What happened to Lupillo Rivera? Is Lupillo Rivera hospitalized? Why was Lupillo Rivera hospitalized?

Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera is an American singer-songwriter. He achieved significant recognition in 2010 when he won a Grammy Award for his album Tu Esclavo y Amo. Lupillo comes from a musically inclined family, including his late sister, the singer, and actress Jenni Rivera.

Initially, Lupillo had aspirations of becoming a restaurateur. However, his father, Pedro Rivera, owned a recording label and studio, Cintas Acuario, and employed Lupillo to gain hands-on business experience after a contracted singer failed to show up for a recording session. Lupillo’s role was to scout for local talent in bars, hoping to discover new artists for his father’s label.

Initially known as “El Torito” Lupillo Rivera when he began singing, his uncle was a semi-famous professional boxer, also known as El Toro Rivera to Mexican boxing fans. However, his star began to ascend quickly after signing with Sony Discos in 1999 and performing under his own name, Lupillo. By 2001, he received a Premios lo Nuestro award, and by 2010, he had garnered several Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations, with a Grammy win for his album, Tu Esclavo y Amo.

In 2019, after seven seasons with Televisa, Lupillo served as one of the coaches for the inaugural season of the Mexican singing competition show, La Voz, which aired on TV Azteca.

What happened to Lupillo Rivera?

According to an official statement posted on his Instagram account, Lupillo Rivera, the brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera, was hospitalized on March 18th. The reason for his hospitalization was a laparoscopic appendectomy, and he has been advised to rest for several days in order to recover. Unfortunately, this means that he will have to cancel several upcoming concerts across different parts of Mexico. The statement went on to mention that Lupillo Rivera will not be able to fully resume his activities until March 30, 2023. However, the singer’s team will do everything possible to fulfill his commitments before this date, and they expressed their gratitude to the public and businessmen for their understanding. Meanwhile, Juan Rivera, Lupillo’s brother, renewed his wedding vows in an event that was telecast by Telemundo. As of now, Lupillo Rivera is in postoperative recovery and must rest until he is fully healed and able to return to work.

Is Lupillo Rivera hospitalized?

Yes, He has been hospitalized for laparoscopic appendectomy. But in the past years, After his sister Jenni Rivera’s death, he was spotlighted for his fights with his brothers

It had been several years since Lupillo Rivera had spoken to his sister, Jenni Rivera, before her sudden death on December 9, 2012. Additionally, Lupillo had also experienced conflicts with his brothers in the past, but they had always managed to patch things up until Jenni’s passing, which seemed to create a divide between them.

After Jenni’s death, the Rivera brothers began accusing each other of exploiting the tragedy for personal gain. Lupillo alleged that his brothers had taken pictures at the site of Jenni’s death to sell to the media, while Juan and Gustavo accused Lupillo of using the tragedy to further his own career.

The tensions between them reached a boiling point when Gustavo, in a fit of rage, struck Lupillo’s SUV with a baseball bat while his wife and children were inside. Although Gustavo apologized profusely, Lupillo expressed sympathy towards his brother.

The first indication that things had changed came during the first anniversary of Jenni’s death, when the family organized a concert to honor her memory in Monterrey, but Lupillo decided to hold his own event near the location of her death and declined to participate in the official gathering. Later, Lupillo accused his brother Juan of theft. Although the brothers appeared to reconcile in January 2016, they have not been seen together since.

Why was Lupillo Rivera hospitalized?

Lupillo Rivera was rushed to the hospital as an emergency case for a laparoscopic appendectomy, which ended up requiring surgery. Reports from the media indicate that the ‘Suffering Alone’ singer experienced intense abdominal pain and promptly sought medical attention, where further tests revealed the need for surgical intervention. Rivera’s official social media statement about his health status confirmed that he underwent surgery due to acute appendicitis.

Rivera was conscious when he was admitted to the hospital and underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy, a surgical procedure in which the appendix is removed through small incisions. According to MedlinePlus, this type of operation is performed when the appendix becomes inflamed (a condition called appendicitis) and requires removal, but differs from a typical appendectomy in terms of the surgical method and instruments used to remove the organ.

Fortunately, the surgery proceeded without any complications, but Rivera will need to rest for ten days to recover. Currently, he is recuperating from his operation, and a photograph uploaded to Giselle Soto’s social media account shows her holding Rivera’s hand at what appears to be his home.

Did Lupillo Rivera die?

No, Lupillo Rivera is alive and well. Even though Lupillo’s father wanted him to work in the family business, he had a passion for music, and he pursued it. His success demonstrates the importance of following your dreams and doing what you love.

Lupillo started working in the family business as a result of a singer’s no-show, and this unexpected opportunity led him to a career in music. Lupillo spent years searching for new talent in bars, a job that required dedication and hard work. His persistence paid off, and he eventually became a successful singer himself.

Lupillo’s close relationship with his sister, Jenni Rivera, was a significant part of his life and career. His experiences demonstrate the importance of family and the support they can provide. Lupillo’s participation as a coach in La Voz demonstrates his ability to adapt and succeed in different situations, even when moving between different networks.

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