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On February 12, 2013 , George Anderson, on these same pages asked: “Will New CEO Be the Right Rx For What Ails RadioShack?”

I wrote the following answer and since then, the geek audience has further expanded and organized as has IoT, the importance of STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the coolness and importance of science and engineering in general. I won’t change or edit the original list below but here are some quick additions:

Engage/emulate ProductHunt, the hugely acclaimed community that describes themselves like this: “Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.”

About the name, I would keep it for sure — you want to connect with awkward geeks and showing respect for the OG’s (Original Geeks) who built your company and paved the way…Ham Radio! Radio Shack finds itself in the middle of the most powerful and enthusiast epoch of science since Sputnik! Oh, and I would make Stephen Hawking, Neil Degrasse Tyson and of course Sabrina Pasterski part of your advisory board. The problems will then include what to do with the extra advertising budget you won’t use and increase electric recharging stations around your store.

Dene, before you turn to excel and your spreadsheets, give me a call and don’t listen to the Frat Boys — RadioShack must survive, it won’t be easy (you’ll have to build a model that can succeed in the shadow of Amazon and Shopify, etc.) but you find yourself in an amazing place.

Vahe, WA1QQK

===================Feb 2013

0. Advertise during the show, “The Big Bang Theory”: …and occasionally show Sheldon and Leonard going there to get things to build something that’s part of the show.1. Infiltrate and understand the current “‘maker’ trend” and find out what is needed to support that audience: Become the central supplier of El wire and Blinky things for the electronic music/rave crowds.2. Jump on the Raspberry Pi phenomenon: Including robotics and high altitude photography.3. Jump on the Nest, home automation trend: Jump on anything relating to sensors that work with smart phones or blue tooth sensors. Help people connect their smart phones to cars built before 2007.4. Curate smart phone apps: Find amazing applications that relate to local problems and applications the developers will drive traffic to your stores.5. Facilitate hackathons in your local markets: Be the enabler of that crowd.6. Make an amazing social/local/mobile application that leverages the fact that there is a store within 5 minutes of so many people in the US.7. Curate and offer training: From basic literacy, to how to put up a blog.8. Contract with local experts and facilitate their involvement in projects: Be the Home Depot of home electronics.9. Create a capability to support weekend projects: “We will not let you fail” kind of thing.10. Talk to everyone who buys your 1/4 watt resistors and figure out what the bigger picture is.

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  • :
  • : 05/28/2023
  • : 4.87 (976 vote)
  • : RadioShack on Tuesday named Dene Rogers its new president and CEO, effective May 9. Rogers also will join RadioShack’s board of directors.

RadioShack CEO and Leadership

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  • : 06/20/2023
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  • : Executive Summary. Based on our data team’s research, Steve Moroneso is the RadioShack’s CEO. RadioShack has 5,825 employees, of which 13 are in …

RadioShack Announces Dene Rogers Joining as President and CEO

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  • : 07/17/2022
  • : 4.4 (556 vote)
  • : Dene Rogers will join the company as President and CEO on May 9, 2016. Mr. Rogers brings to RadioShack a wealth of experience in the retail …

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