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Cesar Diaz is one of the main characters in Netflix’s award-winning series, On My Block. Played by Diego Tinoco, Cesar is a 17-year-old Latino American teenager living in an inner city area of Los Angeles known as Freeridge.

Cesar grew up in Freeridge with his two best friends, Monse and Jamal, and his younger brother Oscar. His parents were both murdered when he was very young, leaving him to look aftr Oscar and take on some of the responsibilities of an adult. He works hard to provide for his family and protect those he loves.

Despite all the hardships Cesar has endured in his life, he still maintains a strong sense of optimism and kindness. He stands up for what he believes in and will always go out of his way to help those in need. Despite being a bit reckless at times, Cesar always puts the safety of himself and others first.

Cesar is also fiercely loyal to his friends, often going above and beyond to protect them. He has a special bond with Monse that goes beyond friendship – they look out for each other like siblings. He also has an unspoken connection with Jamal that only they can understand – they’ve been through a lot together and have seen each other through some dark times.

Throughout On My Block, we’ve seen Cesar grow into an intelligent and responsible young man who cares deeply about his family and friends. No matter how tough life gets for him or them, we know Cesar will be there to offer support when it’s needed most!

Is Cesar From On My Block of Mexican Descent?

Yes, Cesar from the popular Netflix series On My Block is Mexican. Cesar is played by actor Diego Tinoco, who is of Mexican and Ecuadorian descent. Cesar is a member of the teen gang known as the Santos and hails from South Central Los Angeles, where many members of his community identify as Mexican-American. This heritage has been integral to the show’s depiction of Cesar’s character and his relationships with his friends and family in South Central.

Age of Cesar from On My Block in Real Life

Cesar, the character played by Brett Gray in Netflix’s On My Block, is 17 years old in the show. In real life, Brett Gray is 23 years old, making him about 6 years older than his character.

Is Lil Ricky Caesar’s Dad in ‘On My Block’?

No, Caesar’s father is not Lil Ricky in On My Block. In season 4, episode 6, it is revealed that Lil Ricky is the owner of The Farm, a rehabilitation center in Bakersfield. However, Ray, who is Oscar and Cesar’s father, left Freeridge for Bakersfield when a strange man offered him a job. Even though he was offered the job by Lil Ricky himself, there has been no indication that Ray and Lil Ricky are related in any way. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Caesar’s dad is not Lil Ricky.

Caesar’s Girlfriend on On My Block

Caesar’s girlfriend in the Netflix original series On My Block is Vero, played by Nikki Rodriguez. Vero is a new addition to the show, first introduced in season three. She hails from East Los Angeles and is a strong-willed and independent young woman. She’s determined to forge her own path and make something of herself, despite her family’s financial struggles. She’s also an aspiring dancer and has been taking hip-hop classes with Caesar. Vero and Caesar share an undeniable spark and connection, but their relationship isn’t without its difficulties. They must navigate complicated family dynamics and growing up in the inner city while still supporting each oher through their respective dreams.

The Race of Caesar on My Block

Cesar is a Latino male from the series On My Block. He has tan skin, black hair, and a fit build. His physical features are indicative of his Latin American ethnicity and his cultural heritage is often central to the plot of the show. Cesar also wears a chain around his neck as a symbol of his identity. In Chapter Ten, Oscar shaves off Cesar’s hair, but it grows back shortly after.

Is Jamal Hispanic on ‘On My Block’?

No, Jamal Turner is not Hispanic in On My Block. He is African-American, and is portrayed by actor Brett Gray. Raised by his single father, he is in love with one of his best friends, Cesar. Although the show features a diverse cast and takes place in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, Jamal’s ethnicity does not play a role in his character development.

Age of Latrelle in Real Life

Jahking Guillory is 17-years-old in real life; his birthday falls on May 14th. He plays the role of Latrelle in the popular Netflix series, On My Block.

