7 Best Choices for a Beach Chair with an Umbrella in 2023 

Spending a day at the beach is a big commitment. The packing list can seem never ending with the likes of sunscreen, hats, coolers, swimsuits, boogie boards, sand toys and so much more. But when it comes to staying comfortable on the beach there isn’t an item more important than a beach chair with an umbrella.

Whether for adults or kids, a beach chair with an umbrella can make or break the perfect beach day. Take a look at our rundown of some of the best beach chair with umbrella options on the market and happily avoid all the beach day pitfalls you can!

Quick Guide: Beach Chair with an Umbrella

Beach Chair With an Umbrella For Adults

1. WGOS Beach Chair

WGOS Beach Chair is a low beach chair with an umbrella. It’s available in bright, tropical hues of orange and blue. The chair and the umbrella weigh less than 8.5 lbs, but is rated for weight capacity up to 250 lbs.

The frame of the chair is steel and it’s upholstered with durable and high quality Oxford 600D polyester fabric. As well as a mesh portion on the back of the chair, which offers optimal breathability to keep the user cool while enjoying a day on the beach.

This material is easily cleaned and requires little upkeep. Most sand or other material can be dusted off or wiped clean, making it a great chair to enjoy the warm water temp.

The clip on umbrella for a chair offers a multiple degree adjustable tilt. This allows the user to adjust the angle of the beach umbrella throughout the day to offer the best UPF 50+ protection against the harmful UV rays.

Other comforts and enjoyable features include padded armrests, a cupholder and a carrying bag for easy portability.

Not only designed for optimal comfort and massive shade (at a 52” diameter), it’s designed to last. This chair’s umbrella is designed with a high polymer material frame and rainproof cloth. Strong enough to weather the elements for many trips to the beach.

Different from most chairs on our list, this item requires a few-step assembly to attach the umbrella. The simple steps include stabilizing the umbrella pole deep in the sand (which can be quite difficult) and then velcro the pole to the chair. The final step is to attach the umbrella top to the pole.

The WGOS Beach Chair is an exceptionally comfortable chair when it comes to beach gear. And best of all, this particular item is available as a pair, making it a very cost-effective choice as well.

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2. Sport-Brella Beach Chair with UPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella

Sport-Brella Beach Chair with UPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella is one of the most comfortable low profile beach chairs with an umbrella for adults. This outdoor chair is available in gray and midnight blue color varieties. At just over 7.5 lbs, it’s easily carried in its drawstring bag.

This folding beach chair with an umbrella is constructed with a sturdy, steel frame and enhanced with a wide seat and mesh back panel to offer the most comfortable experience on a hot day at the dog beach. The material is water resistant, which is a huge plus when spending days on the beach.

A built-in insulated pocket virtually acts as a cooler, adding even more convenience to your beach trip. If you’re enjoying the sand and sea with this chair, cool refreshments are only a reach away!

The umbrella feature is optional, it can be attached for a shaded environment (with a 3 way swivel) or detached to offer a more sunny experience. This beach chair with attached umbrella also features padded armrests and a cup holder. The chair is rated for up to 242 lbs.

This reclining beach chair with umbrella is an overall great option when shopping for the perfect chair for your beach getaway. Especially for those moments when you want to truly relax in the lap of luxury, with your feet up on the detachable footrest.

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Goplus Double Folding Picnic Chairs w/Umbrella is a great beach chair option for couples or families looking for love seat style beach chairs to share together. This double chair is connected via a middle table and cooler bag in the middle of the chairs.

Not only do you get to sit together, but you can conveniently enjoy drinks and treats from the comfort of your chairs as well!

The extra features don’t cover all of what makes this chair great. Constructed from a rust-proof, steel frame and covered in waterproof Oxford cloth, this particular chair is well-crafted and designed to last.

The x-shaped frame design and anti-slip food pats maintains a tough sturdiness, built to withstand up to 270 lbs per chair.

Truly an all-in-one type of beach chair, the accompanying umbrella is quite impressive as well. Crafted from steel ribs, it can still struggle in strong winds, but this umbrella is sturdier than many others on this list. The height of the umbrella ranges from as short as 46.5” to 70”.

Quite a set-up when unfolded on the beach, it’s a wonder it all folds down so nicely into the compact carrying case.

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4. ALPHA CAMP Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair

ALPHA CAMP Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair is an oversized folding beach chair with an umbrella. The extra-wide seat and breathable mesh panels make it one of the most comfortable beach chairs on the market.

Sturdy from the steel frame, this chair’s commercial quality Oxford cloth is designed to weather many seasons of sun and dry sand.

The frame is even treated with an anti-rust coating so you know it will be standing strong for years to come. And when it comes to comfort, the mesh portions of this chair are a huge selling point.

