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Video daytona beach shores shipwreck


The ocean appears to have given up another mystery in Daytona Beach Shores following severe erosion after hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

Viewer Shaun Perdue shared pictures with WESH 2 of what appears to be a possible shipwreck.

[image id=’fdcaee9d-08ec-453d-80b6-52e5ce24ab96′ mediaId=’85a04ff1-e707-454d-8d63-87297122a240′ align=’center’ size=’medium’ share=’true’ caption=” expand=” crop=’original’][/image]

This is well south of where another shipwreck was uncovered in November.

Volusia County beach staff are aware and have contacted the same archeological team that investigated the uncovered November ship.

“We noticed this disturbance or something different in the water,” Perdue said.

Perdue, strolling with family Wednesday, was among the first to spot the dark shape under shallow water just north of the El Portal approach in Daytona Beach Shores.

He says others got into the water with metal detectors and collected several loose objects.

“Pieces of old copper and things that I guess predate nails, so it looks to be a very, very old ship,” Perdue said.

Chopper 2 flew over the site and from that perspective, the outline of the presumed shipwreck is really obvious.

[mediaosvideo align=” embedId=’63101f12-43a0-42b3-98e1-70040fd0c626′ mediaId=’a4b67d97-7279-4065-a637-e9aa1f778c1b’ size=”][/mediaosvideo]

In November, after first Ian, then Nicole washed out anywhere from 4 to 8 feet of sand elevation, the remains of a wooden-hulled ship dating back to the 1800s were revealed on the shores near Frank Rendon Park.

Now this new discovery has been made.

Beach safety officials say they have always known there was some kind of debris field here but say it’s never been so exposed as to suggest it could be a possible shipwreck.

This is the first time in several decades they say it’s been this clear.

“It’s kind of cool seeing these blasts from the past. Unfortunately, it’s due to the lost sand,” Beach Safety Capt. A.J. Miller said.

Officials estimate the ship, at least from what they can see of it, is 25 to 30 feet long.

State archeologists will be coming out Monday to map the wreckage.

Since the discovery, people have been making the trip to see it firsthand and Beach Safety officers say it’s no problem.

It’s clearly historic but they do warn about getting too close.

“Please don’t go in it. We don’t know if there’s any metal involved. It is a hazard, so view it, picture it, but just keep your distance from it to be safe,” Miller said.

Beach Safety will put up signs in the next day or two to alert people about what they now believe lies under the water.

The previous shipwreck uncovered in November has since been reburied in the sand.

At the time, archeologists said it would likely break apart if they tried to remove it.

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