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Married at First Sight starts with an incentive for Serenity Hunt, the female lead of the novel, to marry. She was living in the residence of her sister’s family and woke up to make breakfast for her sister’s family. She then recalled the argument between her sister and brother-in-law last night, with the couple arguing about how Serenity was mooching off of them.

Her brother-in-law argued that the two thousand dollars that Serenity gave every month were nothing and that she should split every cost, though little did he know – Serenity earned over twenty thousand a month and gave her sister five thousand dollars. She requested that the remaining three thousand be kept secret.

Serenity then made her way to City Hall, where she met Grandma May. Serenity thought that marrying would be a plausible way of easing the burdens of her sister, and Grandma May had a grandson who was thirty years of age yet had no wife at that time. Beside May was her grandson, Zachary.

Not aligning with Serenity’s expectations, Zachary was quite good-looking and looked to be of the same financial stature as Serenity. He had driven there in a national car.

Grandma May described Zachary to be not exactly the warmest of people, though his heart was in the right place. Zachary and Serenity exchanged minimalist introductions and then proceeded by signing the papers for their marriage.

Marrying Zachary would mean that Serenity could move out of her sister’s house and move into a fully funded house by Zachary. However, Zachary had been hoping Serenity had second thoughts about the marriage, after all, he had just met her. If you like this kind of novels, then the following novels also deserve a read too!

  • Part 1: Further Insight to Married at First Sight
  • Part 2: Main Theme of Married at First Sight
  • Part 3: Main Strengths of Married at First Sight
  • Part 4: Conclusive Remarks

Part 1: Further Insight to Married at First Sight

Zachary and Serenity

The reader’s interest is immediately piqued by the novel’s intriguing premise when they first read it. It is both intriguing and unusual when two people who have never met decide to get married without first getting to know each other. The author does an excellent job developing both the story’s premise and the characters in the story.

The relationship between Zachary and Serenity does not get touched upon all too much in the beginning, adding to their almost alien and contextual relationship.

They were no more than strangers to each other that married each other conditionally, though the story takes a turn towards a more interesting side when Zachary gets more and more revealed pertinent to his character and that there was more to him than what he showed off.

The novel creates its almost theatrical personality by going into detail about the events of Serenity and Zachary’s lives. They went to dinners together and even something like sharing sweets felt very impactful considering the context of their marriage. When issues and plot points start to develop, the story takes a very positive turn.

Part 2: Main Theme of Married at First Sight

Struggles of Arranged Marriage in Married at First Sight

The central theme of “Married at First Sight” is the examination of love, loyalty, and trust in relationships, specifically as they pertain to the decision of two strangers to wedding.

As they learn to navigate their new relationship, the book’s protagonist and antagonist face several challenges. They have to figure out how to talk to one another, work out their differences, and gradually build trust in one another. Understanding the complexities of relationships and the effort required to keep them going is made clearer by delving deeply into these topics.

One character who exemplifies this theme is Serenity, who seeks both love and stability in her life. She’s willing to take a chance on a life with a total stranger because she wants so badly to be happy and fulfilled. Her willingness to give her heart to a total stranger exemplifies the importance of trusting others and believing that love can triumph over any obstacle.

Zachary is another example; he is caring and thoughtful but not overly romantic. He is committed to making the marriage work, even though it was arranged and he had no say in the matter. His commitment to the partnership exemplifies the value of both effort and adaptability in developing a lasting connection.

Another illustration of the importance of dialogue is provided by the problems encountered by the characters in their marriages. The process of getting to know one another requires them to practice the art of communication, which can be difficult when dealing with an unknown person. However, through practiced open dialogue, they grow to trust one another and strengthen their bond.

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Part 3: Main Strengths of Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight read online free

The plot of the book moves along at a rapid pace, which maintains the reader’s interest. Both of the story’s main characters have tense relationships with one another, and the author does a good job of keeping the reader guessing about what will ultimately transpire between them.

Because of the thorough character development, the reader has a lot of insight into the personalities and motivations of the various characters.

One of the novel’s strong points is the way it investigates the complexities of different types of relationships. The author does not sugarcoat the challenging situations that arise in the characters’ marital relationships. The characters’ journeys to understand one another and locate areas of the agreement provide the plot with new layers of complexity.

While delving into marriages isn’t unique in itself, the context of this particular marriage in this novel is what makes it unique. It isn’t a forced marriage, yet it isn’t a marriage that was looked forward to. This proliferates a sense of neutrality that the reader expects, which adds to the impact of the scenes when the novel takes either a more wholesome or dark turn.

Part 4: Conclusive Remarks

In conclusion, “Married at First Sight” is an engaging love story that is a lot of fun and teaches you some valuable lessons at the same time. Just the first chapter is enough to pique the interest of readers and make them curious about the story’s protagonists and antagonists, making this book an absolute necessity for fans of the genre.

The author, Gu Lingfei, has done an excellent job of writing a narrative that is not only interesting but also thought-provoking. As a result, readers will have a deeper understanding of the significance of commitment and trust in all types of relationships, be it an arranged marriage. The reader also learns of the learning curve in arranged marriages like the discovery of secrets in your partner. Go give this a read.

Give a similar novel, Forced to Marry the Billionaire, a shot!

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