Best Gifts Ideas for Girls of 2023

Choosing a gift for any child can be challenging — even when that child is your own daughter. You want to see their face light up when that wrapping paper is ripped off. You don’t want something that will end up shoved in the closet and forgotten — or worse yet, broken within the first few days.

Our team of moms understands what it’s like, and we’re here to help. We’ve spent dozens of hours searching for the best gifts for girls. We’ve spoken with girls of all ages to get their recommendations and sifted through countless product reviews to find quality items that won’t break the bank — or break into pieces. We’ve tested countless items to ensure they hold up to their reputation.

We’ve created this guide with over 130 gift options for girls to make your life a whole lot easier. Whether she’s into science, video games, music, jewelry, sports, books, crafts, dolls, or toys, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift here. Happy gifting!

The Best Gifts for Girls of 2023

Here are our favorite gifts for girls.

Best Gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

When buying gifts for this age group, you’re likely to be more excited by the present you’re giving than the child will be in receiving it. Kids at this age might be more fascinated by the wrapping paper than the gift. Chances are, they will eventually love your gift, but they’ll first have to explore it and understand it’s for them.

Best Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

At this age, you have a lot more gift options. Two year olds are developing interests in items like books, stuffed animals, and toys they can do things with. Push-along toys, like a doll stroller or shopping cart, are always a good pick.

Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls

When girls hit this stage, they love to do anything they see their moms and dads do. They’re learning by imitation, and you should encourage that with toys like play food toys, kitchen sets, and even cleaning toys like miniature mops and brooms. These things help them feel like they’re helping out as they mimic what they see adults do.

Best Gifts for 4-Year-Old Girls

At this precious preschool age, children’s brains are like a sponge. With kindergarten right around the corner, it’s an excellent time to stock up on educational toys that make learning fun. You’ll also want a good mix of toys that keep her on her feet to ensure she gets enough exercise.

Best Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls

The best gifts for this age group are ones that encourage girls to explore their interests and fantasies. 5-year-olds are imaginative and social. Look for gifts that encourage creativity, learning, and exercise along with fun, excitement, and interactive play.

Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls

This is the age when children begin to get the hang of reading, and they love to show off their new skills to anyone who will listen. It makes them feel smart when they can read their own books, and encouraging their reading with great content will help foster a long-term love of books. Electronic reading devices are another fun way to encourage reading. Gifts that encourage musical ability, interactive play, and creativity are always a hit at this age too.

Best Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Many girls at this age have begun to develop an interest in sports, dance, or other forms of physical activity. Finding an active hobby they’ll enjoy is a great investment in their future health. For the most fun, look for gifts that combine action with entertainment.

Best Gifts for 8-Year-Old Girls

At this age, kids are really starting to get the hang of more sophisticated toys like board and card games. But most girls also love their electronics. Mind-stimulating gifts will keep girls entertained while challenging them to use their brains in creative ways.

Best Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls

Most 9-year-old girls love trendy gifts — especially if their favorite YouTubers are raving about them. And as their friends are their world, they love activities they can play together, like multiplayer Wii games.

Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

By ten, some girls will be ready to move on to older things, while others will still enjoy playing with the things they played when they were younger. And some like a combination of both. You have to know which direction your child is leaning toward to pick a great gift at this age.

Best Gifts for 11-Year-Old Girls

Middle-school girls and electronics go hand in hand. A phone or a tablet is a gift that can allow her to have constant contact with her besties, help with her homework, and will keep her entertained on long trips.

Best Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls

Many girls at this age are preoccupied with their appearance. They like makeovers and hairstyles, especially when doing them with their friends. Some gifts they may enjoy are a flat iron, curling iron, or hair chalk. But make sure to balance the experience with gifts that focus on what’s inside, not just their physical appearance.

Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls like to express their individuality whenever they can. It’s a complicated age. They like to fit in and have friends, but they also like to stand out in a crowd. Whether it’s a cool new jacket or a T-shirt featuring their favorite band, give them something that lets them be themselves.

How to Choose Gifts for Girls

Before you go on a shopping spree, here are some things you should consider when choosing gifts for girls.

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