11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Eyebrow Microblading 

“I think of it like painting: Some paper types hold the paint exactly how I lay it down; some paper lets the paint bleed and smear,” Caitlin Cartwright, a cosmetic tattooer who specializes in microblading in Ohio, explains. “Drier-skin types hold microblading hair strokes much crisper than skin with a lot of natural oil. Think of it like this: Oil is always pushing my work out; dry skin drinks it in.”

While microblading can still be performed on any kind of skin, your skin type simply affects how long results last. In my oily skin’s case, it might be “less effective in holding pigment than dry skin,” so I was well aware of what a realistic result would look like. Clients with oily skin might need more frequent touch-ups (about every six months) for maintenance. Other factors that affect results include lifestyle, like how much time is spent under the sun, color of pigment, and medical conditions.

Microblading can cost anywhere between $500 to over $1,000.

At EverTrue, the price for its microblading starts at $550 for an appointment with one of its brow specialists. This also includes the perfecting session that comes after the initial treatment. However, prices begin to go up depending on your specialists. May, who is listed as a senior specialist, charges $850, while an appointment with the salon’s master therapist, Michelle Wu, costs $1,200.

When it comes to your face, I’d rather pay for a high-quality service with talented artists than spend less somewhere else. If you see microblading being offered at a significantly cheaper price, it’s more than likely telling of the kind of treatment and care you’ll receive. After all, you’re paying for someone’s time, skill, specific supplies, and the semipermanent tattoo on your face.

Bringing in brow “inspo” photos can help, but it’s impossible to match them exactly.

Eyebrows frame your face, so it’s essential to understand that what works on someone else doesn’t necessarily translate to the best results for your features. “I am all about the best result unique for the individual,” says Cartwright, adding that she likes to start using an inked mapping string to find the brow bone. “We pick their pigment color together that factors in their natural brow color, hair color, and desired result.”

Your specialist should show you an outline before you start.

My microblading session lasted around two hours, as it allowed my artist to use the hour before we began to create an outline of my chosen brow shape. During this process Lin drew each hair stroke by stroke with a dark brow marker. When she finished, I was able to see more or less where my eyebrow would begin and end, the brow arch, and the approximate thickness. My specialist also asked me if there was anything I wanted to change, plus what I liked and disliked, which was extremely helpful and made me feel much more confident.

Bringing in browinspo from the internet might not be the most helpful, but what I did make sure to do was look at the previous work my artist had in their portfolio to determine whether their style aligned with the kind of microblading I wanted. Like tattooing, microblading is a kind of art form, and each artist offers something different.

Microblading isn’t painless, but it shouldn’t hurt.

I’ve never been a fan of needles, and the thought of having needles so close to my eyes was stressful. Fortunately, my practitioner applied a numbing cream prior to the procedure and allowed time for it to set and do its thing before getting started. Most artists opt to numb the area, which is something worth considering prior to scheduling your appointment.

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