Is It Okay A 20 Year Old To Still Be In Diapers?

The benefits of wearing diapers at 20 are hard to explain, and only the wearer realizes. So, is it right to be still in diapers at 20? 20-year-olds wear diapers for different reasons, including emotional comfort, fun, sexual gratification, and incontinence.

Adults and teenagers who enjoy wearing diapers for medical or other reasons are called diaper lovers. Dealing with the confusing feeling of wanting to wear diapers older and the judgment from other people can be a lot to bear.

This post will help you understand your love for diapers by looking at the different reasons why you might want to wear diapers at 20.

Why do I want to wear diapers at 20?

Adults wear diapers at 20 for different reasons. If you are trying to figure out the source of your love for diapers, you might identify with one of the following reasons:

Emotional comfort

Most diaper lovers wear diapers in search of emotional comfort. The thickness and fluffiness of diapers is comforting, and that is why they love wearing diapers.

People suffering from anxiety also benefit from diapers because they give them a sense of security. Diapers ensure that the wearer cannot wet themselves, making an anxious person feel safe and relaxed.

Therefore, if you have been recently diagnosed with anxiety or any other mood disorder, you are getting the urge to wear diapers in search of security and comfort.


Some other adult diaper lovers wear diapers because it is fun. If you are attracted to the vibrant colors and prints of diapers, wearing them could lift your moods and spirits. If you love sampling diapers, your satisfaction after trying different types will make you try more and more.

Sexual gratification

It might be uncommon, but some adult lovers wear diapers for sexual gratification. The same way people use different outfits and sex toys to satisfy their sexual desires; some people wear diapers to get sexual gratification. How does one get aroused from wearing diapers? You would ask. The softness and fluffiness of diapers feels good on the sexual organs, especially for men, and they get aroused.

If you wear diapers to satisfy a fetish, it is essential to inform your sexual partners. If it is a new relationship, let them know that you are into diapers from the word go. If you are already in a relationship, keep communication open and open-minded. If your partner decides to leave the relationship because they cannot stand diapers, then respect their decision.


Incontinence is a medical condition where people pass urine and stool involuntarily. While older people mainly suffer from the disease, it is also common among young adults and teenagers.

The temporary need for diapers grows some people to become dependent on diapers. Because of the protection and security, some people decide to continue wearing diapers, which explains why some people are still in diapers at 20 years old.

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Types diaper lover behaviors

Diaper lovers develop the condition at an early age, mainly during the teen years. Some people urinate on diapers only, while others find satisfaction from wetting and soiling diapers.

There are so many people around the world who love diapers, and they are grouped into two categories, as discussed below:

Adult baby

Adult babies are people who act like babies and enjoy being cared for as babies. Adult babies engage in baby-like activities like wearing diapers, using the pacifier, feeding on a feeding bottle, watching baby cartoons, sleeping in a crib, and wearing baby-like clothes like onesies.

To be categorized as a diaper lover, you do not have to be into all the activities above. For that reason, some diaper lovers are classified as adult babies because they wear diapers.

Diaper lovers

Not all diaper lovers fall under the adult baby category. Some people wear diapers because they love diapers, but they are not attracted to any baby-like behaviors. Diaper lovers can involve wearing diapers secretly or openly. Some diaper lovers get sexual gratification from wearing diapers or for comfort, and it does not have anything to do with being an adult baby.

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Wearing diapers as an adult feels alone and very confusing. However, it is essential to realize that you are not alone. There are thousands of people worldwide who wear diapers and you can engage them for support.

Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) is an online community of adult diapers. Joining this group proves to you that there is nothing wrong with you. Their chats and discussions around their diaper journey give you a sense of belonging.

The community can be found on various forums online, and you can jump into their discussions anytime you feel lost. Relating with people who understand and share your interests will make the journey very easy.

Therefore, anytime you feel low and stressed about wearing diapers, connect with your likes from the ABDL community online for a mood boost.

How to understand yourself as a diaper lover

It is essential to surround yourself with people who understand your diaper-wearing habit, but you must understand yourself first. The support you get from other diaper lovers is necessary, but it will never be enough if you are not at peace with yourself.

To navigate the quilt that comes with wearing diapers, allow yourself to go through both the positive and negative emotions related to wearing diapers. Remember the good feeling you get from wearing diapers whenever you feel overwhelmed and do not let the guilt overwhelm you.

Writing and journaling are excellent ways to navigate your diaper journey and emotions. Put down all the feelings during the harsh and happy days, and you will be surprised how far you have come after a while.

By accepting yourself and understanding your love for diapers, you will be able to defend and express yourself even to people who do not buy into wearing diapers. If you have to explain yourself to people who are judging your decisions, use the tips below:

  • Tell them the behavior is part of you, and you are not ashamed of who you are.
  • Make it known to them that you are not abnormal or different and you are not seeking their acceptance.
  • Be open about your diaper love behaviors with your lover.
  • Create healthy boundaries with the people around you. If someone makes an unacceptable comment, let them know that you do not appreciate it immediately.
  • Be clear and respectful in your communication; otherwise, you will sound defensive.

Accepting and understanding yourself as a diaper lover is the only way to deal with the guilt and shame of being a diaper lover. You cannot expect other people to understand you if you have not accepted yourself.

Understanding that you are not doing anything wrong and not hurting other people takes away the guilt. Understanding that other people’s reactions towards your diaper-wearing habit have nothing to do with you will take away the shame.

Keep your head up, and do not let anyone weigh you down because of doing what makes you happy and comfortable.

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How to stay comfortable in your diapers

Accepting yourself as a diaper lover and ensuring that you are comfortable in your diapers is another crucial aspect of wearing adult diapers. To enjoy wearing diapers, you must be satisfied with them, and they should not feel like a burden. If you are starting with wearing diapers, follow the tips below to manage your diapers:

Wear the right-sized diapers

The size of your diapers determines how comfortable you are. The correct sized diapers should be snug-fitting, meaning that they are not too tight or loose. Tight diapers restrict blood flow, and they are very uncomfortable. On the other hand, large-sized diapers will be loose sagging, and they will leak. To keep your diapers fitting, review the sizes from time to time if you have gained or lost weight.

Change diapers frequently

Changing your diapers frequently keeps you dry and clean, reduces infections and diaper rash. The number of diapers changed in a day depends on why you are on diapers. Incontinent people will use more diapers than people who wear them for sexual pleasure.

Apply diaper rash cream

The skin on the diaper area is susceptible and prone to irritation. To protect your skin from urine and poo enzymes, apply generous amounts of diaper rash cream after every diaper change. The cream forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent diaper rash and burns.

Are people who wear diapers at 20 normal?

Yes, wearing diapers at 20 years old is very normal. Some people wear diapers at this age because of medical conditions, sexual gratification, bedwetting, or fun. Diaper lovers find diapers comforting and anxiety-relieving.

How do I stop my diaper guilt?

Understanding that you are not doing anything wrong by wearing diapers frees you of the guilt. Therefore, get in touch with your feelings and wear diapers without an inch of guilt or shame.

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