Sending my Wishes in Advance! 40+ Early Happy Birthday Wishes

A birthday is an important, unique day celebrating the birth of a specific special person. It’s a challenge wishing someone a happy birthday, especially when he or she is such an awesome person. It’s only natural you want to send just the right birthday wishes!

It’s even more proactive and fun of you to decide to send an early birthday wish to someone or give an early birthday shout out to yourself. We offer this collection of happy early birthday wishes, including funny wishes and ones you could give to yourself when your birthday rolls around. Enjoy the collection and find just the right words to say to your family member or friend (or yourself) next on your birthday list.

Table of Contents

  • Happy Early Birthday!
  • Funny Happy Early Birthday Wishes
  • Happy Early Birthday to Me

Happy Early Birthday!

Early birthday wishes are better than belated ones.

  • Happy Pre-emptive Birthday to the most awesome person I know. Raise your glass and have a toast to celebrating another year of you and your awesome life!
  • Keep on keeping on. Early birthday wishes to you!
  • Let your motivation to be better be all for you. Enjoy your before birthday celebrations.
  • Early birthday wishes to you today. Plan big plans and have fun tomorrow.
  • Birthdays are special, but they are not as special as you. Here’s to an enjoyable pre-emptive birthday.
  • I know it’s early, but best wishes on your birthday this week. Remember to treat yourself.
  • Guess who I’m thinking about? You. Early birthday pleasantries from your friend!
  • I can’t wait to see you and give you the present I just bought. It’s going to be epic! Happy Almost Birthday to you.
  • The perfect early birthday gift is a virtual hug. Here’s until I see you and bring you the real gift I got for you (hugs). Best of wishes on your special day.
  • Here’s to the first man I loved: my dad. Happy Almost Birthday, Pop!
  • Here’s to the first woman I loved: my mom. Happy Almost Birthday, Mom!
  • Tell happy early birthday to the little tyke. I know he/she will enjoy their first birthday!
  • Hey sis, thinking of you and all our fun times together. Enjoy your before birthday plans!
  • Hey bro, never forget how much I love you. Happy Almost Birthday to you!
  • What’s up, cousin? I know it’s been a while since we hung out, but I want to send you best early birthday wishes.
  • Uncle, you are like the father I never had. Thank you for everything and have a great birthday week.
  • Aunt, you are like a second mom to me. Thanks for all that you do and best early birthday wishes!
  • Son, you’re my whole world. Best early birthday wishes to my rock who motivates me every day.
  • Daughter, you’re my universe. Happy early Birthday to my ray of sunshine that brightens my day.
  • Grandma, don’t bake your own birthday cake again. It’s your special day this week, so I’ll pick up one at the bakery for you. Best early birthday wishes!
  • Grandpa, get out of your recliner, put down the newspaper and come get some early birthday party cake. You deserve it.
  • Create your own destiny this year. Dance because it’s almost your birthday. Best wishes!

Funny Happy Early Birthday Wishes

Who doesn’t like a little birthday humor?

  • It’s your birthday week already? Where did the time go? You just turned (insert previous age) a month ago. Have an awesome week celebrating you!
  • I’m saying it early so I won’t be late. You know how I’m bad keeping track of time. It’s your Almost Birthday so celebrate yourself all week long.
  • Pamper, wine, chocolate truffle, repeat! Greatest of early birthday wishes; you know I got just the present for you when we see each other.
  • Recline, booze, chips, repeat! You know what I’m bringing over tomorrow night for you. Have an enjoyable almost birthday celebration.
  • I’m blasting off your special day this week with early birthday wishes. It’s Monday, but make it a fun day!
  • I’m sorry to remind you early that you’re turning (age), but best of early birthday wishes and don’t eat too much cake.,
  • Great news! I remembered to tell you happy birthday this year because I’m doing it early this time. Cheers to your special day!

Happy Early Birthday to Me

Treat yourself before your birthday, too!

  • Happy Early Birthday to me! Happy Almost Birthday to me! Yay me!
  • I’m raving about my birthday early this year. I’m so excited!
  • Happy, happy birthday! Happy birthday me! Happy almost birthday to me!
  • I will raise my glass to my birthday today! Ok, I know I’m early, but this is my birthday week. I start celebrations early.
  • Sorry to be on my high horse, everyone. It’s early, but I want to wish myself a happy birthday.
  • Let’s party! It’s my birthday week so that’s cause for celebration. Party at my place every day this week. Catch us on Zoom if you’re busy.
  • Dare I say best birthday wishes to me because I can. That felt good to do!
  • It’s almost my birthday. I can’t believe I’m almost (insert age).
  • The day all about me is coming soon: my birthday. Best wishes to me and I look forward to you all celebrating with me.
  • It’s all about me tomorrow. Happy Early Birthday to me!
  • Time for a little R&R and TLC tonight. Best wishes to me for an awesome early birthday!
  • Where’s the party at? Oh wait, my birthday is tomorrow. Happy Almost Birthday to myself.
  • All party animals remember to bring your A game to my dance party tomorrow. Whoop whoop to the birthday boy (or girl).
  • What’s the scoop? Ice cream and cake the night before my birthday. I love celebrating my birthday early!
  • My birthday week is here. I’m so excited! I’m going to party it up like never before. Happy Early Birthday to yours truly.

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