8 Best Men’s Belts For Jeans That Elevate Your Denim In 2023

Another woefully underrated essential to the gentleman’s wardrobe, the humble belt speaks softly but carries a big stick. Put another way, it’s one tiny strip of material that can make or break your look, especially when paired with another staple—jeans.

The best men’s belts for jeans are handsome but not attention-seeking, soft but not flimsy, and designed to get better with age. Treating belts as an afterthought isn’t necessarily going to sentence you to life in the sartorial slammer, but quality and aesthetics do matter.

With that in mind, I’m about to spoon-feed you some of the finest options out there. [Don’t say “open wide,” don’t say “open wide.”]

Open wide, because here come eight of the best men’s belts for jeans…

Key Takeaways

Chances are, your favorite pair of jeans is the first thing you reach for whenever you’re not wearing a suit or shorts. And since your denim gets a lot of playtime, it stands to reason that your belt will, too.

Like my top overall pick—Faherty’s Leather Belt—the best men’s belts for jeans are durable, handsome, and versatile. And if you’re looking for a quality option that’s a bit easier on the wallet, Levi’s makes a budget-friendly reversible casual belt that’ll provide years of wear.

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1. Best Overall: Faherty Leather Belt

Faherty Leather Belt

New York-based Faherty has been producing clothes and accessories of outstanding quality since 2013. Their classic leather belt is made of full-grain calf leather and features a solid brass tongue buckle. And there you have it. Classic. Timeless. The perfect compliment to your favorite pair of jeans.

If you like to wear the same belt nearly every time you pop on a pair of jeans, you’ll find this understated beauty well worth the investment. With a modicum of care, it should last a lifetime.

Material: Full-grain leather | Sizes: 30”-44” | Colors: 1

2. Best Luxury: Aurélien Suede Leather Belt

Aurélien Suede Leather Belt

With its eye-catching suede exterior, pillowy nubuck leather interior, and polished gun-metal buckle, this belt from Amsterdam-based Aurélien doesn’t pull any punches in the luxury category. Rather than being a standalone pillar of your collection, this is the belt you should get after you’ve checked all the other shoe-type boxes.

Bust it out when the occasion calls for you to dress your jeans up a bit. When you have no choice but to regale your legions of fans with yet another impeccable style choice. Pair the belt with Aurélien’s matching caramel suede loafers or driving shoes, and it’s game over.

Material: Suede/Nubuck | Sizes: One Size | Colors: 13

3. Best Braided: Morjas Braided Belt

Morjas Braided Belt

Over the decades, the braided belt has fallen in and out of grace with those who pay attention to and agonize over the details. Thankfully, we once again find ourselves in a season of grace. The braided belt is here for now, and that’s good enough for me.

And Morjas? Morjas does it right. Their braided vachetta-leather belt and its elegantly curved brass buckle are timeless, unapologetically classy, and the perfect accompaniment to your favorite go-to denim. Or casual suit. Or linen popover. Or back to denim because this is mostly a thing about denim.

Material: Vachetta Leather | Sizes: 33”-45” | Colors: 3

4. Best Summer Belt: Velasca Curlera

Velasca Curlera

Here’s a fun one. Milan-based, detail-obsessed Velasca produces some of the finest leather shoes and artisan-crafted clothing in the world. But sometimes you just need to order an obnoxious rum-based drink, walk out onto the sand in a shirt that dances in the wind, and be a person who “summers.” And “summers” well.

A late yet vital entrant to that idyllic summer portrait is the canvas-and-leather Curlera. This easy breezy summer belt is hand-dyed in your choice of four colors—blue, white, dark green, and green. The canvas construction is light around the waist, and the leather details add a touch of elegance to your Mai Tai.

Material: Canvas, Leather | Sizes: 33”-43” | Colors: 4

5. Best Slim Belt: Mismo Slim Belt

Mismo Slim Belt

A niche within a niche, the slim leather belt is best left to deft sartorial hands. But as fate would have it, that’s you. And your jeans. You and your jeans really have stuff figured out. Aww.

But on to Mismo’s Slim Belt. It’s cut from full-grain bridle leather and features hand-stitched details plus a solid brass buckle. It begs for the right kind of attention without begging for any attention at all. And if you figure out what I just meant by that, let me know. Great belt, though. Great belt.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 28”-36” | Colors: 3

6. Best Budget: Levi’s Reversible Casual Belt

Levi’s Reversible Casual Belt

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly belt, chances are you’d like to get as much mileage out of it as possible. Being durable is a good start. Being reversible is icing on the cake.

The price of this Levi’s reversible belt is already super approachable. But since you can choose which color to wear on any given day, it’s also sort of a BOGO situation. Depending on how you look at it. Just roll with me on this one. It comes in 19 different color combinations and features a rotating roller buckle for seamlessly switching between them.

Material: 41% Bonded Leather, 36% Polyurethane, 23% Split Leather | Sizes: 30”-54” | Colors: 20

7. Best On Amazon: Dickie’s Men’s Casual Leather Belt

Dickie’s Men’s Casual Leather Belt

With over 35,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, it’s safe to say this classic Dickie’s belt is doing something right. Another versatile option that pairs nicely and universally with jeans, this strip of 100% leather with a matte-finish buckle will serve you well and serve you for years.

The tan option is as universally wearable as the day is long, but this belt is also available in several other colors and has multiple buckle options to choose from. And with sizes ranging from 30- to 56-inches, it’s got everyone covered.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 30”-56” | Colors: 14

8. Best Everyday: Shinola 1 ½” Reversible One-Size Belt

Shinola 1 ½” Reversible One-Size Belt

The everyday belt. Some only require theirs to look decent enough and to be made of materials that are decent enough. A throwaway item. Beat the shit out of it, dispose of it, rinse, repeat. Those poor lost souls have clearly yet to experience a Shinola belt.

Proudly and meticulously made in Detroit alongside its outstanding timepieces, the Shinola 1 ½” Reversible One-Size Belt is worth the investment. Most importantly, it’ll last you a lifetime. But it’s also fully customizable—the one-size belt comes with instructions on how to cut it to size for the perfect fit. Further adding to its everyday utility, it’s reversible. Black on one side, tan on the other.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: One Size | Colors: 2

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What To Look For In The Best Men’s Belts For Jeans


Many of the best men’s belts for jeans are made of 100% leather for good reason—it’s tough, made to last, and has a ruggedly handsome look. That said, nylon is also a great choice for a casual summer look. Suede? Sure. Synthetic materials? Great choice if you’re on a budget. Consider your needs and the look you’re hoping to achieve before choosing a material.


Similar to a belt’s material, you’ll find that styles vary significantly as well. Easily one of the most popular styles is the leather dress belt (which works just as well with a casual pair of jeans). From there, you’re working with anything from braided belts to D-ring styles. If you’re able, having a stable of different types of belts at your disposal is always a strong move.


There are dozens of buckle styles to choose from, and they carry more weight with your overall look than you might think. A tongue buckle provides an understated, traditional look that goes with everything, for example. Meanwhile, solid, ratchet-style buckles tend to scream from the rooftops.

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Final Verdict

Of the seemingly endless options out there, the best men’s belts for jeans are the ones that are versatile, handsome, and made to stand the test of time. My top pick, Faherty’s Leather Belt, goes with everything and will last a lifetime.

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