Influencer shot dead in her Uber on her way home a strip club in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood

Video social media influencer shot dead

A social media personality was killed when her Uber was ambushed by multiple gunmen as she was making her way home from a notorious Atlanta strip club where she had been dancing.

In a panicked 911 call, the Uber driver, fearful to look out of the car and expose himself to gunfire, told an officer, ‘Somebody in my car is shot’.

Teisha Brewley, 31, was in the back of his Chevrolet Escalade at around 4.30am Tuesday when the car came under fire from shooters in two vehicles who collectively fired more than 20 rounds, according to the driver.

Brewley, a Guyanese influencer who went by the name Tavi Badiee, had been on her way from the famous strip club Allure, where she danced regularly, to her home in the wealthy Buckhead neighborhood in the north of the city, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Police say they believe it was targeted attack but no suspects have been identified.

The deadly attack comes just months after a senate committee rejected a proposal for the neighborhood to secede from Atlanta – a move driven by conservative residents who claimed the Democratic-run city wasn’t doing enough to fight crime.

The Uber driver told Channel 2 Action News that after he picked Brewley up from the club he was immediately tailed by two cars and that after driving for around a mile shooters, from both cars opened fire.

A recording of the phone conversation in which the Uber driver, who was uninjured, called 911 after his car was showered in bullets was released by the Atlanta Police Department Wednesday.

When the dispatch officer answered the phone, the driver told her: ‘I’m in the road, somebody shot us.’

The officer pressed for his location but he was fearful of peering out of the car to read the street signs. ‘I don’t know where I am,’ he said. ‘I am scared, somebody will shot.’

‘Somebody killed in my car,’ he said in a thick accent. When asked for the address again, he said: ‘You want me to get out the car and see?’

When asked if Brewley was breathing, he replied: ‘Yeah. I see some breathing.’

When EMS crews eventually arrived they found ‘a female with multiple gunshot wounds’ and ‘pronounced the victim deceased’, police said in a statement.

Brewley’s death came just days after she celebrated her 31st birthday. Various clips posted to her Instagram profile showed she was performing at Allure hours before the ambush.

Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, she was said to have moved to Atlanta with her brother. In Georgia, she worked as a dancer and OnlyFans model and occasionally starred in her own rap music videos.

Guyanese news outlet Stabroek News referred to her by another name, Tisha Brodie.

In a separate call released by police a security company called on behalf of a man who they say ordered the Uber.

The caller says they received a ‘mobile panic alert for a Uber customer, he stated he ordered a Uber for a friend that hasn’t arrived to his location yet and the driver’s location is showing to be in one spot for a long period of time’.

‘Right now, this appears to be a targeted incident,’ Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. of the Atlanta Police said.

‘We don’t have much to give out, various witnesses have said there’s some time of sedan. Just due to the day light and the night time, the lights at night, we don’t really know the vehicle color. It might be a light colored sedan,’ he said.

‘We are just asking anyone who saw anything, heard anything, to call Crime Stoppers, where they can remain anonymous,’ he added.

The driver’s car came to a halt in the middle of Lindbergh Drive near Adina Drive, just one block from where Brewley lived, residents told Channel 2 Action News.

One woman who heard the shots said she stayed at the scene after talking to police the Brewley’s brother. He told her he didn’t know anyone who would want to hurt his sister.

‘Turns out she only lives on the next block,’ witness Johari Humbles said. ‘So she’s less than a block away from home at that red light.’

Another witness, Nic Taylor, told the station he didn’t see who was following the black Escalade but the gunshots woke him up.

‘It sounded like a war was going on outside,’ he said ‘I was shook. I mean, usually, when you hear gunshots, it’s just like, “Pow, pow, pow,” and it’s over with, a quick little two seconds, but that sounded like a good 20 seconds.’

The stretch of road on which the Escalade was stopped at the time of the ambush is one of the busiest in the Lindridge-Martin Manor neighborhood of northeast Atlanta, part of greater Buckhead.

Allure, the infamous Cheshire Bridge Road strip club, is famous for hosting numerous celebrities including Drake, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

The club opened in 2018 and since then has also been the site of various shootings and violent crimes.

Locals have petitioned for the club to have its license revoked, citing gunfire, crime, noise, litter and traffic, according to a petition on that was started in 2018 when the club first opened.

On May 12, a security guard at the club was shot by a man in a nearby car park, but he survived with only graze wounds, Fox5 reported at the time.

In March, a 25-year-old man was fatally shot outside the club when confronted by a group of men, 11Alive reported.

Last April a new effort was launched to close the club after a gunfight involving ’30 or 40 bullets’ terrified neighbors.

One resident told Channel 2 Action News at the time: ‘You are awakened to gunfire in the middle of the morning and are having to dive on top of your children to protect them from bullets that are flying.’

Allure posted a tribute to Brewley on Instagram and announced a candlelight vigil in her honor outside the club at 8.30pm Thursday.

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