Death to My 20s Party Ideas: Food, Games, Decorations, Invitations

Letting go of your 20s can be a small act of grieving. Poke fun at your own anxieties about aging and kick off your 30s on the right note with a “Death to My 20s” party.

Getting older can be scary, but planning your 30th birthday party doesn’t have to be!

Leaning into the anticipation of entering your 30s will help you set the new decade off on the right foot and make light of any butterflies you might be feeling about growing older.

To help get you started, here are some Death to My 20s party ideas for food, games, decor and more.

Death to My 20s Party Invitations

Setting a party’s tone begins with the right invitations.

When your guests receive these Death to My 20s party invitations in the mail, there will be no question about what this party’s all about.

It clearly specifies that the dress code is strictly all-black, so you can trust your guests to arrive fully decked out to mourn your 20s.

Tweak the editable template to include any other information your guests will need. BYOB? Bring a mournful treat? A favorite photo of the beloved deceased?

Death to My 20s Party Welcome Sign

This isn’t just any birthday party – this is your funeral for your 20s!

For an occasion this momentous, simply walking into the venue won’t do.

The occasion calls for a bit more ceremony, like a welcome sign for your guests.

It matches your invitations, making for a stylish party vibe, while still being very much macabre and playfully creepy.

Cemetery Picnic

It might sound morbid, but Victorians used to picnic in cemeteries all the time.

If you’re a fan of all things spooky (and you probably are, if you’re reading this), this is the perfect throwback.

If you go this route, check with the cemetery beforehand to make sure onsite picnics are permitted.

If you can’t find a cemetery nearby (or if eating finger sandwiches next to actual graves sounds too creepy for you), create a similar vibe with a picnic in a park.

Home-make headstones out of Styrofoam or cardboard to give the same feel.

Frosted Black Goblet

Unless you’re throwing a very intimate bash, you probably won’t want to splurge for luxurious goblets like this for all your guests.

But as the guest of honor, you deserve a special drinking vessel that looks as spooky as getting older feels.

RIP Twenties Party Cups

Equip the rest of your guests with these. We all love a red Solo cup, but for an occasion as solemn as this, they simply won’t do.

Maintain your all-black color scheme and remind them all while they’re here with the tombstone illustration on the cup.

Death To My 20s Decorations: Coffin Garland

This simple, understated garland sets the tone for your party without being too in-your-face.

Death To My 20s Outfit

As the hostess, it’s important to embody the feeling of this party.

Dress the part of the dearly youthful beloved in a Gothic-inspired style.

The sumptuous velvety fabric and puffed sleeves of this Black Lace Patchwork Dress will help you grieve luxuriously.

There are a ton of directions you could take your wardrobe in.

If you’re into an edgier vibe, this Haunting Melody Midi Dress gives spooky vibes while still staying very on-theme.

Haunted Memory Lace Veil Mask

A girl can’t grieve without a proper veil! For some inspiration, check out this Haunted Memory Lace Veil Face Mask.

Okay, it’s a face mask, but the lace draping lets you stay safe in style.

And bonus – you can totally rock this on a trip to the grocery store on days you’re feeling particularly 30.

Set Up an Altar for Your 20s

Just like at a real funeral, ask your friends to bring flowers, photos, notes, or other offerings in honor of your youth.

Decorate your altar however moves you. A good place to start is by imagining what photo of you best exemplifies your younger self and having a large print of that photo made.

Adorn it with flowers, a garland, beads, or whatever else moves you.

You can invite guests to place their offerings at the altar as they arrive, or ask them to wait until all the guests have arrived.

That way they can make their offerings one at a time and each provide a brief eulogy for your lost youth as they do so.

Death to My 20s Party Game: Obituary Contest

Set aside pens and pads of paper for each guest to write a eulogy for your youth.

Invite them all to take turns reading them out loud. Award prizes for funniest, saddest, and most memorable.

RIP 20s Cookies

Nothing helps mourning like a sweet treat. Get some RIP 20s cookies for the perfect sweet ending to your party.

Coffin Cakes

If you’re a home baker, this is a great time to tackle a morbid themed dessert like these fun coffin-shaped brownies.

Sticking with the theme of youth throwbacks, this is also a great time to whip up a batch of that fun-gross childhood classic, dirt cups.

Mix in a few candy bones or top the cookie crumb layer with a tiny tombstone to stay on-theme.

Tombstone Food Toppers

These are made for cakes or cupcakes, but they’d also make perfect toppers for little dirt cup desserts.

If sweets aren’t your jam, these can go into just about any hors d’ouvres – tortilla-ham pinwheels, caprese bites, or you could even pop them into a bowl of dip.

Whimsical Skull Paper Plates

Nothing makes for a great party like minimal clean-up.

Save yourself the sink full of dirty dishes to wash once your guests leave with these whimsical skull paper plates.

These are especially useful if you’re planning a picnic – paper is perfectly portable, and you don’t have to carry your dirty dishes home.

Skeleton Napkins

Give your guests something spooky to keep themselves clean – or to wipe away their tears while they mourn the death of your youth.

We love that the skull paper plates and these napkins go together, for a cohesive, stylish-yet-spooky look.

How are you planning your Death to My 20s party? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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