Cancer Sun Libra Moon: A Judgmental Personality

In the chart of someone born with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra, the Sun and Moon are positioned in a square. This means people in these signs have the balance of the Libra shadowed by the Cancer’s emotionality.

It’s hard for these natives to be free from their feelings. But all in all, they’re attentive creatures who can be good friends and make others feel like they’re family around them. They enjoy beauty and spending some quality time with their partner.

Personality traits

Cancer Sun Libra Moon people are nothing else but more independent Cancers and more needy Libras. There’s a contradiction in their personality because the Cancer is reserved and emotional, while the Libra is more open and detached.

These natives are often terrified of expressing themselves because they think they won’t be accepted or that they won’t feel comfortable. If they would trust their Moon more, this could change.

They love being around people and they are sociable creatures, not to mention that they have this ability to guess what others are feeling.

When it comes to the weaknesses others may have, they are masters at identifying them. It wouldn’t matter what type of relationship they’re having, these natives would still protect their feelings by not revealing too much of themselves.

When it comes to their ideal partner, Cancer Sun Libra Moon natives want someone open and who they can completely trust. One of their main purposes in life is to explore what fair give-and-take situations bring to the personal relationships they’re having.

The more they will connect with people, the more they will realize what kind of security they require and what connections make them thrive. It can be hard for them to put themselves out there, but they may need to, especially if they want to be great artists or have a healthy love life.

While they need to belong, to have a family, this feeling can turn into an obsession that would only guide their life towards destruction.

Being single-minded is not at all a good idea for anyone, no matter the sign. What makes them special is well hidden inside of them.

They need to express themselves because what they will say and do is going to be beautiful for sure. It’s OK to do it after they started to be more confident.

Imaginative persons, it’s amazing to see what their mind can create. If they believe in themselves, they can pursue an artistic career without any problem.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon individuals are tactful and diplomatic, so they can resolve any conflict with a few words only. And this makes them great psychologists, sociologists, lawyers or judges.

Any job that would require them to be balanced and to establish peace would be their dream come true.

Ruled by Moon, Cancers are the happiest when they’re taking care of someone. These natives love spending their time in the family and celebrating.

They are compassionate and kind, but moody and easily influenced about anything happening around them.

When dealing with a tense situation or people who like to argue, they retreat inside their inner world and refuse to come out. And when they want to be alone, there’s no one to bother them anymore.

Due to this way of coping with trouble, they may seem uncaring and distant. But they are only protecting themselves. Many will get to know their cheerful, happy side they usually hide from others.

Cancer Sun Libra Moons become better people as soon as they are loved and appreciated. Their self-esteem and confidence are brought on by knowing that they are being loved.

Without this feeling, they would only become miserable and sad. Maybe, at some point, they will learn how to no longer need validation and count only on their own opinion on themselves.

They are fair and objective people who need their life to be balanced. And they have to receive as much as they give.

These are two signs that provoke each other and it can’t be too comfortable. Their natives would have to integrate both their energies and rely only on what’s positive in each.

When the Sun is Cancer and the Moon in Libra, all the tension is about the natives’ relationships, family and home. There would be competitiveness between what their two distinct signs want from these things in life.

What they need to learn is to no longer wear a mask that hides their weaknesses and feelings. They should just go with the flow and see where their contradicting emotions take them.

While there’s a risk they will keep staying at safety and run away from others, they need to understand interaction is essential. They may feel betrayed or hurt by some people, but they still need to do it.

They will be frustrated, but at least they would act in their own interest. Not that they have to live depending on how others see them because they would only be unsatisfied with such an attitude. They need to consider how others view them and understand themselves better.

Pleasing lovers

Cancer Sun Libra Moon lovers are empathetic people. They can feel their lover’s hidden desires. Also, they need to protect and to care for someone.

As soon as they’ve allowed the person they’re in love with to reach in, they will turn into these extremely nurturing lovers. Only being needed will give them a purpose in life.

But they should be careful not to become a little too much. Also not too smothering, especially when they’ll be terrified of not being abandoned.

Moon Libras need to be involved with someone. They enjoy feeling like they’re a whole with someone and the occasions to share what they have. But above it all, these natives need balance and harmony. That’s why they try to stay away from emotions the best way they can.

Their downsides emerge when they’re no longer paying attention to themselves because they are trying to please their partner.

Also being passive aggressive and not making a decision when they’re required to, are things that usually get them in trouble.

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon man

This gentleman follows tradition and does what he feels. It’s easy for this guy to become self-conscious and too timid. He self-examines himself too much. And when doing so, no one can reach him anymore.

Protecting his feelings is the most important thing for the Cancer Sun Libra Moon man. He needs to learn how to control what’s going on around him because he usually changes according to his environment.

Especially when he’s with close friends or colleagues, he’s even more shy than other Cancers because his Moon Libra makes him want peace and serenity.

So he’s more emotional and sensitive. He often tries to be who others want him to be. And he can lose himself in the roles he’s always playing.

He definitely wastes too much time with what some are all about because he thinks he’ll find himself in their demands. This can sometimes help him become a better person.

But he needs to be more confident about himself and his opinions. Besides this, he has to take risks if he wants to really take advantage of the opportunities revealing themselves to him.

He likes being needed and he’s an incurable romantic. He’s not about sex but more about feelings.

This male usually doesn’t see the bad in his partner, looking only at her greatest qualities. What he needs is to be emotionally supported and encouraged. He will simply worship the person who’ll give him all of this.

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon woman

The behavior of this lady is fairly complicated because she combines dependence with its opposite, which is independence.

While the Cancer in her is all about emotions and withdrawing, the Libra leads her to analyze and to not feel things so intensely.

It’s a battle between practicality and emotionality with her. This lady needs and should have company. But she won’t reveal too much of herself because she’s self-protective and introverted.

People will be drawn to the charm and responsiveness of the Cancer Sun Libra Moon woman. She can win the heart of entire groups of people, but she’s more efficient with only one person or smaller teams.

All the time a romantic, she still enjoys the company of friends and those who aren’t her lover. She wants attention and knows what to do to get it. But she may have problems expressing her affection.

Not to mention she keeps people at a distance because she’s suspicious and doesn’t want to seem weak.

People’s vulnerabilities and strengths will reveal themselves to her. It wouldn’t matter who wants closeness with her, she would still be reserved and not revealing.

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