Harrison Ford Shares Blunt Response to Red Hulk Casting Rumors

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Harrison Ford offered up a pretty blunt response to questions about his new Thunderbolt Ross transforming into the Red Hulk in the MCU.

Ford will move from Star Wars to Marvel as he takes over the role of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross from the late William Hurt, which will come to fruition in 2024’s Captain America: Brave New World.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Ross eventually finds himself turning into the Red Hulk – a villainous character fans have wanted to see in the MCU for years already.

And with Ross being part of a trio of characters from The Incredible Hulk taking the spotlight in Captain America 4, those Red Hulk cries are louder than ever.

Harrison Ford Reacts to Red Hulk Rumors

Harrison Ford and Anthony Mackie on Captain America New World Order set

Speaking with ComicBook.com during the press tour for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Harrison Ford addressed the idea of his Thunderbolt Ross turning into the Red Hulk in Captain America: New World Order.

After set photos showed Ford wearing a pair of ripped pants, leading fans to believe they were ripped due to the character Hulking out, Ford jokingly asked “What is the Red Hulk?” when asked about those rumors. After a quick explanation, Ford offered a small tease that “it may or it may not” be included in the movie.

Ford also joined The Playlist podcast, which asked whether he would be suiting up in the usual grey motion capture suit Marvel actors use for characters similar to the Red Hulk. All Ford did when asked this question was smile and reply with a “zipped-lips” sign, not saying anything about the idea while potentially teasing it to be happening.

Additionally, Thunderbolts star David Harbour added his own speculation about Ford potentially donning the mo-cap suit for a Red Hulk portrayal.

The Stranger Things fan-favorite admitted that he’d have to be “lucky enough to experience that” and that he would “savor it” should it actually come to fruition.

Harbour also laughed at the thought of “how angry [Ford] would be in a green suit with ping pong balls all over it,” with Ford being well known for his sometimes cantankerous attitude on movie sets.

“I mean, can you imagine how angry that guy would be in a green suit with ping pong balls all over it, just standing there, ‘Ah, ****.'”

Will Harrison Ford’s General Ross Turn Into the Red Hulk?

With Harrison Ford becoming one of the MCU’s biggest stars thanks to his place in the main cast of Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts, it’s no surprise that fans want to see his character finally turn into the Red Hulk.

And especially considering that Tim Blake Nelson will fully evolve into the Leader, the main villain of Captain America 4, it only lends further to the idea that Ross will look to gain even more power for his own personal agenda as well.

Currently, Ross is confirmed to take the position of President of the United States when he comes back into action for his next appearance, giving him more influence over the world than he’s ever had before in the MCU.

But with plot details still remaining mostly under wraps, and with multiple major villains already in play, this next appearance could simply set Ross on the path towards fully Hulking out and bringing bigger things later in Phase 5.

Captain America: Brave New World will debut in theaters on July 26, 2024. Harrison Ford will return in that movie along with Thunderbolts, which comes to the big screen on December 20, 2024.

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