Who is Jennifer Linnerth from Seeking Sister Wife?

SEEKING Sister Wife follows four “plural” families as they look for and transition new sister wives into their lives.

One woman who appeared on the show faked her own death and told a series of lies, according to some of the Seeking Sister Wife stars.

Jennifer LinnerthCredit: TLC

Who is Jennifer Linnerth from Seeking Sister Wife?

Jennifer Linnerth is a young woman who made contact with the Alldredge family – one of the families featured on the TLC reality show.

The Alldredge family recounted the bizarre series of events in a lengthy Facebook account that was posted on April 14, 2019.

Family members found out through a third party that a “very nice girl named Jennifer was interested in our family and trying to get in touch with us.”

The Facebook post added: “This acquaintance told us that Jennifer had grown up FLDS, a religion that has a few similarities to ours, she told us that Jennifer used to be a model but that she was done with that life and eager to get back to her polygamist, religious roots.”

Jennifer was an enigmatic character on Seeking Sister WifeCredit: Facebook

The family saw some warning signs right away.

“If we were going by appearance alone then it was obvious that Jennifer was not likely to be compatible,” the post read.

“But we also had to consider the things she had told us. According to her Facebook page it appeared that she wasn’t keeping any secrets from us.

“Every picture that we saw had an explanation that fit into her story. It didn’t appear that she was hiding anything, in fact we were impressed that she was being so honest about her past right up front.

“After much deliberation we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and get to know her better.

She was accused of faking her own deathCredit: Facebook

“Our religion teaches forgiveness, and who were we to decide that she was not worthy of the chance she was asking for.”

The family would add that Jennifer made plans to visit several times, “but something always came up preventing her from doing so.”

“As we continued to talk to her there were a few concerns that came up. But these were nothing major and they seemed to resolve themselves.”

The Alldredges would meet Jennifer during a picnic, but a “family emergency” came up.

“She continued to assure us that she was still interested in moving forward and was willing to make that changes necessary to live happily and peacefully in our family,” the Facebook post reads.

“At this point we were very suspicious. There had been enough little things here and there, things that, by them selves, weren’t all that concerning.

“But when we added them together … things were starting to look shady. We began to question some of the information she had given us.

Seeking Sister WifeCredit: TLC

“But we didn’t have proof. And she was still claiming that she wanted a family like ours.”

The family would later be told about Jennifer’s ruptured appendix, and that Jennifer was hospitalized.

When family members were told of Jennifer’s death, they did not believe it.

“We didn’t believe it for a second but we did wonder why she felt the need to fabricate yet another lie,” the Facebook post read.

“We hadn’t made any attempts to contact her, nor her us.

“We still don’t know? But we also don’t believe it was her sister that sent that text to us.”

The family said in the Facebook post that they found out that Jennifer has a history of lying.

Jennifer later claimed that she left because she had a baby, but the family did not believe that either.

“Our intentions with this post are not to hurt Jennifer in any way. And we don’t have any ill will towards her,” the post reads.

“We know that there is only so much information that the show can cover and we are just trying to fill in the blanks.

“We sincerely hope that Jennifer can heal from whatever has happened in her life that has caused her to act like this.

“We don’t know what that was but we think it’s obvious she’s hurting. Everyone deserves happiness, hopefully Jennifer can heal and find hers.”

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