A Bray Wyatt Return Would Save WWE from a Summer of Meh

It’s almost time for WWE’s annual Hell in a Cell event, which means the return of more Bray Wyatt comeback speculation.

Funnily enough, a Wyatt return would save WWE from a meh summer, too.

Wyatt’s character and “The Fiend” persona just mesh in a way that makes sense with the event. When fans fantasy-book a return for him, it doesn’t usually center on an event like Royal Rumble as it does for most Superstars.

It’s all about the hellacious-themed event that, admittedly, has lost a bit of luster in recent years.

The stipulation tends to just get thrown into certain feuds for the heck of it, but there’s nothing lackluster or underwhelming about the idea of a Wyatt comeback. And it just so happens the speculation mill has fired up that idea again, largely thanks to vague tweets from the man himself:

Odd as it might sound at the moment, WWE could really use a kick like Wyatt, too. He was one of the only very unique, supernatural-ish characters the company actually handled well for the most part. He was also maybe the only long-term story that evolved well on a weekly basis.

Given his past as a contender all over the card and his various personalities, Wyatt could return at any level of WWE programming, too.

Want Wyatt in the title scene? He’s got plenty of history with Roman Reigns and the company desperately needs a way to get one of the titles off him. He could work some unfinished business with Randy Orton, as the last time we saw Wyatt in April of 2021, he was losing that encounter. That could let Riddle go and contend for the Money in the Bank briefcase or a world title.

Speaking of unfinished business, Wyatt has plenty with a guy named Seth Rollins. And since WWE is adamant on dragging its feet with Cody Rhodes’ title contention, he could always go after the guy who just returned from a stint with All Elite Wrestling.

Never mind the biggest wild card to point out—Edge’s spooky new Judgment Day stable consisting of himself, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. Wyatt could join or oppose them in a fresh element to programming.

In AEW, things are feeling a little bloated given the amazing depth of the roster and limited on-air time. How he’d fit in a company with Dark Order and plenty of guys already in the main event scene is much harder to project.

Granted, there are big concerns. WWE shoved The Fiend into the title scene when it didn’t need to, and it was an unmitigated disaster. The feud with Rollins, especially, overpowered him and eventually forced Rollins himself into character changes, too. It’s hard to trust WWE to not botch Wyatt again, or vice versa, but it would be thrilling to watch unfold.

This isn’t nearly as important as all the above, but Wyatt shooting off a tweet then actually making his return quickly would be…refreshing. It would allow fans to avoid the endless “is Wyatt going to Promotion X” saga on a weekly basis before he finally appears. That would let them just focus on the in-ring action and storytelling as opposed to what’s going on outside of it.

The opportunity for WWE to have a post-Undertaker supernatural Superstar with Wyatt was right there. It got brutally fumbled for one reason or another, but that’s the fun of pro wrestling—nobody would complain if he popped back up and went for it again.

A supernatural monster like The Fiend—or even just creepy-swamp-dude-under-a-swinging-lightbulb—just coming out and wreaking havoc all over the card whenever he feels like it is too good to pass up.

As always, Hell in a Cell is the perfect place to launch such a return, too. Him returning after a power outage or from through the ring mat itself to wreck anyone, from Rhodes all the way up to Reigns, would give WWE that moment it so desperately desires and a wow-worthy reason for fans to catch the weekly summer broadcasts.

Do it right, and SummerSlam has a true co-main-event in waiting besides whatever Reigns is doing. Because right now, even the prospects of the MITB briefcase don’t add much hype to the summer months after how it has been used in recent years.

But Wyatt returning? That’s the sort of jolt WWE could use given his versatility and ability to encourage long-term investment in a character and storyline, a rarity in WWE at the moment as it heads for its second-biggest show of the year.

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