This beach lounge chair with an umbrella is available in shades of blue and red. And the 50+ UPF canopy provides optimal protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It also provides a comfortable spot to cool down during a lazy day at the beach. Designed from water-resistant material, the canopy is also well suited to offer protection in light frame or beach mists.

The cup holder in this chair is conveniently larger than normal, so even a large water bottle can be stowed there. And the special smart storage pocket on the chair is the perfect place to stow your phone, keys or any other belongings you want to keep safe.

For those looking for a seamless set-up, this chair is right up your alley. It doesn’t require assembly and is easily set-up and stowed away in the included carrying bag. Being an oversized chair, the main downfall of this item is its heft, at 14 lbs.

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Beach Chair With an Umbrella For Kids

5. Kelsyus Kids Outdoor Canopy Chair

Kelsyus Kids Outdoor Canopy Chair is one of the best canopied beach chairs for kids that we came across. It’s a quad-style chair built with a steel frame. This chair is sturdy and durable, equipped for children up to 75 lbs. And the canopy instead of an umbrella offers a whole new experience too.

If you haven’t found a kids beach chair with umbrella that impresses you, this canopy chair is another option. We love that the sun canopy offers 50+ UPF protection, that it’s adjustable and lays so nicely over the top of the chair. It provides amazing shade and sun protection.

The fabric is one of our very favorite parts of this beach chair. It’s mesh! The dream fabric for any beach environment.

This material is very breathable, which means it’s less likely to collect heat like some other dense materials. Instead, the mesh will allow the beach breeze to move through the fabric and keep your kids as cool and comfortable as possible.

Mesh fabric is also well known for its quick-drying functionality. This is a huge plus as you won’t have to worry as much about the risk of mildew when your kids run back and forth to their chairs after playing in the water.

The constant breathability will lessen the overall impact of dirt, grime and smells that come with a day at the beach with kids.

Build of the Chair

This chair’s design has got portability down to an art. The chair is foldable, the canopy is wrapped around the chair frame and buckled closed, creating a carrying case. The padded armrests then act as shoulder straps that allow the 6 lb chair to be carried as a backpack chair.

This is a quality chair available at a fair price. The true value of this chair is the potential longevity.

It’s built with quality material that could last a long time and the specs of the chair project it to be suitable for children as young as 3 years old and is weight bearing up to 75 lbs. That said, it could follow your child through many beach adventures through the lifespan of the chair.

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6. Redmon For Kids Beach Baby Kids Umbrella Camp Chair

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one? The Redmon For Kids Beach Baby Kids Umbrella Camp Chair is sold as a set of two, which makes it the most cost-effective kids beach chair with umbrella on this list.

This is a super cute and convenient toddler beach chair with an umbrella, as it’s only recommended for children ages 2-5 years. This would be a great addition to your favorite baby beach must haves.

The included carrying case makes for easy carrying and the chair’s cup holder will help remind your little one to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Perfect for kids, these chairs come in a variety of adorable colors including royal blue, blue, hot pink and purple. The included umbrella offers 27.5” of sun protection and matches the color of the chair.

Structure-wise, this chair is constructed from alloy steel, which confirms it will be a sturdy choice. Another plus with this chair is the safety lock, ensuring that the chair stays open and braced for sitting to avoid any stumbles or tip-overs.

There would be no reason to worry about flimsy construction or stability with the Redmon For Kids Beach Baby Kids Umbrella Camp Chair.

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7. LCYDMJ Kids Beach Chair With Sunshade Umbrella

The LCYDMJ Kids Beach Chair with Sunshade Umbrella is a fun childs beach chair with umbrella. This particular chair is available in a variety of colors, which kids will love. It gives them the chance to choose their very favorite color. Choices range from bright hues of blue, green, pink and yellow.

Lightweight and portable, this sturdy chair is constructed from alloy steel and specially treated to resist rust. Better yet, we love the double-layer Oxford cloth it’s upholstered with. This material has a lot of great things going for it.

First off, it’s breathable. This means it will keep your kids cooler than a foldable beach chair with an umbrella boasting a more dense and heavy material. This type of material is also tough, so it will stand up well to the sun, sand and water elements. And a dream for a parent, it’s also stain resistant, which will minimize spill-related worries.

An insightful feature of this colorful chair with umbrella attached is the anti-slip pad design which keeps the chair from rolling over. A wonderful safety feature, this detail alone bumps this beach chair up any parent’s shopping list.

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Factors When Comparing a Beach Chair With an Umbrella

Umbrella Size

When considering a beach chair with an umbrella based on the umbrella size, diameter is the measurement to keep in mind. This measurement describes the overall sun coverage you can expect from any given umbrella.

