61 Desirable Neck Lip Tattoo Designs For Amping Up Your Appearance

The area behind the ear has always been a desirable spot for tattoos. While it is mainly suitable for tattoos that are as compact as fine line tattoos, there are multiple ways in which one can display their favorite artwork and place them behind the neck.

Over the years, there have been multiple designs that people have found not only pleasant for the symbolism, but also because of the convenience behind the artwork’s visuals. Amongst them lies the neck lip tattoo, which will be the main topic of this article.

In this writeup, apart from carrying out an investigation behind their symbolism, we will include a series of neck lip tattoo ideas that one may carry out if they are seeking the best possible outcome. The latter part of the article will include our final take on the tattoo, so make sure to stick around till then if you’re planning on getting a neck lip tattoo soon!

“More Than It Seems.”: The Curious Meaning Behind The Neck Lip Tattoo

Apart from its unique visuals, the neck lip tattoo caters to two types of demographic. Symbolizing love and affection, neck lip tattoos are for those that are hopeless romantics. It’s for those that believe in the power of love and never shy away from expressing the admiration they have for their loved ones.

In addition to the previous meaning, a neck lip tattoo might also be for those that are trying to convey a specific message on their own temptations. It might be a great way for many to express how much they love being kissed, specifically around the neck area.

Furthemore, while the neck lip tattoo’s meaning caters to those that want to showcase the love they have for their significant others, a massive portion of the fanbase adore the artwork and the edginess it carries. They believe that nothing expresses love in a more powerful manner than displaying it through a lip tattoo with a bold color combination behind the ear. They also firmly believe that the trend of this tattoo will only become stronger over time.

Aesthetically Pleasing Neck Lip Tattoo Designs To Get Today!

While neck lip tattoos are limited in size, even the most generic design looks classy and elegant. The artwork of the lips on an area as delicate and fragile as the neck makes the artwork much more appealing than it should be.

Additionally, the artwork never seems to look dull. Whether it’s placed with a monochrome color scheme or a high-spirited color combination, the impact of a neck lip tattoo remains consistently influential. To prove that fact, we have found the best neck lip tattoo designs from various platforms. The entries are listed below, which we hope inspire you to create a design of your own.

“Kiss Me.” Neck Lip Tattoo

Perhaps the most favorable variation of them all, the “Kiss Me” neck lip tattoo is for the extroverts, and for those that believe in expressing their deepest desires. The dull shade of red might seem a bit unappealing at first, but is mainly added to give the artwork a realistic effect.

Additionally, the contrast of the red lips and the quote seems to match perfectly, as both designs seem neither loud or too subtle, which is a great option for those that are seeking minimal visuals.

Classic Red Lip Neck Tattoo

This variation is probably the design that kickstarted the success of the trend. It contains a simple artwork with a semi shaded color scheme and a light border. The border is mainly present to allow the color to stand out while offering the complete look a vibe as nostalgic as the 90s, making it a strong contender for those that want to reminisce about their younger days.

Multicolor Neck Lip Tattoo

If you want your neck lip tattoo to be the most presentable tattoo on your body, add a range of colors to it. Make it as loud as possible by adding a vibrant shade of red to the lips, and support the initial artwork by adding micro tattoos of colorful birds and plants.

Furthermore, if you also want to crank the edginess up by a bit, change the initial layout of the lips. Ask your tattoo artist to draw a somewhat frightening smile and paint it with neutral colors.

Edgy Neck Lip Tattoo

Since one of the reasons why it gained a massive following was due to its edginess, we believe that this entry deserves a huge portion of recognition!

The cherry red shade of the lips blend rather well with the charcoal black color scheme behind the glossy golden colored bullet. The shadow around the bullet offers visuals that are a bit more realistic as opposed to most entries on this list, which is one of the reasons why it is a must-have design for anyone and everyone.

Purposeful Neck Lip Tattoo

If your sole intention is to show appreciation to your significant other for all the love they have provided you with, surprise them today and get this design implemented to your neck. Place their name above the artwork of the lips, and add their date of birth or the day you two met to give the design some additional meaning. To make the tattoo even more realistic, recreate the shape of their lips as the neck lip tattoo.

The Forbidden Neck Lip Tattoo

A neck lip tattoo pairs rather well with the visuals of a skull tattoo. The design of a skull tattoo gives it a somewhat sense of fear, while the bright red tattoo contains feelings of pleasure.

The artwork might symbolize specific traits of the wearer, mainly signs that portray feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, fear of intimacy, and so on. It can be worn by those that are aware of what they can bring to the table when being in the company of another, but aren’t quite ready to give it a go yet.

Grunge Neck Lip Tattoo

The grunge era will forever remain one of the best eras that life had to offer. The music, the rebellious characteristics, the neutral colored clothing are some of the features that will stay afloat till the end of time.

If you have a knack for tattoos with monochromic themes, and happened to exist when the grunge era was at its peak, reward yourself with this tattoo. Not only will the color remain consistent for a lengthy period of time, but it will always amp up your presence at any social event.

Fright Night Vampire Neck Lip Tattoo

If you want a neck lip tattoo that is anything unlike the traditional neck lip tattoo, and also happen to be a massive fanatic of vampires, you can definitely consider this design. The artwork of the dracula lip neck tattoo is not only frightening, but somewhat pleasant to look at from afar. The shades of red blend perfectly with the faded effect of the artwork. The blood stains amp up the visuals to give it a realistic outcome.

Philosophical Neck Lip Tattoo

A neck lip tattoo can also be used as a means to convey a message. One can either add meaningful quotes that they resonate with underneath the artwork to showcase their wisdom or can also state one of their principles for enhancing the symbolism.

For the font, they can use an italic shaped font if their main aim is to raise awareness of the phrase, but can also resort to plainer ones if they want to make the neck lip tattoo stand out.

Feisty Neck Lip Tattoo

If you’re seeking a tattoo to spice things up a bit, you may want to take this design into consideration. The colorway of this artwork is indeed immaculate as it involves the contribution of both neutral and vibrant colors. The addition of the bullet within the artwork of the lips not only makes the tattoo’s visuals unparalleled, but also gives the whole tattoo an intimidating factor.

Final Verdict

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this article and were taken aback at the amount of designs that can be pulled off with this tattoo. Remember to pick a design that you believe will allow you to express your love to the fullest. When it comes to the color scheme, you may resort to a neutral color palette containing black, white, and gray, or can even maximize the presentability of the visuals by using multiple high-spirited colors. To further spice things up, you can even add micro tattoos alongside the neck lip tattoo to give it a stronger sentimental value.

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