Paige VanZant ‘paid for nudes’ as ex-UFC star clears up take on OnlyFans pleas

Former UFC star Paige VanZant has made it abundantly clear she has no intention of signing up to OnlyFans.

The ex-flyweight fighter, who hosts 2.7m Instagram followers, regularly put up raunchy pictures.

She and husband Austin Vanderford spent much of lockdown keeping fans entertained with their creative posts together.

The couple were often naked and had their bodies covered up by certain objects around their home.

Blonde beauty VanZant, 26, asks fans on her social media accounts, mainly Instagram, to send her questions.

But pleas for her to make an OnlyFans account, sending nudes, or whether she will pursue a modelling career are repeated responses.

Fans have urged the fighter, who has 2.7m Instagram followers, to take up OnlyFans (Image: INSTAGRAM – PAIGE VANZANT)

Some hopeful individuals have even sent her money on Venmo expecting explicit photos in return.

During a recent Q&A session, VanZant explained: “Austin and I did a fan question [session] where you guys could write in.

“There were 200 questions and about 20 of them were ‘hey, why don’t you make an OnlyFans?’

VanZant and husband Austin Vanderford often get naked at home (Image: INSTAGRAM)

“Basically, I said, ‘I’m not going to make an OnlyFans but if you really want to send me money and you appreciate the things I post on Instagram, you can VenMo me.

“I was like, ‘go ahead and send me money so you can show me appreciation.

“I did have a lot of people Venmo me, which I did not expect to happen.

Paige VanZant posted summer snaps of her in a bikini on Instagram

“Five or ten people sent me money and thought that they would be receiving an explicit picture.

“That was absolutely not what was going to happen. I’m sorry for the confusion and for anybody who sent me money, hoping to get nudes or anything like that.

“The point is, I’m not doing an OnlyFans because I’m not going to do that kind of stuff.”

The American regularly shares sexy snaps on Instagram, leading to calls for an OnlyFans page (Image: INSTAGRAM – PAIGE VANZANT)

VanZant, who now exclusively competes in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship after signing a contract in August, ultimately made more money from Instagram than fighting during her UFC career.

On OnlyFans, the American would be able to earn money from subscribers.

And despite it being a popular site with sex workers, content creators from other genres can earn a living from it too.

VanZant is not all about the money, however, having donated the money she has earned from fans to animal charities.

The American walked away from UFC after losing her most recent fight, saying she was ‘set up’ (Image: 2020 Jeff Bottari)

“I went and donated all the money that was sent to me to a charity here in Florida because it just felt weird, I don’t know,” she said.

“It was a dumb joke but no, I’m not going to make an OnlyFans. End of that – don’t send me any money.

“And I definitely do not judge any males, any females who are on OnlyFans. It’s just not for me at this stage of my life, so everybody who keeps asking on social media, you’re not going to convince me.”

VanZant’s UFC career, meanwhile, came to an end in July after Amanda Ribas beat her on Fight Island.

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