What Channel Is Court TV On DIRECTV?: Complete Guide

Court TV shows us a window into an aspect of life that most wouldn’t really want to find themselves in, but the way the channel presents that aspect is really informative and lets us know what else goes on in the world.

I tune into the channel sometimes when I used to have my old cable TV connection, but I wanted to check the channel out again on my new DIRECTV connection.

I needed to find out if the channel was on DIRECTV and what channel it was on. I decided the internet would be the best place to find out more.

I checked out DIRECTV’s channel lineups and user forums for more info and read through news articles about channels being added and removed from the services.

After several hours of combing through all this information, I felt I had known enough about Court TV and its availability on DIRECTV.

When you finish reading this article, which I created with the help of that research, you’ll be able to figure out if your DIRECTV cable subscription carries Court TV.

Court TV isn’t on DIRECTV, but the older Court TV, which was rebranded to TruTV, is on DIRECTV at channel 246 in all regions and channel packages.

Keep reading to find out what happened to Court TV and how you can watch the channel for free online.

Does DIRECTV Have Court TV?

The Court TV of today was a relaunched channel that started in 2019 as a digital broadcast channel and is only available on TV antennas.

While the original Court TV from 1991 rebranded to TruTV and is available on DIRECTV.

Depending on which version of Court TV you want, you’ll either have the channel or you won’t

TruTV is on all DIRECTV channel packages, so it doesn’t matter what package you have; you’ll get TruTV on your cable connection.

Court TV is now only available as a digital broadcast locally, and it is not included in the usual bunch of local channels that DIRECTV usually includes.

To get TruTV, you only need to have an active subscription to DIRECTV, and if you’re still in doubt about the channel, contact DIRECTV and ask them if you have the channel.

You’ll get TruTV on channel 246 in all regions and all channel packages that DIRECTV offers.

If you still want to watch Court TV, we have a guide on how to watch their shows as they are now very active online.

What TV Providers Have Court TV?

After Katz Broadcasting acquired the rights to the Court TV name, they shifted the channel to be available only on over-the-air digital broadcasting systems.

The channel is free to watch, but you’ll need to have a digital TV antenna to get the channel on your TV.

If you want to watch the older original programming from Court TV and any new content from the channel, get a digital TV antenna and connect it to your TV.

Use the channel scan feature to find what channels are available in your area, and if Court TV is, you’ll be able to watch it.

The channel Court TV is available differs from area to area; for example, it is on channel 69.3 in San Diego and on channel 2.5 in Baltimore.

Contact your local Court TV affiliate to know what channel is available in your area.

Streaming The Channel

Aside from the over-the-air channel, Court TV has a website where you can stream the channel for free, but it will have ads just like the actual channel.

The channel streams 24/7 live on YouTube for free as well, so you’re pretty much covered when it comes to streaming the channel online.

You also have the Court TV app, where you can not only stream the channel but read articles on ongoing court proceedings and other court-related happenings.

You’ll also be able to watch older content that was already broadcast completely for free, and the app is also free to download on all major mobile and smart TV platforms.

Popular Shows On Court TV

Court TV’s content focuses on true crime, investigations, and court proceedings, and most shows are very informative about things you wouldn’t really be knowing about.

Some of the shows that make Court TV worth watching are:

  • NYPD Blue
  • Forensic Files
  • Crime Stories
  • The Investigators
  • Psychic Detectives, and more.

To know when these shows will be airing, you can check the schedule for the channel in the channel guide.

Once you find the show you want to check out, set a reminder for the show so that you’ll be able to catch the show when it comes on.

Channels Like Court TV

While Court TV is a great channel, a few other channels deal with the same type of true crime content.

Some of the channels that offer content similar to Court TV are:

  • A&E
  • True Crime Network
  • Investigation Discovery
  • HLN, and more.

These channels are on DIRECTV on several channel packages, so contact DIRECTV to know if your current channel package has these channels included.

Check them out if you want to check out something different from what’s on Court TV.

Final Thoughts

You really don’t want to go for a digital TV antenna if you already watch a lot of YouTube since Court TV already has a 24/7 stream that you can watch for free.

I recommend you stream the channel instead because of the convenience that streaming offers, and if you want to catch any previous content, you can do so on the Court TV app, that’s free to download.

You’re free to get a TV antenna if you want to have a more traditional TV viewing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Court TV a local channel?

Court TV is now a local channel available only if you have an over-the-air antenna connected to your TV.

The channel is free to watch if your TV antenna is configured correctly.

Where can I watch Court TV for free?

You can watch Court TV for free on YouTube or the Court TV website, which has a 24/7 live stream.

You can also stream the channel through the Court TV app for free after downloading the free app.

How much does Court TV cost?

Court TV is an over-the-air channel that’s completely free to watch.

Connect a TV antenna to your TV and run a channel scan to find the Court TV channel if it is available in your area.

Does Netflix have Court TV?

Netflix currently doesn’t have any programming from Court TV since it doesn’t have the licenses to stream them.

They might come on the service in the future, but as of now, Netflix doesn’t have Court TV.

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