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Kirsty Buchan, a 33-year-old science teacher from Glasgow, quit after students found her OnlyFans (OF) account and circulated pictures of her from there amongst themselves.

Kirsty, who is a single parent, taught physics at Bannerman High School in Baillieston, Glasgow, and was under investigation by Glasgow City Council after parents complained to the local authorities. However, she quit before the disciplinary hearings even began.

According to a statement by Kirsty, who lives in Coatbridge, she was in need of extra money after her income from her teaching job reduced.

Kirsty Buchan mentioned people called her and her actions “stupid” amid OF controversy

Parents of the students at Bannerman High School found photos from Kristy Buchan’s private account on their kids’ phones, prompting them to take the matter to Glasgow City Council.

The City Council cited a code of conduct that professionals in the field must adhere to, before stating that they are sharing the details of the investigation with the General Teaching Council (GTC).

Bannerman High School (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Kirsty Buchan defended herself, stating increased financial pressure as a reason for her actions. In a statement to the Scottish Sun, the physics teacher explained that she needed money to pay rent and taxes. She also mentioned that was not “entitled to any help.”

The 33-year-old teacher pointed out that OF is a website catering to adults who are above the age of 18. She called out “judgemental” people, especially parents, for not being able to control and monitor their children’s online activities.

Kirsty Buchan previously sought employment as an actor and took on small roles in low-budget online series. She advertised herself on various acting websites like StarNow, where her profile explains her physics and science background and states she is “looking for some extra work on weekends and nights.”

Further adding:

Kirsty Buchan further stated that people have called her and her actions “stupid.” In a counterargument, she stated, “It’s my story to tell. I will do anything to provide for my son.”

She stated that she got support from a few students and teachers after the situation. Kirsty explained that it was her decision to open an OF account and that she was not breaking any laws by doing so.

Bannerman High School teachers went on a strike this week

This week, staff members of Bannerman High School went on a three-day strike (Tuesday through Thursday) with the NASUWT union, a trade union representing teachers in the United Kingdom.

Teachers claimed that they were not given “enough support” in the wake of “violence and intimidation” by students, including shoving and shouting at the staff, theft, swearing and verbal threats of assault, brandishing a screwdriver, causing damage to property, and refusal to obey instructions.

NASUWT has been in “talks” with Glasgow City Council to safeguard its staff. It claimed that the city council would “dock the pay of our members who are taking action to ensure their safety at work.”

Negotiations are still underway and staff members will be on strike for eight more days in December.

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Top 3 physics teacher kirsty buchan resigns Synthesized by BSS news

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