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11/19 Birthday – Zodiac Information

November 19th is a date when strength of will is rebuilt after the fall and the future seems brighter than the moment we live in right now. Although this may be a positive thing pulling us out of tough times, awareness of the present time shouldn’t be lost at any moment. A person born on this date needs strong awareness of their qualities and to allow their honest reactions to come to the surface instead of trying to blur the image they present to the world. Honesty about the way they feel is their prerequisite for happiness.

November 19th Horoscope

Neptune can become quite toxic in the planetary row of those born on November 19th, and their quest for the truth from others might lead them away from their own inner truth. It is imperative that they dive into their inner world so they can protect themselves from influences of the outer one, and emotional baggage that doesn’t belong to them. They are idealistic and carry along incredible talents that wait to be used. They might be strange and unsupported by many, but as they sink into their field of desires and their own heart, they find it obsolete to question their own decisions for anyone else.

Relationships can never be absolutely clear and each interaction with another person needs to grow, allowing these individuals to get to know another human being and themselves through the contact. This shouldn’t be blocked by a lack of trust and it is important to keep in mind that much higher causes are at work here as we allow our Soul to connect with someone else’s entirely different personality. Boundaries are to be set in place, and time for contemplation on personal emotions will help them understand the role that each individual has in their life through purity of contact.

Love and Emotions

Deeply sensitive and emotional, people born on November 19th feel the need to hide their frailty with attitudes that might be untrue. Even though they will generally be honest in their direct approach to love and partnerships, they could bump into disappointment if they exclude their own sensitive needs from the equation. They need to be free to express their most fragile selves or satisfaction will fade in time and their bonds might disperse for no obvious reason or by betrayal that was never expected.

They need a partner to share their ideals and desires in live, someone to take them on a trip and to share their excitements and adventures. Respect is built from the point of zero in each new bond, and true belief in any romantic involvement comes from their true belief in ways of their heart. To cleanse their emotional world of ties to the past, they must let go to the flow and allow themselves to feel all emotions that come to surface, respecting each and every one of them as the bare truth they are meant to listen to.


While those born on November 19th have a task to find their mission, inspiration and talents in life, it is important for them to give them true direction to hold on to. It won’t be enough to simply be aware of their qualities. They need to use them, educate themselves to grow through them, and incorporate them in practical daily solutions with faith they can succeed. Beliefs and convictions are to be questioned, so they can find the most positive turnout where their faith in themselves allows them to make progress through paths that are joyous and inspiring every step of the way.

What They Excel In

Scorpios born on November 19th do extremely well in acting, artistic expression, music and teaching, as well as all those distant methods that one barely has the patience to study about. They have their fixed quality to keep them stubbornly focused on their zones of interest and need to learn to respect it instead of trying to be more flexible for other people’s expectations. Healers, doctors and those who help others, with solid boundaries towards influences and intrusions from the side, they will separate their personal talents and inner drive, from that of people who need to follow their own path.

November 19th Birthday Gift

A person born on the 19th of November needs reminders on magic in life, music, time spent in touch with nature, the sea, the ocean and big forests. They will enjoy unordinary gifts, travels to distant or magnificent locations they’ve never seen, and to discover that the world has much to offer even when they are feeling stuck in their current surroundings. Buy some incense, a perfume, a session with an astrologer or an alternative healer, something religious from a foreign land or a trace of other religions, boosting their desire to know all they need to know about their own inner alignment with the Universe.

Positive Traits for November 19th Born

Idealistic, dreamy and sensitive, they are empaths with a higher cause to pursue, talented and willing to give their knowledge as they gather it along the way. Selfless and vulnerable, they carry enough tenderness for them and everyone around them to shine bright with their deepest qualities.

Negative Traits for November 19th Born

Lost, hopeless, intruded and intoxicates by energies and emotions that aren’t their own, they become dishonest to protect themselves from the world and start turning their beliefs upside-down, acquitting themselves from true responsibility they have towards Self.

Healing Crystal

Acanthite is an excellent crystal for those born on the 19th of November, protecting them from toxic influences, gossip, and negative energies sent their way. It has been carried by warriors as it removes mental and emotional obstacles to bravery and fearlessness. Instead of supporting harming anyone or taking bruises, it gives one strength within the self to find middle ground and pull their ideals in life through with no casualties along the way. It is a good stone to support tasks that one usually shies away from.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Scorpio representatives born on November 19th:

A statement is made in this symbol, marking the lives of those born on this date as important, flashy and all about status. Although the function of the military is entirely different, this attempt to connect it to something joyous, fun and loving speaks about these individuals’ need to find a fineness to turn to within, incorporating it in their well-grounded protective routines. It could get difficult to connect the real world and the functional, productive mechanisms of coping with it, with the bright side of life that would actually bring them positions they wish for and get them in tune with their talents.

Famous Birthdays on 19th of November

  • In 1917 Indira Gandhi was born, an Indian politician, stateswoman and the first and only female to become the Prime Minister of India. She was assassinated by her own bodyguards, and her cremation was followed by anti-Sikh riots that displaced and killed numerous Sikhs. Her son later stated about these events on live television: “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes.”
  • In 1961 Meg Ryan was born, an American actress recognized for her roles in When Harry Met Sally…, Sleepless in Seattle and Kate & Leopold. After having a child of her own and getting divorced, she adopted a Chinese girl and named her Daisy True.
  • In 1962 Jodie Foster was born, an American actress and director, who has received two Academy Awards and many other accolades. She was a gifted child who learned to read at the age of three, and already a successful actor, she attended and graduated in literature from Yale University in Connecticut.

Important Historical Events on 19th of November

  • 1816 – Establishing of the Warsaw University.
  • 1881 – Landing of a meteorite in Ukraine.
  • 1916 – Goldwyn Pictures is established by Samuel Goldwin (date of birth unknown) and Edgar Selwyn (born on October 20th).
  • 1967 – The first commercial TV station is established in Hong Kong.
  • 1969 – The third and fourth humans walk on the surface of the Moon.
  • 2006 – The first Nintendo’s video game console with motion control is released.

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