That said, an umbrella with a larger diameter will provide more shade and sun protection than those with smaller diameters.


Weight can easily be overlooked while shoppers are more focused on the comfort and extra features of a recliner beach chair with umbrella. That said, the weight of the chair is of great importance, given you will have to transport it to the beach and back.

It may be difficult to part ways with specific qualities of a chair you love, but it’s important to weigh (pun intended) the pros and cons when considering how often you will be carrying the chair and for how lengthy the distances.

Chair Size

When it comes to beach chair size considerations, height is generally the topic of most concern. Standard beach chairs sit around 8” to 12” off the ground. This set-up is comfortable for most users, but depending on your body specifics and desired beach experience, a shorter or taller option could be more comfortable.

Low-profile beach chairs typically sit less than 8” off the ground. Being this close to the ground offers great positioning to stretch out and soak up all the beach rays you can handle.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, tall beach chairs typically sit 13” and over off the ground. These chairs are optimal for those who struggle getting up from the ground. It’s a most natural height for a seat.

Not height related, keep in mind that beach chairs typically run a bit narrow and can feel confined. If you like a roomier seat definitely consider an oversized beach chair for more space.


Material is of double consideration when shopping for the perfect portable beach chair with an umbrella. A variety of materials are used when constructing the frame of a beach chair. The central building block to the chair itself, the material of the frame is crucial to its durability and longevity.

Aluminum and steel are typical materials you will likely run into when shopping for the best beach chair with umbrella. Both are great frame options, but each offers their own special extras.

Aluminum has the magic feature of being durable but lightweight at the same time. Which is a huge plus if you’re going to be hauling a beach chair with umbrella attached up and down the beach. Aluminum also stands up well against wear. It doesn’t rust easily and will fare well against weather.

Steel is another strong and durable frame material for a folding beach chair with an umbrella. Steel frames are typically treated with a special coating to add to their outdoor longevity. Keep in mind, steel framed beach chairs are often priced higher than chairs framed with other materials.

Fabric is also an important factor to consider in terms of evaluating the overall value of any given beach chair.

A good beach chair doesn’t come cheap, so an ideal candidate would have durable fabric, something that won’t catch or tear easily. Easily cleaned and non-porous (to avoid sand collection) are also so features to keep in mind. The fabric should be capable of standing the test of time against sun damage and water wear.

How Umbrella is Attached

Velcro to Chair Pole

Some beach chairs with umbrellas or canopies include the shade portion of the chair separately. Some umbrellas include a sharp, stake-like bottom meant to be inserted into the soft sand. To provide additional stability, often times a velcro strap can bind the umbrella post to a portion of the chair.

Umbrella Clamp

If the umbrella and chair aren’t connected with a velcro strap, an umbrella clamp is another option. Umbrellas that are attached to chairs via an umbrella clamp are not generally stabilized in the stand. These umbrellas are typically clamped on a portion of the chair at the top or side of the chair.

Sand Anchor

If the beach chair and umbrella are not physically connected, they are sometimes meant to function separately as opposed to being bound together. A staked umbrella with a sand anchor can offer shade over a beach chair, even if they aren’t connected.

Shade Style


The umbrella shade style offers sun protection and shade mainly high over the user’s head. Umbrellas can often be adjusted directionally throughout the day, to offer optimal coverage as the sun changes position in the sky.


The canopy shade style oftentimes covers a more specific area. Typically less high over the user’s head than an umbrella and extending out forward, providing additional shade to the user’s body.

FAQ: Beach Chair with an Umbrella

What Do You Call a Beach Chair With an Umbrella?

There are mainly two different types of Beach chairs that are equipped with an umbrella. The first is referred to simply as a beach chair with an umbrella.

This is generally a camp style chair with an umbrella that can be attached to one of the back posts of the chair. The umbrella on these types of chairs generally provide shade just over the user’s head.

The second type of chair is referred to as a canopy beach chair. These types of chairs feature a larger shaded area than that of the smaller umbrella. Almost like a canopy, a canopy beach chair typically provides sun blockage over the user’s whole body.

Can Lawn Chairs be Used at the Beach?

Yes, lawn chairs can definitely be used at the beach. Depending on the type of lawn chair it may not be as well suited for beach conditions like sand or may not recline as comfortably as their beach counterparts.

What are the Long Beach Chairs Called?

Long beach chairs are often referred to as lounge chairs. The name comes from the overwhelming urge to stretch, relax and you know… lounge across the long and comfortable chair. Pair a lounge chair with a beach kite and you’ve got the day made!

Conclusion: Beach Chair With an Umbrella

Finding the perfect beach chair with an umbrella is truly the key to creating memories to last a lifetime at the beach. We hope some of our options will help you prepare for a great time with your family on the beach!

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