I Reviewed Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo and the Results Were Voluminous

We put Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

None of us would wash our hair as often as we do if we knew it would look great all the time with little to no styling. While washing hair regularly ensures strong strands and a clean scalp, there are a few ways to prolong your blowout or preserve your style without having to sud-up in the shower. Enter dry shampoo. Most of us have used it at one point or another for a quick fix or style refresh. With so many on the market, it’s hard to find the right formula to keep hair looking fresh and leave minimal residue and product buildup.

Ahead—we tested out Bed Head’s Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo to see just how well we could fake it in-between shampoos.

About My Hair: I’ll be honest—I’m lazy

I really don’t like washing my hair. I find it to be an arduous task that I rarely look forward to. However, I understand it’s necessary if I want to look, in my opinion, presentable. I have a sensitive scalp that tends to flake, which is another reason why I don’t wash my hair a lot or use several excessive styling products.

My hair is almost medium in length and I usually wear it in beach waves, braids, ponytails, a bun—basically any style that’s simple and doesn’t take too much time. I have always liked dry shampoo, and some brands I’ve used consistently are Briogeo, Oribe, and Klorane.

How to Apply: Spray and play

It took me a few tries to get the hang of using this dry shampoo correctly, but once I got it, I was hooked. When you first spray Dirty Secret, it’s very powerful. That is the main thing to remember— just as important as remembering to spray it at least 12 inches away from your hair. The further you spray it, the lighter the dusting is and the less product residue. I sprayed it too close to my scalp on the first go-around and it left some white residue that was hard to get rid of, plus my hair felt dry.

I used it on day two and three hair, to help refresh beach waves, add volume for a bun, and also clean up my hairline where some oil had started to form. I like to rub a towel through my hair to help distribute the product, but you can also use your fingers or brush to work it in. It’s important to be gentle to avoid any excess shedding.

Byrdie / Ashley Rebecca

The Results: Dirty hair, who?

The first few times I tried it, I sprayed it too close to my scalp which resulted in a white powder residue that stayed put and also made my hair feel dry. Once I realized I needed to spray the can much further away from my hair, it made all the difference in how it looked and felt.

I noticed immediate volume in my hair and had to do very little styling to keep it that way. It helped refresh my two-day-old beach waves which ended up looking good as new. My part and the top of my head also looked less oily after spraying a small amount to my roots and lightly buffing it in with a hair towel.

Byrdie / Ashley Rebecca

The Value: Totally worth it

When weighing your options between low-cost dry shampoos and those on the pricier side, this product is priced well for everything it does, making it a total steal. For under $20 you get 6.2 fl. oz of dr shampoo and a product that works very well in refreshing your hairstyle. With the time it saves and the results it delivers, Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo is completely worth the cost.

Byrdie / Ashley Rebecca

Competition: You’ve got options

R+CO Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($32): Give your hair an instant refresh with this dry shampoo that helps strengthen hair while adding volume. A shot of this dry shampoo helps elevate your look in seconds, while promoting cleaner, healthier-looking hair.

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Dry Shampoo ($18): Absorb oil and add volume right away with this dry shampoo from Matrix. Formulated and safe for color-treated hair, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to have dry shampoo on hand for last-minute refreshes and styling.

Batiste Bare Dry Shampoo Clean & Light ($9): A budget-friendly dry shampoo that takes your hair to the next level in just a few sprays. Specifically formulated to target excess oil, you can use it anywhere, anytime for added volume and help with styling.

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