Who is Don Lemon’s First Wife? Everything You Need to Know About Her

The year 2011 is a memorable year for the fans of Don Lemon. They were shocked twice when he declared himself homosexual. Many couldn’t believe what they heard, but after verifying, his supporters got more disappointed.

The disappointment was not because he came out but because everyone thought he betrayed his first wife. The American actress Stephanie Ortiz, who was known to be the first wife of Don Lemon, is actually the wife of Bryan. She and Lemon were never married or a couple.

It was a rumor still found on the internet, and a group of people believed her to be Don Lemon’s first wife. If you’re curious to learn everything about this woman, then check out the article. We’ve added all the verified data about this beautiful actress.

Actress Stephanie Ortiz Is the Rumored First Wife of Don Lemon, Who Already Came Out As a Gay

Don Lemon, famously known as an anchor on CNN, came out as gay long ago. He is now even engaged to his boyfriend. When Lemon told the media that he was not straight, a group of fans was shocked because they thought Stephanie Ortiz was his first wife.

Everyone was like, how can a straight guy suddenly turn into a gay man? But the truth is different. Stephanie Ortiz was never his wife; it was a rumor which stayed long on the internet since none of the celebrities cared to address the issue publicly. Stephanie Ortiz has been married to his real husband named Bryan.

If you are wondering who Stephanie Ortiz is? She is an American actress. Her notable works include ‘The Love Potion,’ ‘A Kiss of Chaos,’ and ‘Inside a Change.’ Next, we will inform you everything about the actress.

Stephanie Ortiz Age

The pretty woman who was the alleged wife of Don Lemon is currently 40 years old. She was born in California, United States. Her parents welcomed her on 17th July 1982. As she was born in America, her nationality is American.

Stephanie Ortiz Ethnicity

There is not much data on her ethnicity. According to verified sources, her nationality is Caucasian.

Stephanie Ortiz Religion

Stephanie Ortiz was interviewed a few times. Hence there is no brief explanation of her religious details. The trusted sources say Ortiz’s religious belief is Christianity. It’s unknown whether she is religious or not.

Stephanie Ortiz Height

Stephanie Ortiz has a height that most models have. She is 5 feet 9 Inches tall. Her size could have been one of the essential attributes that helped her catch the attention of directors and producers and thus become an actress. After converting her height to centimeters, we found it was 180 cm.

Stephanie Ortiz Sexuality

Stephanie Ortiz keeps most of her personal information private. So it’s unknown who the actress dated in the past or is dating at present.

But she is considered straight by most media data collectors. Hence her name was involved with Don Lemon when he didn’t come out.

Stephanie Ortiz’s Marital Status

Currently, there is no evidence that Ortiz is married or unmarried. She was once rumored to be Don Lemon’s wife, but the celebrities never confirmed that.

Since there is no proof of her being married and no information regarding her real husband, we assume her marital status is single.

Stephanie Ortiz Weight

Stephanie Ortiz is a super slim beauty. No wonder she became an actress! Because she weighs 55 kilograms. With 5 feet 9 inches in height and 55 kilograms in weight, it’s possible to imagine how fit and fine she is.

Stephanie Ortiz Eye and Hair Color

This American beauty was simple yet gorgeous. Her hair and eyes made her look even more attractive. According to our data, Stephanie’s hair and eye color are brown.

Final Words

Every celebrity has made up gossip about them, and so has Don Lemon. He is homosexual and is engaged to his only partner Tim Malone.

The duo has been dating since 2017. Still, a rumor from the past about Don Lemon is swirling on the internet.

‘Stephanie Ortiz is the first wife of Don Lemon,’ and this is nothing but a solid rumor. She is an actress who is not married to Lemon but to Bryan.

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