Cancer Sun Gemini Moon: An Assertive Personality

Those with their Sun in Cancer and their Moon in Gemini are very aware of what others are feeling because they have a strong intuition. All the time ready for change, there’s no way these natives will turn down a new challenge.

Nice and kind, they would never hurt anyone with a harsh word or a misplaced action. They usually are the life of any party. And they like this. Intelligent and sophisticated, they can perceive what is transmitted to them easily. Not to mention how good of a memory they have.

The Cancer is all about intuition and sensitivity, the Gemini is the wanderer, the seeker of variety and the most curious sign in the zodiac.

Personality traits

Keeping their mind occupied is very important for Cancer Sun Gemini Moon people, however, when engaged in too many projects at a time, they can become nervous.

It’s important for them to charge their batteries by reading, listening to music and doing anything that stimulates their imagination.

It’s not easy for these Cancers to have moments of introspection because they are all the time busy interpreting the impressions they get from life. As they have elevated sensitivity, they risk getting too comfortable with a situation and to never want to change anything.

Not to mention it’s possible they’ll work more for others than for themselves. Or instead of paying attention to their feelings, they would end up adapting their emotions to their surroundings.

For example, if they would be around aggressive people, they would become aggressive themselves.

Around passive-aggressive people, they would be calm and serene. It’s like they’re chameleons: they take any color of the environment they’re in and make it theirs.

And this is one of the reason why it can be difficult for them to identify what they really want from life.

But there is some negativity too in their chart. For example, when they feel like their projects are not going the way they want them to, they give up.

If they want to have long-term relationships, they should not take things so personally.

It’s essential for the Cancer Sun Gemini Moon natives to take a break and ask themselves what their thoughts and feelings are before making any decision. Only looking inside themselves, they will be able to see what’s about them and isn’t copied from others.

They shouldn’t be afraid of their own ideas and judgments because they usually get things correctly from their first impressions. Counting on themselves only would be a great idea for these natives.

Their decisions should be their own even if they are functioning better when they are working in teams. Because they can’t make decisions fast, these Cancers are not that good in executive positions.

They are intelligent, ingenious and creative enough to deal with other jobs, though. Entertainment and the media may attract them a lot. If they have other artistic signs in their chart, they would have great achievements doing something creative.

It’s normal for them to not keep their promises, but they definitely are loyal. Moon Geminis tend to be too criticizing. Meditation and relaxation techniques are very important for these natives.

A Cancer Sun Gemini Moon combination suggests the natives of these signs need to be intellectually stimulated and to go through many changes. This is what makes them feel emotionally secure.

The more it’s required for them to adapt and the more they satisfy their thirst for knowledge, the better. You can’t get to their heart if you’re not an intellectual yourself.

The combination of Sun and Moon in their chart indicates they are nurturing creatures who like to connect with others. They are simply fueled by being intimate and personal with as many people as possible.

It’s interesting for them to understand different emotions and to help others know themselves. And they use their kindness or intuition for this to be possible.

What they need the most is variety and to share ideas or concepts with those in their immediate proximity. Not to mention how much they wish to live dynamically and to benefit from as many choices as possible.

Action-oriented lovers

While caring and protective, Sun Cancers are still a Cardinal sign, which means they will make the first move in love.

While usually cautious about whom they give their trust to, Cancer Sun Gemini Moon people are pretty revealing when they are sure about someone.

Domestic creatures, these natives become the angriest or happiest when things are about their family or their home. Their ideal partner should want to build a home with them.

Moon Geminis are easygoing creatures. They like to exchange information and usually intellectualize their emotions. But you can be sure they will discuss any feeling they have with their lover.

The way these people will bond is only through communication. Their defects emerge when they become extremely unemotional and they ignore the deep meaning of things. Gossip is another negative thing of theirs.

The Cancer Sun Gemini Moon man

The Cancer Sun Gemini Moon man has a great intuition and sensitivity. He’s flexible and can adapt to any situation. But this can be both his weakness and his strength.

He is always connected to those around him and wants to please. All in all, he’s a kind person whom anyone can impress.

Usually trusting others, he will suffer many disappointments because of this. And when it will happen, he’ll close into himself.

He likes participating to all kind of social gatherings. It would be a tragedy for him to be left out of events. Curious about anything, he’ll want to experiment as much as possible.

However, if things don’t go the way he wants them to, he’ll give up and turn back to what he knows best. He’s not the type to stick too something for long term. It’s easy to hurt him.

If he’ll learn how to not allow for this to happen, he’ll be much happier. If not, he’ll be in an emotional turmoil all the time. This guy can adapt to anyone and anything. But he’s very indecisive. While he doesn’t let it show, he’s pretty much insecure.

The Cancer Sun Gemini Moon woman

This lady demands a lot from herself but at least this keeps her busy all the time, so she won’t have too much time to succumb to worries.

She wants to help everyone because she’s a kind soul. Flexible, the Cancer Sun Gemini Moon woman can adapt to any situation and behavior. But she needs to think of herself more because she tends to put others first all the time.

Her feelings are often reflecting the environment that surrounds her. There’s no one better at memorizing and learning new things than this girl. Not to mention how intelligent, funny and refined she is.

As a good observant, she has a great criticizing eye. The Gemini influences her to be agitated and to search for variety in everything that she’s doing. From the Cancer’s side, she’s intuitive and sensitive. Also, anyone could easily impress her.

Don’t think she never has any problems. Yes, she may be this great intellectual and friendly person, but she prefers tensioned situations as opposed to serene ones.

It’s like she gets emotionally nourished with difficulties. This is the only way for her to identify her real goals and to determine reality objectively. Her beautiful mind has a rich imagination. And this could help her a lot at work.

Because she’s indecisive, management positions are definitely not for her. However, she would be a good advertiser or entertainer. Not to mention what great job she would do as an artist.

Not the best at keeping her promises, she’s still loyal. She won’t need a too domineering partner because she would only lose herself in the submissive role. That’s why she has to deal with someone kind, independent and open minded.

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