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One of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram is to sell feet pics. Yes! you can make over $100 daily by just taking feet pics and selling them on Instagram? There are many feet pic lovers who are always willing to buy your products on Instagram. And it’s one of the legit ways to make extra income online that is gaining popularity across the globe.

Does this sound weird to you? You’ll be surprised to discover that many people make good money by selling pictures of their feet over the internet. If you are interested in selling pictures of your feet on Instagram, you need to learn the right steps to take in order to excel in the feet pic-selling biz.

In this post, we’ll look closely at ways to sell foot pics on Instagram and make $100 a day. You’ll also learn some practical tips to boost your earnings.

Why You Should Sell Pictures of Your Feet on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms to begin your feet pics selling business as it has more than 800 million active users. It’s a video/photo-sharing platform that hoists your chances of getting noticed by the masses and getting attention from your audience. Anyone can join since it’s free to sign up.

One of its benefits is that you can increase your following as you grow your brand. The app allows you to promote your products to the exact individuals who show interest in what you are delivering.

It’s legal to sell feet pics on Instagram. To do this, Instagram must approve your products or services. Note that you can’t sell any product unless your account is Instagram shopping enabled. Therefore, by default, you are free to sell feet photographs on this platform once Instagram has approved your store.

A quick reminder—It’s strictly illegal to provide sexual services on this app. However, posting feet pics in a non-sensual manner and redirecting clients to your website for the transaction isn’t illegal.

The Process of Selling Your Feet Pics on Instagram

If you execute the perfect way, Instagram is a user-friendly, easy-to-grow, and free social media platform. Follow these steps when selling your feet picks on Instagram for the best results.

1. Set Up a Dedicated Account

First, ensure you have a dedicated Instagram account where you can only post content related to your feet. Avoid posting any photos where your feet can’t be seen. Remember, your goal is to gather all people who might be interested in your feet ‘images.

2. Upload High-Quality Photos

In this venture, it’s important to always put your foot forward. Your feet photos must be perfect and look flawless. Quality is vital. Since you want to catch the attention of modeling scouts, have a professional snap to help you snap quality pictures.

You can also use a smartphone with a good camera. Nevertheless, if you intend to sell your feet pictures on Instagram as a hobby instead of a profession, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Provided you have a good camera or smartphone with a perfect camera; you are set to go.

4. Edit Your Photos

Several photo-editing software and apps can help you make your pictures look professional. Facetune is one of the best options. Besides, you can take advantage of Instagram editing features to get your desired look before posting.

Your primary goal is to look professional and have the best aesthetics. Don’t forget that Instagram is a photo-sharing platform; hence quality must be top-notch since you want to outsmart your competition.

5. Consistency is the Key

Upload your feet pics at least three times a day. Since you want to reach many of your target audience, ensure you are consistent and take professional photos. This helps you get more customers.

Consistency is one of the things that can help you have a huge following on Instagram. So, the more you post quality photos, your target audience will want to see them. The best way to stay consistent is to make a weekly calendar so you can know when and what to publish.

Publishing frequently is one of the things any influencer or brand must do on social media platforms to increase engagement and get a huge following.

6. Photo Uploading Process

When posting the images on the Instagram page, include proper hashtags and 100-word descriptions. It helps you reach more people interested in your photos.

7. Optimize Your Page Bio

This is an important aspect. Add relevant keywords and text to let your potential clients know that you are selling photos of your feet. Then, request them to directly message you with a special request.

8. Use Instagram Indirectly to Sell Feet Photos

Instagram helps you sell feet photos you’ve already posted on other apps such as Foap App, OnlyFans, and FeetFinder.

FeetFinder is among the safest and best platforms for selling feet images. You don’t have to be an actress, model, or celeb to sell feet pictures on this app. You can upload your feet images on FeetFinder, add a profile link to your Instagram bio and let interested people visit your store and purchase from there.

Furthermore, you can use other foot-hosting apps like Onlyfans to build a loyal audience and sell more photos.

Posting more pics will help you in various ways: You can build up more audience on your Instagram account and get more people to click on the link in the bio. The clients will be redirected to platforms such as Onlyfans and FeetFinder to buy the feet pics.

Create A Bank Account and Include the Link in Your Bio

Once you’ve created an Instagram page, set up the bio, and publish consistently, it’s time to create payment links. Use the Instagram shop to receive payment directly from the app with a catalog of your feet pics.

You can also incorporate external payment links in the bio. Platforms like Payoneer or PayPal will serve you right. Stripe is another great platform to receive payment as it’s easy to integrate and fast.

Have A Price Range That Works for Your Current Audience Size

Like any other business, you should start small. Begin selling your feet pics on Instagram at a discounted price. This will draw the attention of your followers. Start selling at a lower rate, like $5 per foot pic, and increase the rates whenever you feel you’ve increased your followers and engagement.

Alternatively, use the marketing strategy of selling many pics at a discounted rate. For instance, you can sell four pics for $35 or purchase three and get one free. Many sellers use this strategy to get more clients.

How Much You Can Make Selling Feet Pics on Instagram

Pricing of the feet pics depends on the market, final purpose, and creator. However, the people who make more dollars are those who sell their feet pics as fetishes, and the price range is $5-$100.

It might be more lucrative in the long run if you intend to get into feet modeling. That’s because you’ll get signed with a modeling agency or independent company that can assist you in starting your modeling career.

When selling pics to individuals with feet fetishes, try to haggle the price per the client and their special demands. Don’t sell for low rates, and many custom feet photo creators have a base rate of $10 for each custom image. This rate can increase based on the client’s request. You only need to sell ten custom pictures to make $100 a day.

Tips to Boosting Your Instagram Feet Pic Business

Once you create an Instagram account, you must ensure you reach the right audience. Boost your Instagram feet pic business with these tips.

(i) Don’t Get Tired of Publishing Your Content

Publishing your content frequently will increase your engagement. This statement is valid for all social media platforms but highly accurate for those who want to boost their businesses on Instagram. While the niche of selling feet pics on Instagram has proven competitive, you can beat the majority by being consistent.

(ii) Usage of proper hashtags

When you publish your feet pics, ensure you incorporate hashtags related to your posts. Some of them include the following:

(iii) Determine the Right Time to Post

This is a perfect metric that most people tend to ignore. You can view the engagement on your own. For instance, if you post your photos every Monday-Thursday, you may get increased engagement. Besides, Instagram offers you stats with your Instagram creator account that allows you to experiment with it for posting at different times of the week.

(iv) Have An Attractive or Appealing Bio

An appealing bio can assist you in transforming viewers into followers. Make sure you are transparent with what your users should expect from you.

More Feet Selling Platforms

If you want to make more money, you should use more than one feet pic selling platform. Besides Instagram, you can as well make good money by selling pictures of your feet through some legit websites like FunwithFeet. Does this sound good? Click the button below and start your feet pic business.

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Selling Feet Pics on Instagram: The Bottom Line

Making real money online is becoming common these days. You can earn good income from selling feet pics on Instagram, and it’s easy, like ABCD. There’s no shortage of the number of people who want them, the number of business and modeling companies looking for beautiful feet to market their products.

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