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If you’re a yoga lover, dancer, fitness enthusiast or just an athletic-wear lover like me, you probably have heard of the athletic clothing brand, Lululemon. There’s a good chance that you own something from Lululemon in your closet, and maybe you’re even wearing it right now! Apart from the cute reusable bags they give you when you checkout, the brand is known for its pristinely designed and high-quality pieces, including leggings that feel like butter. Another thing Lulu is recognized for is its long white price tags attached to every piece, which are almost always stamped with a pretty-and we mean pretty-penny.

Let’s talk numbers here. The prices of Lululemon clothes vary anywhere from $48 for a sports bra to well over $100 for a jacket. Their widely-loved leggings run within the range of $98 to $118. They have accessories too, like their famous belt bag that’s $38, and running shoes that hit the $148 mark. With prices this high for simple athletic wear, I think it’s reasonable to ask the question, what’s all the hype about? Is Lululemon worth it? Or is it just another fast fashion brand that we should avoid at all costs? Let’s break it down.

How Sustainable is Lululemon?

When deciding whether or not Lululemon is worth it, it’s important to look at how ethical the brand is. The “Our Footprint” section of Lululemon’s website dives into the efforts it’s taking to combat climate change and reduce waste. This includes having 100% renewable energy as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all facilities by 2030. Based on the website, it’s not entirely clear if Lululemon has hit its renewable energy goal, listed as to reach by 2021, or what progress has been made so far with cutting back on emissions.

Lululemon’s sustainability section also mentions packaging and waste. The company says it has reduced paper packaging but still uses polybags like many other retailers, which it admits aren’t eco-friendly. However, the brand says it’s looking for more sustainable options. As far as recycling goes, Lululemon proudly claims that over 90% of its damaged products get recycled or repurposed.

While Lululemon is obviously making some efforts at sustainability, it’s safe to say that it’s not an entirely ethical brand. Keeping this in mind and factoring in their wildly high prices, Lululemon might not be totally worth dipping into the budget for.

What You Should Buy, If Anything

If you’re satisfied with Lululemon’s sustainability efforts and don’t mind making the investment, you’re going to want to know what the best items are. Here are three of Lululemon’s top-rated pieces you might consider breaking the bank for.

Without a doubt, Lululemon’s Align leggings are a fan favorite. They’re high-waisted and buttery-soft and are perfect for fitness activities or everyday wear. They come in a ton of colors, from neutrals to brights, and have three different lengths to choose from. These do cost a pretty penny, but if you’re going to buy one thing from Lulu, Aligns are a great choice.

Another Lulu piece that you should consider buying is the super comfortable and flattering Flow Y Nulu Sports Bra. This bra is one of my favorites of all time. It’s insanely soft, perfect for the gym and the Y-shaped back is the cutest touch. It comes at a price of $48, which is on the low side for Lululemon sports bras.

Remember when everyone was obsessing over the Lululemon Define Jacket? Yeah, me too. And for good reason. This jacket is so sleek and classic and will for sure have you looking snatched. Keep in mind though that this piece is definitely an investment, as it’s listed on the website for $118. But it’s definitely something to consider if you want to get that Lululemon-mom look.

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