‘American Idol’ What Is HunterGirl’s Surprising Real Name?

American Idol fans have been watching HunterGirl’s journey on the show. Rather than using her real name, she uses a stage name. The show’s 20th season has received mixed reaction among fans. They shared their thoughts about the Top 10 as the show continues.

While some would say it has an impressive array of artists, others would beg to differ. They’ve seen many of their favorites leave the singing competition. Some fans are not happy with HunterGirl sticking around. Meanwhile, others want to learn more about her.

Despite what they may think, they can agree she’s attracted attention among fans.

HunterGirl Is Top 10 Of American Idol [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTub]

Where did HunterGirl get her name?

American Idol fans were confused when they first met HunterGirl. It’s rare for someone to use a stage name on the ABC series. Judge Anderson explained the reason behind her nickname on the state government website. She got backlash for having a typical “boy’s name.”

“HunterGirl came from my sister naming her Hunter,” Judge Anderson said on the official Tennessee Courts website. “We all asked, ‘Why are you naming her Hunter, that’s a boy’s name?’ She wanted to name her Hunter and at the time it was a popular name. There were a couple of boys in school named Hunter, so they started calling her Hunter the Girl, and my dad started calling her HunterGirl. It just kind of stuck.”

HunterGirl Top 14 American Idol [Credit: American Idol/YouTub]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTub]

Since then, her name spread like wildfire. HunterGirl has stuck in the minds of fans of American Idol. Even if they don’t like her stage presence or music, they will never forget her. Her persona is much like her regular personality. HunterGirl is warm and inviting, and has “never met a stranger.”

“She’s a lot like my dad, her grandpa,” Anderson continued. “She’s just very comfortable on stage. She always has been since she’s been little.”

Since HunterGirl is a Top 10 contestant on American Idol Season 20, she’s brought something refreshing to the show. However, some would argue that she’s just like the other contestants. They feel the only unique thing about her is her name.

What is the American Idol contestant’s real name?

Some details of HunterGirl’s personal life have come to light. While most American Idol fans have heard about her by now, they want to know her real name. HunterGirl was born Hunter Wolkonowski on May 30, 1998, in Grueti-Laager, Tennessee. The 23-year-old always wanted to sing ever since she was a little girl.

She started pursuing her talent in downtown Nashville. HunterGirl would often perform at the local airport to improve her vocal talent. During her time on American Idol, she won over judges and fans alike. She’s one of the three contestants who received a Platinum Ticket. Fans have a feeling that she will win Season 20.


What are your thoughts on HunterGirl? Do you think she should win American Idol? Did you know her real name? Sound off below in the comment section.

American Idol Season 20 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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