My Husband’s Killer Girlfriend (2021 Lifetime)

My Husband’s Killer Girlfriend (2021 Lifetime)

My Husband’s Killer Girlfriend (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Cindy Busby, Chelsey Reist, Lane Edwards, Lucia Walters

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A mother discovers that the nanny who framed her for abandoning her 3-year-old daughter is her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, but no one believes her version of events. Forced to go on the run to prove her innocence and protect her child, she learns that the woman is an escaped mental patient and must convince her estranged husband that he is dating a psychopath before it’s too late. (2021)


The movie begins with flashes of someone unpacking some kid stuff. (See creepy hair brushing and baby doll cradling.)

Cut to a sunny divorced suburban mother, Leah Watts. She is in search of an emergency weekend nanny for her daughter Emma. Valerie, a woman in a bad wig and glasses, waiting for her glow-up, shows up for an interview. Leah is impressed with Valerie’s references and hires her on the spot.

Leah is VERY trusting and leaves for a work trip immediately. She doesn’t even fill out any paperwork and pays Valerie in cash. Leah takes a picture of Valerie and Emma before she gets in her cab, but Valerie intentionally moves, blurring herself in the picture. OH ALSO, LEAH FORGOT HER DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY.

While in DC for work, Leah is frustrated with her husband, Adam. And has trouble getting a hold of Valerie. Leah begins to worry after only texting with the new nanny for two days. Leah rushes home and is shocked to find police swarming her house. The police question her about Emma, who has been locked in her room for days. There was also a break-in at Adam’s home.

The police suspect Leah of wrongdoing and arrest her for felony theft and child neglect. She begs Adam to stand up for her, but he doesn’t know what to believe. The police show Leah a picture of Valerie, and it isn’t the woman Leah hired. All Leah has is a disconnected phone number and a blurry picture as evidence.

The REAL Valerie Dobbs received a call before her interview and was told not to come in for the interview. Leah realizes that she is being framed and freaks out on the detective. The authorities think that she is mentally unstable and put Emma in protective custody. Or in other words, Leah is Gaslit AF. Leah demands to speak with her lawyer.

Released on bail, Leah talks to her neighbor, who called the police. The neighbor calls the cops on Leah because she clearly never watched Mr. Rogers.

Leah finds the fake Valerie at a work event with Adam. The wig and glasses are gone, and her name is Cathy. Cathy is a dental hygenist who is DATING Adam. Leah punches Cathy in the face, assaults a police officer, and runs off like a total badass. Leah calls her lawyer, who tells her that an arrest warrant is out for Leah.

Cathy and Adam rest at home by the fireplace as Leah watches on from the window in a baby pink raincoat. Cathy assures Adam that he is a good father, even though he didn’t know his daughter was locked in her room for two days. Then they go upstairs to have some sex. (Like Adam throws Cathy on the bed, literally.)

Leah breaks into the house to look for evidence exonerating her. She finds a cell phone, an ID, and a social security card—everything she needs to find out what is going on with Cathy.

Next, Leah breaks into Cathy’s house. She even signs for a package for Cathy. (What the hell!? Haha.) She finds boxes and boxes of little girl clothing and a room prepared for Emma in the home. Leah is appropriately horrified. This should be all the evidence she needs to clear her name. (The stupid neighbor has other plans and talks mad shit about Leah to the detectives.)

Leah finds a hunky hacker named Kevin. She blackmails him into helping her search the web for more evidence. Then she impersonates a nurse to see her daughter in the hospital. (The crimes this woman is committing is obscene.) A doctor catches Leah, and she makes a run for it. Running directly into the detective. Leah wrestles the gun from the detective and forces her to drive her around for the rest of the day at gunpoint, holding the detective hostage. (WHAT!!!!!!!!!)

Leah makes a run for it like a track star when the car stops, taking out a runner and some guys racking leaves. She loses the detective and hides in the woods. Things are escalating quickly, and the list of crimes Leah has committed continues to grow.

The detective interviews Cathy and Adam. She takes a particular interest in Cathy and asks about her past. Adam notices some discrepancies in what she tells the police and what she has told him previously. Like how she was a foster kid. Cathy downplays her lies and cries when Adam confronts her. They have more sex, and Cathy asks to adopt Emma and get married. When Adam hesitates, Cathy pops off and angrily storms off.

Kevin comes through for Leah and shows her that the social security and ID were tampered with. Cathy stole her current identity. Her real name is Lisa, and she is from Alabama. Lisa had a daughter who she neglected. When Kevin doesn’t want to give up the evidence, she screams at him and calls him a “Latte drinking hipster ass.” Kevin and Leah call her therapist, who warns that Lisa is dangerous and beat her child to death. She is a psychopath murder with narcissistic tendencies. The therapist is breaking all sorts of HIPPA laws, but Leah has all the info she needs.

Leah calls Adam to warn him and rushes to the hospital to protect her daughter. Oh, wait, she stops at Adam’s house first and tells him what she has found out. Adam is on board with his ex-wife, and they rush to save their daughter together. (Romantic?) On the way, Adam calls Cathy and apologizes to her. That isn’t going work.

Cathy impersonates child services at the hospital and takes out the officer stationed outside of Emma’s room with a syringe. Then she takes out a nurse and steals Emma, escaping by pulling the fire alarm.

In front of the hospital, Leah and Adam are stopped by the police with guns drawn. Adam tackles the police officer, and Leah takes Emma back from Cathy/Lisa. Then Leah chases Cathy/Lisa through the woods, and they wrestle in the mud. Leah is almost strangled with a stick and then smashed in the head with a rock. The detective shoots Cathy/Lisa before she can kill Leah.

Cut to a picnic on a grassy knoll. Leah and Adam are back together, and Emma is safe and sound. I’m sad because I wanted Leah and Kevin to get together.

Side Note

Minority Report: Kevin, Detective, Doctor, Lawyer, Cop, Hospital cop,

Cindy Busby is so fun to watch on Lifetime. I love her Hallmark work, but she really has a good time in these Lifetime movies.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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