What is a Cruise to Nowhere?

Cruises to nowhere are short cruises that allow you to set sail for a few days. This gives you just enough time to enjoy the facilities on your favorite ship, cruise line, or cruise company. If this sounds perfect to you, there are a few things you may want to know.

What Is a Cruise to Nowhere?

While it may appear strange to want to go on a cruise to nowhere, this offers a fast getaway for passengers. If you are a first-time cruiser, it will introduce you to the concept of going on a cruise and allow you to experience different dining options and take in a show.

If you have been on a cruise before, this will allow you to sample a new cruise ship or brand. Either way, these cruises offer a quick, stress-free vacation to allow you to relax and recharge.

These voyages last one-to-three nights. They depart from several different ports-although not from the United States-and sail on international waters. This is usually so the ships can offer casinos and duty-free shopping.

Then, they return to the same or a different port several days later. These trips are designed so that guests can immerse themselves in the onboard experience.

They also offer a quick ocean getaway solution so that people can enjoy a great weekend in a short amount of time.

Important Facts About Cruises to Nowhere

In 2015, people in the United States were able to book cruises to nowhere. They tended to go from ports in New York on lines like Norwegian or Carnival.

However, in 2016, the Department for Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection banned cruises on foreign-flagged ships leaving from US ports. The regulation itself is an issue that arose out of concerns regarding immigration. Despite these cruises never technically departing from the US, legality becomes a factor.

Crew members that aren’t American citizens or legal permanent residents can cause legal concerns. Ships are required to include a minimum of one foreign port call prior to the vessel returning to the US.

Otherwise, the crew technically is classified as working in the US. Visa holders are allowed to work as crew members only if they intend to be in the US temporarily and to only pursue the job of crewman and depart from the States within the ship.

The only way that American ships can do a cruise to nowhere is if they have an all-American crew. The only cruise lines that can circumvent this rule are UnCruise Adventures, American Cruise Lines, Alaskan Dream Cruises, Select Lindblad Expeditions, and American Queen Steamboat Company.

Why Should You Book a Cruise to Nowhere?

One reason to book a cruise to nowhere is to discover if cruising is something you would enjoy. Think of it as a trial period to test whether you would enjoy a full cruise or not. While many people assume they will love time at sea, not all people can handle it.

Discover If You Will Enjoy It

If you are new to the idea of cruising, a cruise to nowhere offers a trial run for a couple of days. Some people find they love being aboard a cruise, while others feel the experience is too confining. They would rather be on land than remain at sea for an extended period.

Other people may find they get seasick or that the experience just isn’t for them. This allows them to check it out and decide for themselves before shelling out a great deal of money for a longer cruise and discovering they hated it.

The shorter voyages allow you to relax in luxury accommodations, dine on fabulous cuisine, and take in the incredible entertainment.

Test Out a New Ship or Brand

Maybe you have a great deal of experience with cruising. Yet you may feel as if you want to try something new or expand your offerings. New cruise ships are launched every year, so there are many cruises to choose from. Booking a cruise to nowhere allows you to experience a new ship to see which one best suits your expectations.

Experience a Cruise for Less Money

These types of cruises are great when money is tight and you’re on a budget but still want to get away. It offers the experience at a fraction of the cost of a 10-night cruise.

Instead, you can enjoy cruising and all of its benefits for a much lower price. Although you may not have ample time onboard the ship, you’ll still come home feeling much more relaxed.

Be Spontaneous and Book a Last-Minute Getaway

Life is busy, and we all need time to unwind. If you like being spontaneous or want to surprise a significant other, then a cruise to nowhere may be the perfect option.

Since these cruses are so convenient, they are easy to plan. They also don’t affect busy schedules. There is no concern over flights or lugging suitcases between locations.

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Things to Do

While you may not be disembarking from the cruise ship, you will still spend an enjoyable, relaxing time onboard. You will experience just as much fun cruising as you would visiting various destinations. You can relax by going swimming, playing a trivia game, attending a show, or playing mini-golf. The day’s activities are completely up to you!

  • Sleep in while enjoying breakfast in bed (usually with complimentary room service)
  • Go for a run on the outdoor track or on a treadmill in the fitness center
  • Enjoy the plentiful food options and activities that make for a unique experience
  • Indulge in some me-time with spas, saunas, and of course, tropical drinks
  • Take in a performance at the theater
  • Dance to live music or visit the casino

There are many things you can experience on a cruise ship, even if you only go for a few days. If you have never experienced cruises to nowhere, this is your chance to book a quick getaway. It may be just the thing you need to rest and recharge.

What is a Cruise to Nowhere?

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