Did you know that when you Google Bad Bunny, the first question to populate based on recent searches is “why is Bad Bunny so popular?” To be clear, it’s not a dig, it’s a response to the phenomenon. Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton artist—as if you don’t already know—who has the globe in a chokehold. Seriously, if you’re in your villain era, take notes because this is the closest thing to world domination I’ve ever seen.

Bad Bunny initially gained popularity on SoundCloud while working in a supermarket until he was signed to a label, and had his first runaway success “Soy Peor”, leading him to collaborate with a star-studded lineup, including Drake and Cardi B. Since then, he has released Oasis, his 2019 collab album with J Balvin, YHLQMDLG, Las Que No Iban a Salir, El Último Tour del Mundo, and No. 1 record-breaking album Un Verano Sin Ti.

El Conejo Malo asserts himself as a global icon, solidifying the spot of Spotify’s most-listened-to artist three years in a row and supporting the Latin music scene, garnering well-deserved recognition and success for the entire genre. With a history-making Coachella headlining set on the horizon, Bad Bunny continues to set the bar for Latin and Spanish-language music. All this to say, the Benito effect has captured the ears and hearts of music fans everywhere.

His come-up story reads as if he had a predetermined path to fame and a supernatural gift for realness. In honor of his 29th birthday on March 10 and Pisces season, we’re taking a deep dive into Bad Bunny’s watery chart, connecting the stars to explain his unparalleled charm, campaigner spirit, and cultural impact.

Disclaimer: Human personality is a result of the intricate layering of lived experiences and is always evolving. To rapidly summarize it is illusionary, especially when referring to a public figure that you don’t know intimately. Additionally, Bad Bunny’s exact time of birth is not available, meaning his astrological chart does not currently consider his Ascendant, resulting in the lack of further specificity of placements in his chart. We’re patiently waiting for Kendall Jenner to pop the question and prompt him to send the quintessential “what time was I born?” text to his mother.

Sun in Pisces

It comes as no surprise that Bad Bunny is not only a Pisces Sun, the placement that commands will and “true self,” but is heavily dominated by its water element, indicating that emotional intuition and sensitivities run high. Adaptable and receptive, he is a mystic visionary, in his Neptuian nature, attuned to layered perspectives and equipping him with charm beyond compare. Benito has a reign over his feelings and channels them into powerful musicality that can uplift any bitter mood. Bad Bunny, imaginative and opportunistic, is aware of his Pisces influence, going as far as to sample the voice of legendary Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado, and sharing, “I liked Walter’s intention to always give hope and messages of optimism. We’re Pisces: emotional, sentimental, and sometimes difficult to understand.” All in all, the loving and all-knowing nature in which he navigates life is palpable.

Moon in Pisces

Bad Bunny’s Moon sign, influencing emotional intelligence, also falls in the sign of dreamy Pisces. Put simply, emotions swim deep and imagination roams freely. He has the power to wield his fluidity and creative energy in storytelling and crafting surreal worlds, which we can see in his music and flashy style. Benito himself has been on record saying, “I have a lot of rhythms in my head,” speaking to the power pensive Pisces have to build fantastical narratives in their meditative, musing minds. Moon in Pisces points to signs of someone being generally nice and gentle, with some profound healing powers, instinctively understanding the human condition and people’s suffering.

Mercury in Aquarius

In tandem with his Pisces placements, Bad Bunny’s Mercury, the planet of communication, in Aquarius points to him being a free-thinker, attuned to social structures, with a focus on freedom and progress. He does not shy away from speaking his truth, rooted in future-oriented momentum to reinvent what is outdated. Bad Bunny exhibits these admirable qualities in his allyship with the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, on March 30th, he will receive the GLAAD Media Vanguard Award, to recognize his advocacy for the queer community, given his track record of using his platform to uplift voices that go ignored. In a machismo-dominated culture, Bad Bunny has made countless efforts to show up for the queer community. He lives out unconventional expressions of his masculinity, donning himself in drag in the “Yo Perreo Sola” music video, wearing a shirt for awareness of the murder of Alexa Negrón Luciano on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and, leading marches in Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny boldly shines a light on LGBTQ+ figures and calls to arms for transgender equality and ending violence against trans women of color. In a world well supplied with injustice, Bad Bunny uses his mercurial gifts and platform to uplift unheard voices, expressing, “[I] show support to those who need it. I may not be gay, but I’m a human who cares.”

Venus in Aries

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, falls in the sign of Aries in Bad Bunny’s chart. Fiery Venus in Aries tends to resist much of Pisces’ tendency to naivety, while still upholding natural enthusiasm. This blazing placement may conjure contradiction in Bad Bunny’s chart, in specificity to his love life, gearing up intense spontaneity and passion, while managing to reconcile dreamlike detachment. Nevertheless, markers of loving hard and living vibrantly prosper.

Mars in Pisces

To round out our analysis of Bad Bunny’s natal chart, we look at Mars, the planet of action. Bad Bunny’s Mars lies in—yet again—mutable Pisces. The sign’s mutable modality essentially suggests tendencies to be changeable, for better or worse. Mars in Pisces can indicate a curious character, eager to explore new experiences and evolve. It channels this water sign’s whimsical and sometimes scattered energy to overcome obstacles—something to the effect of, oh, I don’t know, joining the WWE during a global pandemic. Perhaps spartan training schedules are an untapped coping mechanism for pandemic anxieties. Bad Bunny assures us, “focusing on something else, working more with my body, the mind, and doing something different. It couldn’t have been a better time.” Spoken like a true Mars in Pisces, yielding his bountiful imagination as a tool to propel discipline.

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