List 6 bathing suits that show too much today

Are you looking for the most revealing swimwear that achieves a high end, yet subtle look to be a part of your regular beach wardrobe? BeachCandy Swimwear has what you’re looking for!

BeachCandy offers bathing suits of all sorts. Styles can range from high waisted bottoms and one-pieces for extra coverage to our triangle bikini tops with cheeky bikini bottoms for maximum reveal. What is really cool about our tops and bottoms is that many of our styles mix and match to create endless amazing looks!

SAMANTHA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

What is amazing about our one piece swimsuits is that these can be worn as a body suit for everyday wear. One of our favorite one piece swimsuits is the SAMANTHA. This corset-like bathing suit holds curves in the necessary areas, and includes a sexy criss-cross design to give it a big bust, but tiny waist look. The white colored swimsuit can be matched with a denim pair of shorts for an ultimate festival look!

Who said one piece swimsuits were out of style and not sexy? The one pieces here are some of the most flattering, yet revealing swimwear we’ve ever seen! Some of the styles have openings in all the right areas.

PRISCILLA Sexy Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

Take the PRISCILLA for example. This flirty suit has an extremely low V cut in the front, and an open back with a cheeky rear. But despite being extremely sexy, this suit is also very comfortable and supportive!

SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

If you want to achieve the two piece swimsuit look with just one piece, the SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is an incredibly sexy choice. It’s like a halter string bikini top connected to cheeky, low waisted bottoms all while covering the tummy area for an extremely flattering look.

See more of our sexy and revealing monokinis here.

Effortless Hourglass Figures

Do you wish to have a two piece swimming suit with some tummy control? BeachCandy has exactly that! We never leave out the curvy ladies and luckily, our high waisted bikini bottoms can be paired with bikini tops that support all cup sizes!

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

The ASHLEY is our ideal high waisted bikini bottoms that looks great with any bikini top styles of your choice. The seamless edges avoid giving your middle area a muffin top, all while still achieving the hourglass figure you desire! ASHLEY is not only meant for the ladies who struggle with tummy control, but they’re also meant for itty bitty babes, too.

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

The ASHLEY looks great with pretty much any of our tops in matching or complementary colors or prints. Our black halter bikini top with a bedazzled neckline can be matched with our subtle black high waisted bottoms. For minimal tan lines, we have our HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top, shaped to give a flattering cleavage line for small and large breasts.

BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top

For the ultimate push-up look, the BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top is your go-to! This style is an absolute game changer because it gives the illusion of having a larger bust area, as well as give the support curvier babes desire. For smaller breasted ladies, the push up bikini makes your A cup look like a full B!

Cute and Comfortable Tankinis

Tankinis can be flirty and revealing, too! Tankinis are perfect for all day wear when you’re out at the beach and don’t have time to change into normal clothing. If you don’t like the idea of being sucked into a one piece and want your skin to breathe, tankinis are the way to go!

The amazing thing about tankinis is that they feel like regular tank tops that you can jump in the ocean with without ruining your regular wardrobe. Tankinis are perfect for women who want the flexibility of two piece swimsuits with extra coverage around the tummy area.

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

The JENNA has an adorable bandana-like look and is perfect to wear strolling around the beach or laying out in the sand. Still want your swimsuit to be revealing from the hips, down? Pair a JENNA top with a cute cheeky bottom for maximum reveal and minimal tan lines.

TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top (sold out)

For a more conservative style, check out our TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top. This style is totally supportive and covers the entire upper part of your body. Best of all, the shoulder is adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals for a pop of sparkle and glamour!

Bra Pad Inserts

Want an extra boost to your cleavage? Look no further because we now offer our famous bra pad inserts-once only available as an add-on item-so you can create extra lift and enhanced curve with most tops.

Resort Wear For The Ultimate Getaway Look

Take a look at our resort wear to wear after a long day chilling at the beach or by the pool. Our resort wear ranges from handbags to hats, and all the way to sexy cover ups!

MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

Got too much sun and need a full cover up from the waist down? Check out our comfy MARTINA beach cover up pants. These breathable pants still let you get that extra breeze needed to your skin after too much sun on your legs, and they’re still bearable to wear in hot weather. These are also the perfect loungewear pants for an at home lazy day, too.

ROLANA Tunic Cover Up

Pair MARTINA pants with a ROLANA tunic cover up for full body coverage! With the same breathable material as MARTINA, you won’t feel claustrophobic in extreme heat by being covered up completely. You can dress it up by adjusting the front tie to cover up completely, or loosen it up to show a little reveal!

Click here to see our Top 10 Bathing Suit Coverups.

TIFFANY Oversized Floppy Beach Hat

Don’t forget a hat! Sunscreen can only protect us for so long. Complete your beachside look with a chic floppy hat. The TIFFANY hat can achieve maximum shade and you can pair it with as little or as much clothing as you desire.

Shop Our Famous Fit for Women Online Now

The endless amount of styles we have for women of ALL sizes, who wouldn’t want to purchase a bikini they’re going to have for a very long time with us? All of our bikinis are stitched with love, but more importantly, built to achieve a flattering look, no matter what style you’re wearing!

We are among the few swimsuit brands that carry sizes for all women’s body shapes and sizes. Many luxury bikini companies carry extra small but never extra large. What’s amazing about it us that we carry those sizes, and larger! So you’ll be able to reveal those curves without feeling self-conscious.

Longest-Lasting Luxury Swimwear

It’s inevitable that you’ll be hitting chlorine and sunshine at some point in your BeachCandy suit, but we got you covered with our Luxury Swimwear Cleanser! This little bottle will improve your swimsuit’s lifespan without the harsh chemicals found in regular laundry detergent. If you do your part in taking care of your BeachCandy swimsuit, then we will do our part in ensuring your swimwear will last a while, guaranteed!

If that wasn’t convincing enough, we do our best constantly to keep up with up-to-date styles and use the best fabric on the market. Best of all, we incorporate real Swarovski Crystals in some of our designs! Take a look on our website for more styles. We promise you won’t be disappointed browsing for your next perfect swimsuit!

Be sure to follow BeachCandy Swimwear on Instagram @beachcandyswimwear.

Written by Celeste Basich

Top 6 bathing suits that show too much Synthesized by BSS news

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