Daemon / rhaenyra fic recs

watched the dragon show, became obsessed, and so here are some daemyra fic recs. original warnings apply. commentary is my opinion; go read and support authors 💗

modern au

potential by stannide

a masterpiece! required reading. this fic is probably a gateway drug, and it will ruin you for all modern aus after. the writing is luminous and intoxicating.

the beauty queen in tears by writingwhatidream

the crown meets a/b/o; there’s something so addicting about this world where targaryens are modern royalty with a young princess rhaenyra at uni. the dual-pov is crafted so masterfully. [in-progress]

say my name, say it again by ineedyoursway

the prose is luscious and the story leans into the mafia-esque, age-gap vibes. it’s sinister and alluring in the best ways. every single chapter takes my breath away and leaves me stunned. [in-progress]

somewhere in the haze by darkgods

corporate!targaryen is a deliciously fun modern setting, and this one peels back layer after layer. [in-progress]

scattered moonbeams by untouchable

they meet on a dating app after years of estrangement, but of course, it’s so much more than that. miscommunication-fueled yearning is a gift.

ruled by siebilant

they also meet on a dating app, but the prose in this one swelters. it’s a push-pull, then take whatever you can get your hands on when it comes to these two.

anything charmtion publishes is poetry, including:

  • rosemary by charmtion
  • underbelly by charmtion
  • into dark, into water by charmtion
  • dirt nap by charmtion

(this is a non-scientific recommended reading order; the first pair has partners-in-crime family vibes, the second pair has running away-finding each other circularity)

other au

everything darkgods will ever write (consider this list a darkgods shrine), including:

a wing shaped from fire by darkgods

rhaneyra is betrothed to daemon from a young age, and a viserys consumed by dreams steps aside and crowns daemon king instead. one of my favorite characterizations of a young!rhaenyra, in all the fire and spirit she possesses as a dragon. [in-progress]

put down that gravestone by darkgods

this is probably the most beloved fic around the block. surprise, rhaenyra gives birth to daemon’s twins after that fateful night in 1×04; daemon returns a decade later and our favorite scheming power couple reunites. [in-progress]

something wretched about this by darkgods

dead dove where king!daemon takes underage!rhaenyra as his ward and takes his tutelage very seriously, but he is very unserious about the extent of his feelings. [in-progress]

kiss my face and tell me i’m the chosen one by darkgods

domestic!daemyra with a brood of over a dozen little targs. after aegon ascends to the throne, rhaenyra retreats as the princess of dragonstone and slowly builds her empire. [in-progress]

a king for a queen | bone of my bone by FormerlyIR (Irony_Rocks)

a/b/o where daemon steals rhaenyra away and one of the story tags is “high valyrian as a love language” so they get it.

i only want your soul by sweetlovedoll

soulmatism, and the doom that befalls everyone in a three mile radius if you try to separate these two.

the tyrant king and his little queen by framboise

daemon targaryen and the boy!obsessed trope, describes how the king is endlessly doting upon his young niece-wife-queen.

the last beautiful thing i saw is the thing that blinded me by pentaghastly

more mythological dragon lore. the only way to describe this is incandescent poetry that drips down the sleeve after the first bite of an overripe fruit.

unwanted consequences by cartographies

we should all be team!rhaenyra begins to pick at the unresolved traumas around marriage and motherhood.

bad religion by stannide

a gorgeous daemon character study that unfolds through the first half of the season.

fix-it universe

crucible by stannide

sometimes we’re all mad about the season 01 finale, and other times we read this as a salve for our wounds.

salt by charmtion

in the post-finale, simply unfold and dwell in the tender horror of this poetry.

bloodless by charmtion

daemon and rhaenyra survive the dance, but wounds linger and cannot be washed away.

burning times by lovily

the beautiful ebb and flow of these two losing and finding themselves in each other, hurt/comfort.

list last updated dec 2022

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