Judge Melissa C. Black

County Civil Division “S”

Unified Family (Protective Injunctions) Division “K”


All hearings and family law Injunction for protection for Division ”K” take place in person. And any motions must be filed in writing through the e-portal or directly with the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court.

If the court special sets a hearing to take place via zoom, please participate using the zoom video feature using the link HTTPS://ZOOM.US/J/6525513357 meeting ID: 6525513357 Please make sure you activate the audio settings, so you can hear and speak during the hearing. Please wait patiently until your hearing is called.

If you are hearing is special set via Zoom, and you do not have access to a computer with camera and speakers, or a smart phone with video capability, you must still appear for the hearing by phone. At the scheduled time of your hearing, you may access the hearing by calling 1-786-635-1003 and then enter meeting ID: 6525513357 Please note, if you appear by phone, your hearing may be rescheduled for another date, where you will be directed to appear by video or in person at the courthouse.

You may not participate in an injunction for protection, hearing by zoom, unless specifically directed to do so by the court.



Scheduling, hearings, and cancellation of hearings, motions must be filed with the Clerk of Court before setting the matter for hearing in JAWS, or scheduling hearing times from the Judicial Assistant. All matters 30 minutes or less must be scheduled through JAWS. Any hearings more than 30 minutes must be scheduled through the Judicial Assistant, you may contact her at 813-301-7033 to obtain available dates and times.

After obtaining a hearing time, either through JAWS or the Judicial Assistant, and clearing the time with opposing counsel, a notice of hearing must be filed through the E portal, or, if one does not have access to the E portal, directly with the Clerk of Court, and a copy mailed or emailed to the Judges office at 800 E. Twiggs St., Suite 316, Tampa, FL 33602 or civdivs@fljud13.org Any cross noticed hearings must be cleared with the Judicial Assistant and opposing counsel. Once cleared, a notice of hearing, including all matters set to be heard, should be filed through the e-portal with a copy mailed or emailed to the Judge’s office.

Any hearing cancellation must be made in writing and emailed to the court.

Proposed orders must be submitted in PDF format through the Florida courts e-filing portal.

Submitting orders following a hearing, please submit orders to the court through the eportal reflecting the Judges ruling with a cover letter, stating the date of the hearing.

If neither party is represented by council, or there is a lack of access to the Florida courts, e-filing portal, proposed orders, along with copies for conforming, are to be submitted to the court on paper. Please also include addressed envelopes with postage for each party due to receive a copy of the order.

All proposed final judgments, including a damages award, shall attach Florida Rules of Civil Procedure form 1.977, fact information sheet. The Zoom information for County Civil Division “S” is the same as above. 1-786-635-1003, HTTPS://ZOOM.US/J/6525513357 meeting ID: 6525513357.

For County Civil Differentiated Case Management Plan Please see Administrative Order S-2022-033

Contacting the Judge’s office:

The Judicial Assistant is happy to assist with scheduling court cases and docket. However, the Judicial Assistant may not provide legal advice or discuss specific cases.


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