‘Woke-free’ Ultra Right beer releases parody ad attacking Bud Light

Video bud light woke ad

An ex-Donald Trump campaign manager has cashed in on Bud Light’s disastrous tie-up with Dylan Mulvaney by launching a “woke-free beer” called Ultra Right — and its latest ad is a cinematic parody that takes another jab at the embattled brew.

The latest ad for the new beer, called Ultra Right, plays on the comedic action film “Smokey the Bandit,” a 1970s hit about a truck driver who transports an illegal shipment of beer across state lines.

“That’s me, Conservative Dad. You’re probably wondering how I got here,” the ad starts while showing founder, chief executive and so-called “Conservative Dad” Seth Weathers bashing a Bud Light can with a bat.

“This is an unlikely story of a fed-up American who had enough of the woke beer companies and decided to do something about it. I’m on a mission, and I won’t stop until all Americans have a 100% woke-free American beer company they can be proud of again,” Weathers continues while changing into Western gear.

The next scene opens with a “woke beer Smokey” — played by an actor who admirably mimics Jackie Gleason’s Sheriff Buford T. Justice — trying to stop a conservative dad who “almost destroyed one of America’s biggest woke beer companies.”

“He made a complete mockery of the woke corporation,” the highway patrolman adds in a sarcastic jab at Bud Light’s ill-fated partnership with trans social media star Mulavney — which erased $27 billion from the brand’s market cap and had beer drinkers clapping back with “Go woke, go broke.”

The 2-minute, 20-second ad draws obvious inspiration from the original “Smokey the Bandit” film with a 1977 Trans Am.

In the commercial, though, the Trans Am carries a license plate bearing the name of the not-woke beer brand.

Ultra Right — which dropped in May to capitalize on Bud Light’s losses — is donating a portion of its funds to the 1776 Project, a Trump-founded committee that supports “patriotic education.”

Weathers says in the ad that he hopes the move will “overthrow the woke school board members and replace them with normal people, like us.”

He concludes with: “Never underestimate conservative dads on a mission.”

The ad, titled “Smokey and the Conservative Dad,” was released on Weathers’ social media pages on Wednesday night, garnering nearly 145,000 views on Twitter as of Thursday morning.

Ultra Right
Ultra Right’s latest ad, titled “Smokey and the Conservative Dad,” is a parody on the 1970s film “Smokey and the Bandit,” and throws a lot of shade at Bud Light.
Ultra Right / Fox News

Ultra Right became an instant hit when it was launched in May — just weeks after Mulvaney’s April 1 posts tagged #budlightpartner that outraged the beer maker’s conservative fanbase.

After just 12 days in business, Ultra Right gained more than 10,000 customers and sold 20,000 six-packs, which run for $19.99 each.

Bud Light’s cases of 15 beers, meanwhile, sell for less than $15.

However, they’re collecting dust on store shelves as boycotts continue.

To save face, the nation’s once-top-selling beer was forced to resort to dishing out a $15 rebate on 15-pack cases of Budweiser, Bud Light, Budweiser Select or Budweiser Select 55.

However, Bud Light sales have continued to drop.

The week ended July 1, Bud Light sales took a turn for the worse, plunging 28.5% — slightly worse than the 27.9% decline they suffered the previous week, according to Bump Williams, whose eponymous consulting firm crunched the latest numbers from NielsenIQ.

Weathers — who has described himself as the CEO of a Georgia-based “uncensorable” conservative lifestyle brand — has long supported right-wing views.

Ultra Right boss Seth Weathers cashed in on Bud Light
Ultra Right boss Seth Weathers cashed in on Bud Light’s downfall after it partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney (above) in early April. Weathers’ “woke-free beer” was launched in May.
Dylan Mulvaney/Instagram

He handled the 2014 campaign of Republican Georgia Sen. Michael Williams, and served as the state director for Trump’s presidential campaign a year later.

Weathers told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he’d been a Trump supporter since he read “The Art of the Deal” — a part-memoir, part-business advice book Trump penned in 1987 — at age 18.

“He’s a brass-knuckle fighter. I’d wanted him to run for years,” he added of Trump.

The Post has reached out to Bud Light’s corporate parent, Anheuser-Busch, for comment.

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