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A group of angry protesters have gathered as two boys who allegedly murdered a family’s pet cat faced court.

Brandy, a 17-year-old feline who lived at Glenwood in western Sydney with her family, was seen on chilling surveillance footage being carried down a street by a person wearing a mask on March 8.

The cat was later found dead in a pond at a park it regularly frequented across the road from where it lived for more than a decade.

Police allege that two brothers, aged 12 and 14, stole the ginger cat from home before carrying it to a nearby clearing and allegedly torturing and killing it.

On Tuesday, the boys’ cases were mentioned at Parramatta Children’s Court.

They are facing charges of torturing, beating and causing death to an animal, and disposing of a killed or stolen animal.

Around fifty people gathered outside the courthouse demanding ‘justice for Brandy’.

The peaceful protesters met at Tudor Gates at Parramatta Park at 8am before walking in pairs to the courthouse kitted out in t-shirts and holding signs.

The shirts and signs urged ‘justice for Brandy’ and demanded tougher sentences for animal abusers.

Brandy’s mother and owner Davina Bidart said the court process would be tough for her family.

Emily Bidart, who originally made the grizzly discovery of what happened to the family’s cat, told Daily Mail Australia the demonstration was to show the community wants harsher punishment for those who commit crimes against animals.

‘It means a lot to my family and I to see so many people support our Brandy girl,’ she said.

‘The vigil today was to show that there is strong community support for harsher penalties for people who commit crimes against animals.’

Kerin Welford, the organiser of the demonstration said ‘there was a lot of support, solidarity and caring from attendees to Brandy’s family’.

Following the cat’s death a petition was started to publicise the case and to bring awareness to animal cruelty. It has now been signed by more than 30,000 people.

In the wake of the cat’s death, locals immediately rallied behind Brandy’s owners, sending bouquets of flowers and penning letters.

In a heartwarming post to Facebook, Ms Bidart said: ‘To all our community members, a big thank you for all of your support and messages.’

‘Brandy has been cremated and her ashes are now in the safe hands of my daughter.

‘We miss her very much and I wish we could turn the clock back in time and have her back in our arms.’

In another post to social media, Emily Bidart, who first discovered what happened to the ginger cat, said they had received messages of support from far and wide.

‘My family and I have received a tremendous amount of love and support and we really do appreciate it,’ Ms Bidart wrote.

‘We can only hope our story remains known and shared far and wide to help us get justice!’

The family once owned two cats and a dog, and said that after Brandy’s death all of their ‘fur babies have now crossed the rainbow bridge’.

The feline’s owners checked their security footage after their 17-year-old cat didn’t come home last Wednesday before making the gruesome discovery.

Emily, 28, was just 11 when Brandy became an integral part of her family and told 7News that everyone in the neighbourhood knew Brandy as ‘the weird cat’ that goes for walks in the park across the road.

Now that very same park brings with it the harrowing memory of the alleged attack.

‘I look out my bedroom window at mum’s house and that’s exactly where she was (allegedly) murdered,’ Ms Bidart said.

Ms Bidart said on the day Brandy died she drove to her parent’s home in Glenwood and just had a feeling something was wrong when she heard the family cat was missing and checked the security cameras straight away.

The footage of the incident showed that mere minutes after Ms Bidart’s mother left the house to go to an appointment, two figures began searching for the cat, under cars and in the garden.

One person was then seen running off and allegedly saying: ‘You wanna go cat?’.

Some 23 minutes later, a second person returned in a hoodie and a face mask before allegedly snatching the family cat from the front garden.

Ms Bidart said when she watched what ensued next she had to look away.

‘As soon as I (allegedly) saw the first blow to my cat I had to look away,’ she said.

Following police investigations, two boys were arrested at a Glenwood home.

The boys will be sentenced at a later date.

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