Future Reveals He Slept With Scottie Pippen’s Wife Because NBA Star Refused To Give Him An Autograph

Video future and larsa pippen

The American rapper and singer Future is famous for his mumble-influenced vocal range and prolific output. You can’t know him fully without knowing about his love for women. The rapper has a ton of children around the United States justifies this no doubt. But the woman who he had the biggest controversies with was none other than Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa Pippen. Though he didn’t share a child with her, the fact that he hooked up with her while she was still married, has pretty much spiced things up.

Larsa Pippen was the talk of the town for a long time when she suddenly started seeing Future. Accordingly, the rumors of them hooking up started spreading in 2016 after Scottie Pippen unceremoniously filed a divorce against Larsa. The two were parting their ways after being in a successful married relationship for 20 years.

Future Justifies The Hookup


The American rapper probably had a good reason for getting engaged in a sexual relationship with Larsa who was still married to Scottie. For a long time, the duo was appearing together here and there. There were clear hints that the two are somehow seeing each other. Although Future has hooked up with quite a few women even after getting married. But in Larsa’s case, it was mostly revenge.

A recent episode of Drink Champs features the rapper N.O.R.E recalling a conversation between him and Future. Future shared that Scottie Pippen denied giving him an autograph which offended him. Thus, he decided to sleep with Scottie’s wife. “I always think of this Future story, Future say He met Scottie Pippen, and Scottie Pippen didn’t want to give him a picture, so he fucked his bitch.”

Future’s Rap Says It All


The Atlanta Trap star released a song with the title “Life is Good”. The lyrics of the song pretty much justify the affair. During the verse in question, Future raps, “I did it by mistake, it wasn’t on purpose, end up f**king your wife/ She was choosin’ up and it was on sight/ Had her ridin’ on me like a motorbike/ Had to clean her head like a wet wipe.”

Larsa explained her relationship with Future in 2021 via an Instagram post from the handle Hollywood Unlocked. “It was like, I was really sad, I was in a point in my life when I was really sad. I was dealing with, ‘Do I move on, do I not, are my kids going to be okay?’ It was a lot of guilt that I felt, and he was the guy that was there to see me go through it, and he was the guy that I would talk to when I was kinda like, dealing with things. He gave me confidence when I was feeling in a dark place.”

Future, the rapper dropped a Tik-Tok video on May 23. There he came up with the lyrics of his 2015 song “Thought It Was a Drought”. The rapper detailed one of his sexual encounters in the rap. The lyrics said “I just f****d your b*t** in some Gucci flip flops.” Although Future didn’t mention Larsa’s name in it. But still, many fans believed that he was alluding to his relationship with the reality star.

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