Video shows Tiktok star Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest after she threw chair that hit her daughter

Video taylor frankie paul arrest video

Soft-swinging TikTok star Taylor Frankie Paul flew into a rage after her boyfriend refused to take her to a concert because she was too drunk, police bodycam video exclusively obtained by reveals.

The Mormon mom ‘went ballistic’ and threw chairs at boyfriend Dakota Mortensen, accidentally hitting her five-year-old daughter Indy in the head in the process.

And when police arrived at the scene in a Salt Lake City suburb, the influencer told them she was so scared she had ‘peed’ herself, the video shows.

Paul, 27, was arrested on February 17 at her home in Herriman, Utah, on misdemeanor charges.

But after Mortensen provided cops with video from his cell phone showing the chair hitting Indy, the charges were upgraded to felony aggravated assault, reckless child abuse, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Two weeks later the Salt Lake County District Attorney charged Paul with two counts of 3rd degree felony domestic violence in the presence of a child with injury, a Class A misdemeanor of child abuse with injury, and Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

If she is convicted of the charges, she would face up to five years in state prison for each of the three felonies with which she is charged. She is next due in court on April 14.

Paul found fame on TikTok where she has more than 4 million followers after regularly sharing content about her day-to-day life, two children and now estranged husband.

She shocked her fans last summer when she admitted that she and husband Tate were divorcing because she had gone too far during a ‘soft swinging’ event.

Soft swinging involves couples swapping partners but not engaging in full sex.

After splitting with Tate – the father of her children – she started hooking up with Mortensen.

The bodycam video from the night of her arrest shows Herriman officers Ben Rugebregt and Alex Felsing knocking on Paul’s door after receiving a 911 from a neighbor.

Both Paul and Mortensen, her boyfriend of six months, are seen answering the door.

When the officers ask them what was going on, Dakota tells them Taylor was ‘hammered.’

Taylor responds back saying ‘so is he.’ She then tells police, that Dakota ‘threw me in the garage.’

Rugebregt and Felsing then separate the couple, taking Paul outside. She can be seen crying and slurring her words as police attempt to talk to her.

‘I’m emotionally hurting and going through a divorce,’ she tells them.

But seconds later she turns belligerent and says: ‘I don’t give a f*** anymore.

‘I don’t give a f*** about him,’ she says, referring to Mortensen. ‘I just want him out.

‘I pushed him, I hit him, he pushed me. I don’t care. I went ballistic because he pushed me. I just want him out.’

She went on to explain that her boyfriend had picked her up from a girls night and he ‘b****ed her out’ all the way home.

Taylor admitted to police she threw things at Dakota because she was scared of him, and he had pushed her first.

She also told police she wet her pants because she was scared.

But Mortensen, 30, told cops in the video that he had picked Taylor up from girls’ night out and she was drunk.

He said they had an agreement to stay away from alcohol as he’s a recovering addict.

He told the police Paul is struggling with personal issues and adding alcohol to the mix causes her to explode.

He said he was supposed to go to a concert with a friend, but when Paul found out, she wanted to go along and asked him to pick him up from the party.

According to Mortensen, the original plan was to stop by Paul’s house to get her ID and then go to the concert, but as soon as he arrived he realized she was in no condition to go.

He said she then became angry and began to berate him on the drive back.

They arrived back at her house and a family member, who had been watching Indy and Paul’s two-year-old son Ocean, left.

Mortensen said over the next 90 minutes he tried to leave her house to ‘deescalate’ the situation, but Paul wouldn’t let him.

He said she threw her phone at him. She took his truck keys jumped on the vehicle and slammed its doors several times.

She hurled a wooden play set at him, which hit his truck. She also threw heavy metal chairs at him so violently that they put holes in the walls.

In his report Sergeant Rugebregt said he ‘observed multiple metal chairs and other household items on the floor by the front entryway. The chairs look like they may have come from a kitchen island’.

‘I observed a case of roses on the ground by the kitchen island,’ he added.

Mortensen said all of this violence took place in front of Indy. Ocean was upstairs asleep.

He told police that he started to feel scared for his life because of the weight of the chairs and said one bounced off his shoulder and hit Indy in the head.

He admitted pushing Paul out of his way, because she wouldn’t let him leave.

‘She fell down because she was hammered,’ he said.

The cops clearly did not realize that Paul was an internet celebrity.

When Mortensen started asking if her mugshot would be released, one officer can be heard saying: ‘It’s not like she’s going to make the news.’

When Paul was being placed under arrest for domestic violence, she asked the cop, ‘so he isn’t being arrested? He pushed me and I’m under arrest?’

After being placed in handcuffs she continued questioning the police officer on why she was being arrested.

She then added, ‘when Dakota sees I’m being arrested he’s not going to agree to it.’ She then said, ‘I p***ed my pants and I’m under arrest?’

During the arrest Paul’s parents, Jeremy and Liann May, arrived to take the kids.

While being handcuffed Paul told her mother: ‘I’m being arrested for pushing Dakota.’

Liann replied, ‘Yeah that’s domestic violence.’

While being placed in the back of the patrol vehicle Paul was still complaining about her arrest. She told the cop: ‘He punched me too and I’m a girl.’

Before she was led off to jail, Paul’s mother talked to her through the window of the patrol vehicle and didn’t mince her words, telling her, ‘My grandkids should have never seen this. I’m surprised you are doing this.’

Paul took a month off social media following her arrest. But she recently posted on TikTok that she has been taking Zoloft to help her with her depression and anxiety and was going to therapy to help deal with her trauma.

She also said she recently spent time with Mortensen’s family in Logan, Utah, and how she loves all of them. She announced that she is keeping her kids off TikTok for now, but not forever. She did not mention her pending court battles.

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