21 Stupid Easy Dorm Room Ideas For Guys That Make the Room Look Amazing

All of these dorm room ideas for guys are the perfect ways to make a dorm room look super good without a lot of effort! I’ve got everything from wall decor to furniture ideas to color schemes so you won’t have to worry about planning anything!

dorm room ideas for guys

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Decorating a guy’s dorm room is generally not the easiest thing in the world… mostly because they couldn’t care less what it looks like or how it’s decorated.

To make things as easy as possible for you, I’ve got an all in one guide with easy, cheap, and low-maintenance decoration ideas to make a guy’s dorm room look put together, without looking too over the top!

This post is all about dorm room ideas for guys!

Wall decor


best dorm room ideas for guys

cool dorm room ideas for guysHow to decorate a dorm room for a guy?

Flags are one of the easiest dorm room ideas for guys. They are usually pretty big, so they take up a lot of wall space (which means you don’t need to worry about any other decorations).

t-shirt quilt

This is a super original dorm room idea for guys! Take a bunch of t-shirts from high school, college, sports, or whatever he has, and make them into a quilt. Then, he can either use it on the bed as a blanket or hang it on the wall as a tapestry.

Either way, it is such a cute decoration and puts a bunch of t-shirts to use!

art prints

Prints are another really easy way to decorate a lot of wall space. You can use literally anything and print it out for the wall.

Some ideas are sports logos, athletes, hometown photos, quotes, nature, and more!

boy dorm room essentials

LED lights

21 Stupid Easy Dorm Room Ideas For Guys That Make the Room Look Amazing21 Stupid Easy Dorm Room Ideas For Guys That Make the Room Look Amazing

LED lights are a classic in a dorm room. These are relatively easy to put up and make the room look so cool!

album covers

Printing out a bunch of his favorite album covers is a super personalized way to decorate a guy’s dorm room. You can also use old records if that is something he is interested in.


Like the flag, a tapestry is an easy and quick way to fill a bunch of wall space without putting in too much effort or money. You can buy a tapestry of basically anything, hang it up, and the room is all decorated!

Bonus points if the tapestry matches the rest of the room!


Vines are a more unique way to decorate a guy’s dorm room in college. You can do only a little or go crazy with these. They add such a nice touch to any dorm room.

whiteboard/bulletin board

These are definitely smaller, but a whiteboard or bulletin board is a super helpful addition to the walls in a dorm room. You can use this for reminders, a calendar, or basically anything you want to see on the wall every day.

Furniture ideas

folding chair

A chair or two are great additions to a guy’s dorm room if the room is big enough. I especially love this chair because it folds and can be stored away when someone isn’t using it to save some space in a small dorm.

Extra seating definitely comes in handy when you are having people over.

desk shelf

To capitalize on all the storage space in such a small room, get a desktop storage hutch! These things seriously hold so many things and make it so much easier to keep your desk organized.


Whether your room is carpeted or has wood floors, a rug is a great way to make a room feel decorated even if it isn’t. Plus, who wouldn’t love a soft and fluffy rug for their room?


While these are mostly for outside, you can also use one of these hammocks inside your dorm room if you have the space. Depending on the layout of the dorm, you can have the hooks ready to hang the hammock in the middle of the room, in a corner, or even under your bed if you have the space!

The best thing about these hammocks is that you can pack it up nice and small when you aren’t using it, and then take it out for some extra seating when needed.

Color themes

Here are all the best color schemes for a guy’s dorm room in college!

college colors

You can never go wrong by decorating your dorm in your college’s colors. For this, you can get matching bedding, throw pillows, a flag/banner for the wall, and more!

black and white

Black and white is a classic guy dorm room theme. It is super easy to put together and makes for a very clean-looking room.


To spice things up a bit, you can also go with a red theme. For this, you’ll want to get mostly black, white, or gray things for your room and then throw in splashes of red.

This makes the red really pop, without the room being overwhelmingly red.

sports team colors

If you have a sports team you really love, you can also decorate your room to match. For this, you can get bedding in the team’s colors and then decorate the walls with the team’s logo and other posters in the appropriate colors.


Navy is another solid color for a guy’s dorm room. This also looks super good and it’s usually pretty easy to find things in navy.

General tips

To make sure planning and moving in goes as smoothly as possible, here are some general tips to help you as you shop for your dorm room!

coordinate with roommate

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning and shopping for your college dorm room is not talking to your roommate at all. If you don’t know who your roommate is or can’t reach them, that is completely fine!

However, if you guys are in contact, try coordinating the items you are buying and the decorations. This makes the room look so much better and helps to prevent you from buying the same things.

use under the bed storage

My absolute number one dorm room organization/decoration/storage/general tip for any college freshman is to use that under-bed space like your life depends on it. That is such prime real estate in a dorm room and can hold so much if you have the right storage pieces.

Drawers, bins, and more are perfect for down there to store clothes and more. If you have enough storage elsewhere in your room, you can also use this space for additional seating if you have a lofted bed.

Have a kitchen area

A little kitchen area in your dorm is super helpful to keep things organized. This way, you know exactly where all food items are supposed to be.

Your kitchen area can have your microwave and fridge if you have one, plus snacks, drinks, and paper goods.

This post was all about dorm room ideas for guys!

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