35 Golden Goose Dupes That Won’t Break The Bank

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Golden Goose dupes are all the rage right now. If you love the look of the popular Golden Goose sneaker but not the $500+ price tag, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post we’ve got 35 pairs of the best Golden Goose dupes that are not only a fraction of the price but also come with raving reviews.

If you’re not familiar withGolden Goose sneakers, they’re a luxury brand fashion sneaker that looks like they’ve been through many wears, even when brand new.

You may have heard them referred to as the “Star sneakers” or the “white sneakers with the grungy-looking finish”.

The real thing does have a distressed look but it somehow still works with dresses and skirts (sometimes). While different styles from the brand all have a different appearance, the dirty sneakers look is what the brand is most well known for.

And as mentioned above the average cost is over $500. oof.

We love fashion and shopping just as much as the next girl. However, we sure as heck don’t intend to spend $500 on ONE pair of sneakers. It just isn’t happening.

The good news is that we found 35 similar pairs currently available! Keep reading to see them all.

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Golden Goose Dupes

What are Golden Goose dupes?

Golden Goose sneaker dupes are sneakers that look like real Golden Goose shoes but without a hefty price tag.

Are Golden Goose look alikes the same quality?

That all depends on where you end up purchasing them. Some brands have really great reviews and others, not so much. I love this pair of shoes by Steve Madden that I’m wearing above.

These are a great dupe that fit true to size, are comfortable, and goes with just about anything. And bonus: Your bank account won’t be NEARLY as impacted.

Steve Madden Sneakers

Shop Steve Madden Golden Goose Dupes

Sneaker 1 | Sneaker 2 | Sneaker 3

If you’re looking for a high-quality sneaker alternative for the real Golden Goose sneakers, the Steve Madden dupes are a great option. Not only are Steve Madden sneakers affordable, but they’re extremely comfortable and of really good quality.

Steve Madden has a wide variety of styles to choose from but this pair of Steve Maddens (pictured above) is hands down my favorite!

The starling’ sneakers are another pair of steve madden shoes that feature a simple design yet have the same unique look as GG. This is a popular option for those who are specifically looking for the black star design. The iconic star design is something else GG is mot well-known for.

Golden Goose Look ALikes At Walmart

Shop Walmart Golden Goose Dupes

Sneaker 1 | Sneaker 2 | Sneaker 3

Walmart fashion has really upped its game in the last few years. I never use to shop there but have found myself scoring some really great deals on not just home items, but fashion as well.

Nowadays they almost always seem to have designer dupes of popular items at a WAY cheaper price point.

Walmart is a great place to look for golden goose lookalikes if you have a super tight budget.

Shein GG Dupes

Shop Shein Sneakers

If you’re not familiar with Shein, it’s a fast-fashion brand based out of China. They carry trendy and extremely cheap items (think like $5 for a shirt). However, their items often reflect that pricetag with poor quality and off-sizing.

If you read reviews before placing an order at Shein, you can score some cute items at really great prices. Despite the questionable quality on some of Shein’s other items, they’re still a leading retailer if you’re looking for a golden goose dupe at a great price point.

Currently, they don’t really have any that look very similar to Golden Goose but they offer new items frequently so it’s worth it to check back.

Red Dress GG Look Alikes

Shop Red Dress Star Sneakers

Red Dress is another place I recommend looking if you want affordability AND quality. I shop Red Dress all the time and although their prices are pretty low, their items are still of great quality.

The only problem with Red Dress is that once the items sell out, they generally don’t come back in stock. You have to check the site regularly if you want to snag something particular.

Vintage Havana GG Look Alikes

Vintage Havana sneakers also come with great reviews and can be found at major retailers such as Nordstrom Rack and DSW. They tend to sell pretty quickly though so if you see a pair you love, don’t wait on them.

When it comes to Vintage Havana vs. Golden Goose in terms of price, Vintage Havana is the clear winner. Vintage Havana is also one of the brands on this list that has great options in a wide variety of neutral colors.

Shop Vintage Havana Sneakers

P448 John GG Look Alikes

P448 sneakers are definitely the most expensive Golden Goose dupes, though still about 1/2 the price. Most of these sneakers (depending on the styles) are also made of genuine leather just like the Golden Goose superstar sneaker and they have the widest variety of styles.

Shop P448 John Sneakers

Goodnight Macaroon Golden Goose Look Alikes

Goodnight Macaroon is a trendy online boutique that has cheaper/lookalike versions of name brand items. Their website claims their sneakers are made of leather and at $85 they’re WAY cheaper than GG but definitely have that Golden Goose vibe. .

However, Goodnight Macaroon often ships from overseas so if that’s a concern of yours, you might want to check out some of the other places on this list first.

One downside to Goodnight Macaroon is that they often only carry their sneakers in whole sizes.

I recently received this pair above from the brand Goodnight Macaroon and I’m impressed with the quality. The footbed is really comfortable, the design has just enough of the grunge look, the animal print is a nice design detail, and they fit true to size. This is a great Golden Goose dupe if you like the grungy look and leopard print combo.

Shop Goodnight Macaroon Sneakers

Dolce Vita Golden Goose Look Alikes

Zina Sneaker

Dolce Vita has been around for years. The brand is known for high-quality, on-trend pieces that are not only affordable but comfortable as well.

Currently, they don’t have a ton of sneakers that closely resemble GG, but we’ll update this post once a new style comes out.

Shop Dolce Vita Sneakers

Asos Golden Goose Look Alikes

Asos is known for its wide variety of trendy and affordable apparel. It carries its own line of products as well as those by other well-known brands.

From date night to workwear, outwear, and everything in between, Asos has something for everyone and its shoe selection offers styles to complete any outfit.

Currently, Asosdoesn’t have any sneakers that currently resemble Golden Goose. Check back here for updates as new styles are added.

Golden Goose Dupes FAQ’S

Why is Golden Goose so expensive?

Golden Goose sneakers are handmade and hand-distressed, which means no 2 pairs of sneakers are the same. They are also made of real leather.

Are there fake Golden Goose sneakers?

I’m sure there are sellers who are attempting to sell fake Golden Goose sneakers as the real deal, just like almost any other expensive, name-brand popular item.

The brands we’ve listed throughout this post aren’t selling fake sneakers stating they are real. They are just brands that have created an item that has a similar look.

Are Golden Goose worth it?

This is a matter of personal opinion. For me, I don’t think I could justify such a high price point for a pair of sneakers, especially when I have the Steve Madden that I absolutely love.

If buying handmade, one-of-a-kind items holds value for you then we could see why you’d want to spend the money.

Kids GG Sneakers

The Golden Goose style of sneakers isn’t just for adults! While affordable alternatives for kids are a little harder to come by, some brands do carry them. Here are a few pairs if you want to match with your mini!

Sneaker 1 | Sneaker 2 | Sneaker 3

Overall, the Steve Madden Rezza sneaker from above is my #1 pick. They have similar details, are comfortable, look like designer shoes, and are a much less expensive option than an original pair of golden goose sneakers.

If you want to make a fashion statement for a fraction of the cost, GG look-alikes are the way to go. That’s it for this list of the best golden goose alternatives! I hope you found something you love.

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