fruity, citrusy undertone
  • Seductive, elegant, modern, and sophisticated fragrance
  • It shares a similar green accord as the Pink range
  • Easy to wear at night, during the day, in winter, and summer
  • Versatile enough to be a signature fragrance
  • It lasts five to six hours on the skin


Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfume Review: Final Thoughts

Finding your signature fragrance is about being critical with each perfume, and that’s why I cover all the pros and cons in a review. I don’t rely on the smell alone. I look at everything that makes a perfume stand out from others, including accords, notes, and the price. Admittedly, the prices of Pink 2001 and 2013 are ridiculous.

The extreme prices are due to the perfumes being so hard to find, which is another factor that makes me doubt them as signature fragrances. However, the aromas are well-suited to the brand that makes heads turn and mouths drool. Victoria’s Secret Pink Perfumes are about making a statement in subtle accents.

I’m not the greatest fan of the 2013 version, but I highly recommend trying the 2001 version if you can afford it. It will be worth every cent! If you’re not passionate about sourcing your perfumes in a lottery-style fashion where you may not have it for months, I recommend Georgio Armani Si EDP as a second best.

The bottom line is that the Pink ranges are hard to classify as signature fragrances unless they’re miraculously manufactured again. It breaks my heart to give such a beautiful perfume an average review, but it is what it is. I’d encourage you to experiment with it, but don’t fall in love with it.

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