Marilyn Monroe no makeup – The eternal beauty symbol of Hollywood

Hollywood witnessed so many generations of gorgeous female celebrities. However, there is a name that no one can forget and she has been the beauty symbol of the land of admiration and prestige until now, Marilyn Monroe. When talking about the actress, people normally visualize her with blonde hair, red lips and full lashes. She was always beautiful and impressive in any shot. But how about Marilyn Monroe with no layer of makeup? Is she still glamorous or disappointed? Let take a look at our article to see the rare pictures of Marilyn Monroe no makeup to get the answer.

A brief of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 and had a hard life before she became famous. She spent her childhood at orphanage and had her first marriage at the age of 16. At the peak of her career, she was an actress, model and singer. Marilyn Monroe became the most popular sex symbol in the 1950s and 1960s. During her short career, her films remarkably gained over 200 million dollars.

The rare pictures of Marilyn Monroe no makeup

Enjoy swimming at the pool

Enjoy swimming at the pool

No one knows the exact time that the picture of Marilyn Monroe without makeup at the pool was taken. However, there are thousands of comments showing admiration for the blonde actress. She was wearing a black and white bikini and radiantly enjoyed her time. Marilyn once shared that “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”. That’s why she often showed her pretty smile in for her shots and this photo displayed a really happy smile of Marilyn.

With no makeup on her face, she looked totally charming with beautiful natural face contours and flawless skin. Marilyn Monroe did not allow people to take pictures of her bare face, but seeing her in her daily life shot was really refreshing as we can see another side of the Hollywood star.

Marilyn Monroe no makeup having breakfast

Marilyn Monroe no makeup having breakfast

This picture of Marilyn Monroe came out many years after her death. Marilyn Monroe was having her breakfast while she was taking a break at a hotel in New York. At that time, because of her popularity, there were also many rumors and doubts about her beauty. However, this shot showed that it was not a coincidence that Marilyn Monroe has always been a beauty symbol. Even without the fancy outfit and makeup, she still looked heartbreakingly beautiful.

Prepare for the last nude shot

Prepare for the last nude shot

During her career, Marilyn Monroe had several nude photoshoots and all showed her perfect beauty and body. This picture was taken while she was preparing for a shoot with sans makeup. It was just some months before her death, but there is no sign of her depression. She flashed a lovely smile on her alluring face and looked full of life.

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The beauty secret of the “blonde bombshell”

Since early of her career, people had known Marilyn Monroe’s concept with curly blonde hair, bold red lipstick and long eyelashes. In every picture of her, Marilyn pulled off a stunning look that captivates the heart of any viewer. She had her own secret of makeup that shared by her makeup artist also her friend long after her death.

Special eye makeup

At that time, people still did not use metal eyeshadows, and her makeup artist just used a thin layer of coconut oil and Vaseline to the eyeshadows. For the eyelashes, he only used a half and placed it on the second half of her eye. To emphasize the pattern of her eyes, the makeup artist used black and brown eyeliners and used the white one for the corner of her eyes.

Marilyn's eyeline

Create volume to the lips

In the 1950s and early 1960, the Technicolor cameras cannot display the right red orangey color of Marilyn Monroe’s lips. Therefore, her makeup artist applied several shades of red and thick lip balm to her lips to create the hallucinations and make the actress’ lips look lusher.

marilyn lips

Make the nose smaller

Her nose is already beautiful. But as her wish, the makeup artist applied a little amount of pink blusher to cover her nose. It was quite simple to do but brought good visual effectiveness.

Curly blonde hairstyles

Until today, Marilyn shiny curly blonde hairstyles have always been the inspiration of many hair artists. If you love the style but don’t want to dye your hair, you can try long blonde wig and short blonde wig to create elegant blonde curly hairstyles like Marilyn.

marilyn monroe hairstyle

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Overall, Marilyn Monroe no makeup is still a symbol of beauty. The layers of makeup and classy dresses make her more glamorous. Yet, with the simple outfit and bear face, she can enjoy her normal life and let the unhappy things in life fade away.

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