The Relationship Between Spooky Caesar and His Brother

Yes, Oscar ‘Spooky’ Diaz is indeed Cesar’s brother. In the Netflix series On My Block, Spooky is portrayed as Cesar’s older brother and former leader of the Santos gang. Prior to the start of the series, Spooky had been in prison for three years, leaving Cesar to take his place as leader of the gang. Although they don’t always get along, the two brothers are deeply connected, and it is clear that they care about each other.

The Ethnicity of Ruby from ‘On My Block’

Ruby Martinez, a 15-year-old high school student on the popular Netflix show On My Block, is of Mexican descent. His brown hair and tanned skin color are representative of his Mexican heritage. As a Latinx individual, Ruby identifies with the Latinx community and is part of the Latinx culture.

The Significance of Chivo’s Conversations with Gnomes

Chivo talks to gnomes because he finds a sense of comfort and safety in their presence. The gnomes represent a form of protection that Chivo can rely on, as they are unable to leave him in the same way as humans often do. Chivo’s trust in the gnomes is exemplified by how he fell into a shock-induced coma when Jamal hurt Julio in Season 2, showing how deeply he cared for them. Furthermore, Chivo’s conversations with the gnomes allow him to express his emotions and thoughts without judgement or criticism, something which can be especially comforting during difficult times.

The Significance of Ricky Galindo in On My Block

Ricky Galindo is an important character in On My Block because he is the leader of the Santos Gang, a powerful street gang in South Central Los Angeles. He was also one of the three members (along with Benito and Frankie) who pulled off the 1981 RollerWorld Heist, where they stole millions of dollars. Despite his criminal past, Ricky has become a sort of father figure to many of the characters in On My Block. He is respected for his street smarts and for being a savvy business man, as well as for helping look out for thoe in his neighborhood. His influence and power has allowed him to protect his community from outside threats and even helped them find their way out of tough situations. Ricky’s importance in On My Block is undeniable, as he has become a symbol of hope and strength to many of its characters.

Is Little Ricky Still Alive?

Yes, Richard Keith, who played Little Ricky on the television series I Love Lucy from 1953-1957, is still alive. Born in 1948, Keith is currently 71 years old. Following his role as Little Ricky, he continued his acting career and went on to star in other notable shows such as The Rifleman and The Addams Family.

The Reasons Behind Cesar and Monse’s Breakup

Monse and Cesar broke up because they were both afraid of what they had become as a result of their relationship. Cesar had developed feelings for Monse, but he was already in a committed relationship with someone else. Despite their strong connection, Monse was unwilling to be an obstacle in his life and chose to put herself first. They briefly reconnected after some time apart, but Cesar ultimately decided that it would be best for them to remain apart.

The Reasons Behind Olivia and Cesar’s Breakup

Olivia and Cesar’s relationship ended because they both had feelings for different people. In Chapter Two, Ruby introduced them to each other, and their relationship began from there. However, Olivia started to develop feelings for someone else, while Cesar developed feelings for another person. Despite this, Monse stated that the breakup of Olivia and Cesar would not break up the “family”; rather, it was her own relationship that would have a bigger impact on it. As a result, they decided to end their relationship in order to pursue their respective interests.

Will Cesar and Olivia End Up Together?

No, Cesar does not end up with Olivia. After much deliberation, both Olivia and Cesar decide that their relationship isn’t working and they part ways. This allows Cesar to pursue a relationship with Monse, his true love, which he does in the final episode of the show.


Cesar Diaz from Netflix’s On My Block is portrayed by Diego Tinoco and is a beloved character for his bold, independent spirit. He is a loyal friend, taking on the role of protector in his group, and striving to look after their best interests. Despite coming from a difficult home life, Cesar rises above his circumstances and focuses on his education and finding ways to secure a beter future for himself. His relationship with Vero shows that he is open-minded and willing to challenge societal norms. Ultimately, Cesar proves himself to be an admirable person who can overcome hardship with strength and resilience.

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