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CHILLING photographs have been released showing the family of a missing boy fleeing the country just days after police launched their investigation into his disappearance.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, has not been seen since November, and police have now said that it is likely he is dead.

The family of Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez was seen boarding a flight to IstanbulCredit: fox4
The disabled boy was last seen in November, and police now believe he is deadCredit: NBCDFW
Cindy Rodriguez-Singh gave birth to twins in October and just after that, reports were made that Noah seemed malnourishedCredit: Twitter /scoopjefferson

It is believed that the six-year-old’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, 37, flew to Istanbul with her new husband and six other children.

Noel was not listed as a passenger on the flight, and Cindy had not taken a passport picture or applied for a passport for him – as she did for his siblings.

It is believed that the family traveled to India from Turkey.

According to Fox 4, Homeland Security has given clearance for images of his family at the airport to be released.

Investigators in Everman, Texas have been desperately searching for the disabled boy.

The Everman police chief, Craig Spencer, described what can be seen in the newly released photographs of the family.

Spencer said: “It’s showing the family going through the airport. You can see the family, and it’s kind of one of those things that hit home.

“There are people gathered around that don’t even realize what’s going on and what’s transpiring behind them, and they appear very normal, just going through the airport on their way to Turkey.”

Cops issued a felony warrant for Rodriguez-Singh and Singh after they left the United States without Noel.

If they’re brought back to the US, the couple will face charges of abandoning and endangering a child.

Spencer said: “We want these fugitives arrested and extradited back to the United States so we can seek answers for the disappearance of Noel.”

Everman police are now waiting to hear from the FBI regarding the parents, while cops continue to search for the remains of the child.

Chief Spencer said: “We know his remains are somewhere, we just don’t know where.

“And the other facts we don’t know, is we don’t know why he died and that’s what our investigators have been working to determine.”

“Was this a case of neglect? Was this a case of accidental death? Is this a case of murder? We don’t know the answer to any of that.

“That’s what our investigators have been working to uncover.”

Citing information from the investigation, Chief Spencer previously said that Noel’s mom allegedly called her son “evil,” and “possessed,” and had a “demon” inside of him.

Police believe that she was scared Noel, who had special needs, would hurt her newborn twins.

Officials in Everman County, have passed a law to create a playground that will feature the boy’s middle name Angel, per CBS affiliate KTVT.

Construction is due to start in the summer, and the park is expected to open in the fall.

Everman Mayor Ray Richardson told Fox affiliate KDFW: “That was the whole point, naming it after Noel.

“It’s the fact that it’ll keep his story alive, and we have his name on something that will remember him for a very long time.”

Chief Craig Spencer described the content of the newly released imagesCredit: AP
In the search for the boy, cops dug up a freshly laid concrete patioCredit: WFAA

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