Best Pizza on the Upper East Side

You wanna pizza me? No… but we do want some pizza! Something that every New Yorker can agree on is that pizza is more than just a slice of bread, cheese and marinara sauce. Pizza not only represents deliciousness, culture, and many fun toppings with cheese, but it also symbolizes tradition, history, and of course, debates: Do we agree that pineapple belongs on pizza? Are you still undecided?

To help, we’re providing you with a guide to the best pizza spots on the Upper East Side! These pizza spots on the Upper East Side feature unique menus, creative pizzas and of course, each have a rich history when it comes to their pizza story. Explore the best pizza spots on the UES and let us know your favorite!

Best Pizza on the Upper East Side

Arturo’s (1617 York Ave, between 84th and 85th Street)

  • Offering unique flavors such as onion pizza, Sicilian green pepper and bacon, and more, Arturo’s is a great afternoon or night time pizza spot. With many different options to choose from, such as pasta, heroes, and entrees, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out their delicious veal cutlet parmigiana, Sicilian meatball pizza, and broccoli pizza.

Delizia 73 (1374 1st Ave at 73rd Street)

  • Delizia 73 has marked its home on the Upper East Side since 1983. In addition to the delicious pizza offered, Delizia 73 also offers cauliflower crusted pizzetta, veal, seafood, poultry and heroes. While visiting this spot, be sure to try their small white pizza, grandma alla vodka, and if you’re nice enough to share, try their large generosa pizza.

Gotham Pizza (1443 York Ave at 77th Street)

  • Loved by many Upper East Siders, Gotham Pizza is known for their flavorful crusted pizza slices with a variety of toppings. Gotham Pizza has been a York Avenue staple for several years and continues to offer their customers a great pizza experience. While at Gotham Pizza, be sure to try their buffalo chicken slice, veggie slice, and pepperoni pizza.

Italian Village Pizza (1494 1st Ave at 78th Street)

  • Offering pizza, pasta, and specialty entrees, Italian Village Pizza offers an extensive menu featuring wings, francese flounder, pasta carbonara, and of course, delicious pizza pies/slices. With a wonderful atmosphere attached to their menus, you are transported to a fine dining experience. Be sure to try their chicken and tomato pizza, artichoke pizza, sausage pizza and everything pie.

La Mia Pizza (1580 1st Ave at 82nd Street)

  • La Mia Pizza has a wide variety of pizza and entree choices. Featuring gluten free crust pizza, the supreme pizza, whole wheat cheese pizza and sicilian slices, they offer a perfect slice for everyone. While at La Mia Pizza, be sure to try their grilled chicken caesar pizza, hawaiian pizza, meat lover’s pizza and chicken francaise pizza.

Lexington Pizza Parlor (1590 Lexington Ave, between 101st and 102nd Street)

  • Lexington Pizza Parlor is an Italian bistro bringing sophisticated meals and dining to the Upper East Side. Offering traditional New York style and gourmet brick oven pizzas, the menu also features traditional homemade Italian dishes such as chicken parmigiana, penne vodka and seasonal burrata. While at Lexington Pizza Parlor, be sure to try any of their authentic brick oven pizza: Di Buffalo and Arugula, Alla Vodka, Luna Piena, and more.

Lunetta (1162 1st Ave, between 63rd and 64th Street)

  • Open until 4:30 AM, Lunetta is a NYC style pizza shop offering appetizers and entrees that pair well with their delicious pizza menu. Whether you’re out and returning home in the early morning, or on your way to lunch, be sure to check out their chicken and broccoli pizza, spinach artichoke pizza, and focaccia pizza.

Marinara (1376 Lexington Ave, between 90th and 91st Street)

  • With 5 locations in the city, Marinara on the Upper East Side is a hot spot for pizza, pasta, salads and heroes. Featuring a cauliflower crust pie, Marinara’s menu is so deliciously thought out that you will not leave hungry. While at Marinara, be sure to try their MVP, vodka, grandma buffalo chicken pizza and chicken roll.

Mimi’s (217 E. 86th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave.)

  • Mimi’s is a solid Upper East Side neighborhood pizza spot featuring an array of pizza options. From their specialty Grandma with thick hand cut pepperoni, to the popular buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, and spinach artichoke. In addition to their delicious pizza menu, Mimi’s offers pasta, salads, and appetizers such as mozzarella sticks and broccoli bites.

Roma (1701 1st Ave, between 88th and 89th Street)

  • Looking for a late night or early afternoon delicious pizza spot? Roma has you covered! Featuring delicious white pizza, BBQ chicken pizza and garlic knots, Roma also has a separate menu for entrees. While at Roma’s be sure to try their buffalo chicken pizza, pepperoni pizza and veggie pizza.

Sabas (1217 Lexington Ave, between 82nd and 83rd Street)

  • Sabas serves Kosher pizza by the slice and their unique menu also features sandwiches, pasta, calzones and more. This great pizza shop operates from Sunday to Friday and offers delicious square pies that have thin and crispy crust with homemade marinara sauce. While at Saba’s, be sure to try the grandma vodka pie, eggplant parm pizza, VIP margarita and house salad.

Salvo’s (1477 York Ave at 78th Street)

  • Arriving on the Upper East Side in 2012, Salvo’s Pizzabar features an Italian kitchen and pizza experience. “Made with Amore”, Salvo’s pizza offers Italian-American gourmet pizza along with authentic dishes such as calzone’s and heroes. While at Salvo’s be sure to try the meat lovers pizza, chicken pizza and chicken roll. If you have a sweet tooth for pizza, be sure to try their Nutella pizza!

San Matteo (Two Locations: 1739 2nd Ave at 90th Street and 1559 2nd Ave at 81st Street)

  • San Matteo has been on the Upper East Side since 2010. They specialize in Neopolitan brick oven pizza and Panuozzi (a pizza-panini hybrid). They also offer house-made pasta and creative weekly specials. While at San Matteo, be sure to try their regina margherita, diavola, capricciosa, and burrata pizza.

Williamsburg Pizza (1617 2nd Ave, between 83rd and 84th Street)

  • For anyone wondering, Williamsburg Pizza is not only in BK, but also has a shop on the UES! Williamsburg Pizza is a fun neighborhood pizza spot that is suitable for any occasion- casual date night, a quick bite with friends, and more. While at Williamsburg Pizza, be sure to try the Brooklyn LG, cup & char Grandma, Tartufo and Apple Bacon pizza.

Zazzy’s (1477 2nd Ave at 77th Street)

  • With 3 locations in the city, Zazzy’s features artisan-crafted pizza, pasta, small bites and more. Zazzy’s menu is very unique and innovative. Many Upper East Sider’s have stated they love building their own pizza as well as the Angry Butcher pizza, which features all the meats: soppressata, pepperoni, meatballs and crumbled sausage. Be sure to also try one of their many vegan options including vegan cheese pizza, vegan mozzarella sticks, and plant-based meatless meatballs.

Pizza is one of the most adored but most debated food items.

We have a few questions for you- leave a comment below and let us know your opinion!

  1. Does Pineapple belong on Pizza?
  2. What are your top three favorite toppings you put on a pizza?
  3. Do you prefer standard slice or sicilian- style pizza?

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